Still alive and writing!

I’m still alive! Alive but suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yep, I have the autumn blues. And this year it hit me like a ton of bricks. Fall season is a relatively high season in my hometown, lots of cruise ships coming and bringing loads of tourists. I normally take my vacations at that time, but since I just started my new job back in February I don’t have any this year. And the fact that winter hit us early this year didn’t help.

So I spent most of my day off and spare time either binge watching series (re-watched Outlander like a million times, got up to date with Sons of Anarchy, got addicted to The Originals), reading other people fics (was a little depressed reading the last chapters of California Kat’s Burn Out The Pain – I didn’t want it to end!) and just lounge around my apartment in my flannel pj.

But I finally have a new chapter of Dead Briefs Tome 2 ready for you. I hope you like it. I received a review regarding the fact that Tome 2 is not as AU as Tome 1 was. Well… I’m not saying more. Wouldn’t want to spoil you, right? ;) Anyway, keep reading and sending  me your reviews ;)

Lara K.

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YPSL update? Yeah!

Sorry for the 2 weeks without update. Real life was… Not so good. I might have said it in a previous post, I work in the hospitality industry in a very touristy city. Fall in Quebec City equal cruise season which equal the most difficult guests. The fact that we are short staffed at the front desk doesn’t help either…

Anyway I have a new chapter of Your Presence Still Lingers Here for you! Regarding this new chapter, I would like to credit the amazing California Kat. She was nice enough to allow me to use her wooen dreams theory from her Un-Series. You can find her wonderful work here. As usual don’t forget to leave a comment ;)

Lara K

Your Presence Still Lingers Here

Who wants some Dead Briefs?

And one more chapter of Dead Briefs, dear readers! This chapter was quite a challenge for me. I discovered that action chapters weren’t really my cup of tea. I went through literally 5 draft for this new chapter… Hopefully you’ll think it’s not so bad.

Now I really need your opinion, dear readers. As I told you before, I have this story that has been bugging me for a while, Do Not Disturb. It’s been invading my dreams lately, telling me ‘Lara, write about us!’. I’ve resisted it, wanting to finish Your Presence Still Lingers Here, although I did wrote a sneak peek. So here’s what I’m asking you: would you prefer I finish YPSLH first or would you like for me to start DND and alternate between it, YPSLH and DB? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

So… what was the reason for this update anyway? Oh yeah, the new chapter of Dead Briefs ;) Enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a comment or a review.



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Thank the Scot!

Okay, so Outlander took me away from my writing, but this week it had the total opposite effect. See I watched the Wedding episode of Outlander like 5 times this past week (I know, kinda obsessed) and it had my 6 and half foot tall blonde muse working overtime! For those of you who have watched it, this episode was… hot? Not strong enough. Scorching? Yep, definitely scorching ;) If only True Blood (or True Sucks as some of us Trubies have taken to call it, especially this finale season) could have given us something like this for Eric and Sookie… No, the ‘writers’ gave us a Bill/Sookie pity fuck instead.

Anyway, I’m giving you chapter 11 of YPSLH. When I had started it, as you know, it was only a one-shot, but now it so much more. It’s turning into a retelling of season 7. For me it’s weird since I’m basically writing 2 retelling of season 7 – well not really writing 2 retelling at the same time, but I’m already working on the basic for Dead Briefs Tome 7.

So enough talking, here’s your new chapter, dearies (heck, I sound like Rumpelstiltskin!).

Lara K.

Your Presence Still Lingers Here

Bloody Jamie Fraser!

Blame the Scot! I mean, really! James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is the reason for the lack of update. Honest to God, this damn bloody Scot took me away from my Viking! And… I don’t feel bad about it, almost.

Outlander fans will understand what I mean. I finally caught up with Starz new show which got me to re-read Diana Gabaldon’s amazing novel. With the way HBO fucked up our beloved series, I was afraid that the same would happen with Outlander, but no. The series is just as great as the book were. So if you want to blame someone or something, blame the Scots.

Yes I’m saying Scots as in plural, because I learned, while doing my family tree that even though I have two very French Canadian last names (yep, Lara Kingsley is a pen name, although Kingsley is my maternal great-grandmother’s maiden name), most of my ancestors were either Irish, British, Swiss and… Scottish! One of my ancestor even fought at Culloden and lost his life (thank you, for these infos).

So without further ado, I’m giving you chapter 16 of Dead Briefs Tome 2.

Lara K

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It’s so hard to say goodbye…

I hope you will all excuse me for my silence. I had planned to post something after the finale, but real life got in the way. I’m normally off on Sunday night, but a certain coworker of mine decided he wanted 5 days off to go and get drunk with a bunch of his buddies so I ended up working the graveyard shift Saturday night (from 11PM to 7AM) and the evening shift on Sunday (from 5PM to 11PM). So I missed the broadcast of the finale, but my wonderful B-i-L DVRed it for me and I was able to watch it after work on Monday

I’m still having difficulties discussing the finale… Sure, I’m quite happy with Bill dying (really it should have happened sooner rather than later), but so many other thing left me pissed as hell. I’m probably one of the few who was never a Jessica/Hoyt fan so to have most of the episode spent on their wedding? I’m sorry but to me it felt forced like all those Bill flashbacks we had to endure this past season. And I’m not talking about Sookie’s faceless husband (was he Alcide stunt double?) or Eric’s fate (back at Fangtasia looking bored to death – by the way I understand that ASkars had other obligations, e.i. shooting Tarzan, but did the producers not realize that die hard fans would know that the Eric sitting on his throne scene was actually stock footage from previous season?).

Anyway I can tell you that neither Dead Briefs nor Your Presence Still Lingers Here will end like the series did. In fact most of my plans for Dead Briefs Tome 7 sounds like a complete alternate universe.

But you know what is so great about our fandom? We have fantastic authors who writes amazing fanfics that fix the fuckery that the writers created. The wonderful California Kat, the amazing Mistress Jesica and the fantastic Meridian are just a few examples of the quality of our fandom writers. I can only hope to one day achieve their greatness.

So now I think I owe you something, a new chapter of YPSLH. So without further ado I’m giving you chapter 10! As usual your comments mean tue world to me, so don’t be shy ;)


Your Presence Still Lingers Here WP

At last a new update of Dead Briefs!

Once more I’m posting this in a hurry (I have to be at work at 3PM ET and it’s 2:10).

I’m so sorry for the long wait for a new chapter, RL and work got in the way. The hotel has been full for the past 2 weeks, a colleague of mine is on medical leave and I’ve been working overtime a lot.

So without further ado I’m giving you a new chapter of Dead Briefs. As usual don’t forget to leave a comment ;)

Lara K

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