And one more chapter!

And one more chapter of Dead Briefs ready! I had plan for this chapter to be a bit longer, but I realized that finishing it with a tiny little cliffhanger wouldn’t harm anybody, right? Unless I fall victim of a certain magsmacdonald’s frying pan…

Anyway, enjoy chapter 7!

Lara Kingsley

Dead Briefs Tome 2

Always humbled…

I’ve received another great piece of news! After Dead Briefs Tome 2, it is now Dead Briefs Tome 1 that has been granted the honour of being a featured story on the Writer’s Coffee Shop for the week of April 13th!


I’d like to thanks the admin of the site and my readers, especially the early ones, you know the ones who took a chance on a rather novice writer who had never wrote for the True Blood/SVM fandom. So again, thank you.

Expect the next chapter of DB Tome 2 by the end of the week if not after the Easter break.

Lots of love,

Lara Kingsley

My Muse didn’t desert me!

It’s finally done! The new chapter of Your Presence Still Lingers Here is finally done! And I’m giving it to you as a sorta celebratory thingy for Dead Briefs Tome 2 having been a Featured Story on TWCS.

So read and comment, your reviews always means the world to me.

And now, I’m heading to bed. Tomorrow is Election Day in Quebec so I have to get up early in order to vote before getting to work. I’ll be waiting for you reviews ;)

Click on the picture bellow to access the new chapter!

Lara Kingsley


Honour for Dead Briefs Tome 2!

I won’t say it enough, but the love and support I receive for my work always surprise me. The wonderful reviews and comments I receive give me the drive to write more and more. And now I’m even more surprised: The Writer’s Coffee Shop has honored Dead Briefs Tome 2 by making it a featured story for the week of March 30th!


I know I’m late acknowledging it, but I just realized it… We’ll blame my lateness with work schedule and real life getting in the way.

A special thanks to Gyllene for the banner!


Dead Briefs Update

Dear readers,

I’ve been meaning to post this new chapter of Dead Briefs sooner, but I got a brand new toy last week. I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab3 with an awesome wallpaper.ASKARS

Really, how could I do anything else but stare at my new tab? ;)

Anyway I have chapter 5 of Dead Briefs ready. Sorry, still not a Your Presence Still Lingers Here. I’m concentrating on one fic at a time right now. Hopefully I’ll have some down time at work soon, which should allow me to work on YPSLH.

As usual your comments and reviews are what keeps me writing.

Click on the picture bellow to access chapter 5!

Lara Kingsley

Dead Briefs Tome 2

Lazy lately

I have a confession to make. I’ve been quite lazy in my writing lately. Not that I’m suffering from white page syndrome or anything of the sort, no. I’ve just been lazy. Work is crazy right now and honestly I’ve been reading a lot of other people fics in my spare time. So if we have to put the blame on somebody, or in my case on several somebodies, then the blame goes to California Kat and her fics Uninvited and Touch The Flame, magsmacdonald’s Make A Wish and mistressjessica1028′s A Different Life and In His Honor.

But I was able to finish chapter 4 of Dead Briefs Tome 2 (sorry for those who were hoping for a Your Presence Still Lingers Here update) between two bouts of insomnia. So without further ado, here’s chapter 4. Don’t forget to leave a comment!



Dead Briefs Tome 2