I’m still here…

Wow… It’s been a while… I owe you a huge appology for going AWOL for so long. I’ve been asked if I had given up, if I would ever finish my fanfictions. I just want to let you know that I haven’t giving up on writing, that I plan on completing Dead Briefs Tome 2 and then go on with Tome 3-4-5-6 and 7. Unfortunately life decided to put several road blocks in my way…

As I said in one earlier post, I went through several AI in the hope of getting pregnant. After six unsuccesful attempts and a battery of tests, my fertility specialist found that my fallopian tubes had been seriously damaged, probably caused by my Crohn’s Disease. He suggested IVF, but since it is no longer covered by the Quebec governement and that I don’t have the $6000 CAD to pay for that yet I decided to take a break. I mean, I’m still quite young and I’m hopeful that one day I will get to have my own baby.

The other major reason for my long absence… My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and, since my sister had already moved out with her boyfriend and my brother left for college, I moved back in with my parents in order to help her during her treatments. I’ve sublet my house, packed my cat and I’m currently back in my childhood bedroom. Mom is doing good, although most of the time I think she’s putting on a brave face so we don’t worry. But I do worry…

So, I’m not gone and I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just away for a while.

Lara K.

I have not died…I think my body has though…

OMG… I’m completely surprised guys! Three nominations!!!!! WOW!!! I’m so honoured for the Pins & Needles noms for Dead Briefs Tome 2 and for Your Presence Still Lingers Here, but the EricIsMine Award nomination? Jeez, to be in nomination with some of my favourite author? I’m humbled!
I know I’ve been slacking a lot recently… Real life still got in the way – for your info I’m still not pregnant yet, I had 4 artificial inseminations already and none worked 😦 but I’m still hoping that number 5 will be the lucky one – and I have to admit that my mind wasn’t 100% on my writing, but I am working on the next chapters of Dead Briefs don’t worry.

You Want Blood Awards

I am back guys and although I am still working on a little bit here and there.  (Mostly the nomination links page that almost every person put in their suggestion box)


The Polls for the Semi-Final Round are up.  In this round every nomination that fit the time frame is entered to be voted on.  All 470 of them *according to my excel files*  Man my brain hurts!  This post will be short as I am sure that everyone just wants to get to reading and voting.

First, I want to say I know that there are probably some typos or I missed something so just go ahead and shoot me now for it but if you will just send Godric or Eric with a message I will fix it ASAP.  Remember I am only one person.  *I can’t believe it has taken me three days of pretty much solid…

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Nominations are now OPEN for the 2016 You Want Blood Awards! —

Still not a new chapter, I haven’t given up at all, I’m just extremely busy with work and I’m scheduled for my third artificial insemination in a week and a half. Yep, first two try didn’t worked and even though I had told myself I wouldn’t be completely devastated if it didn’t worked, well… Each times the tests came back negative, I was devastated. So, in the meantime go and nominate fics for the 2016 You WantBlood Awards!


Nominations will start TODAY, April 15th and you will have one week to nominate your favorites in the following categories: Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Best One Shot The Human Award – Best AH The Hybrid – Best Crossover The Best of Both Worlds – Best SVM/TB combo Mr. January – Best Lemon The Greatest Love […]

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Heavy heart…

I’m very sorry, I would have loved to give you a new chapter, but this isn’t… RL didn’t allow me much time to write. As I told you a couple of months ago, I’ve started treatment for an artificial insemination. Well what my doctor first told me would be quick and simple turned out to be more difficult. My thyroid level was too high and once I was put on medication to lower it, it had the complete opposite effect and I had to change medication two times before it finally went down to the desired level. Emotionally it drained me and I’m not talking about the side effects said medication brought me. Hopefully my first AI is scheduled for next week and I’m praying to all the Gods known to men that it will work.

And now to the reason why this post is called Heavy Heart… As you might have heard, last Friday the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, was hit by terror attacks. 30 people lost their lives. I’m always saddened when such events happens, 9/11, the Paris attaks… But this time it’s different. Out of the 30 victims, 6 were fellow Canadians, fellow Quebecers… 4 members of the same family and two of their friends who were in Burkina Faso doing humanitarian works.


(from right to left) Gladys Chamberlain, Yves Carrier, Charles-Elie Carrier, Maude Carrier, Louis Chabot and Suzanne Bernier, the six Canadian humanitarian workers killed in Ouagadougou

They were all amazing people, exceptionnal human beings. How do I know that? Well I knew some of them. Yves was my old High School’s Vice-Principal. I met his wife Gladys and son Charles-Elie once or twice at some school fonctions. His daughter, Maude, was also a teacher at my High School and the wife of my sister’s favourite teacher. And Louis was my math teacher. Math has never been my favourite subject and I had a very hard time, but Louis never gave up on me and always encouraged me. Because of him and his support, I went from a D to a B. Suzanne Bernier was a retired elementary school principal, I didn’t know her, but some friends of mine went to her school.

Quebec City, my hometown, is known pejoratively as a big village. And as hard it is for me to admit it, in the wake of this tragedy it is true. It’s crazy how many lives they have touched. And what’s even more tragic is that they died helping out people…

Anyway, I know I keep making promises of giving you a new chapter, but don’t give up. You’ll have one soon.




Yep, the witch hunting is back on FF.net… But it’s getting worse now, since to propagate their agenda they (I don’t know how many of them there is so…) now copy past the works of other authors!
This No MA Allowed has a list of authors that she targets as being ‘offenders’. You’ll probably recognize some name:
Brainmates Collaboration
Chanel Addict: My Fictional Musings
Ericizmine (this one made me wanna scream)
Ericsminion aka AllAboutEric
Jan of Arc
Meridiean: Addicted to Godric…
Missy Dee
Queen of Area 5
So, if you have the time, go and report this No MA Allowed.

Greetings, all.

I’m sorry, I don’t have a new chapter for you all just yet. I am, however, in need of your assistance. It was brought to my attention earlier tonight that the smut from my story Forever in a Night has been copied and posted on ff.net by someone else.

Some of you will probably be familiar with the author No MA Allowed. She recently tried to get a number of stories pulled from ff.net for adult content. Now it seems she is stealing other people’s work.

If you could all go and report the story link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11642001/1/CAN-t-get-ENOUGH-of-that-VIKING-stuffas plagiarised, I would be grateful. Please do not leave any nasty messages to the author. By all means tell her she stole the story, but please do not insult or belittle her, as I believe that is the kind of attention she is craving, and we do not need to…

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At last, a new chapter of YPSLH!

Okay, I know. My late… Like really late on my posting schedule. You can’t imagine how bad I felt when I realized that the last time I posted a new YPSLH chapter it was back in March. I mean, March? Really? Bad Lara, very bad! But I have a new chapter for you all! Don’t worry, my Muse hasn’t left me and I’m still writing. Real life has just been crazy lately.

So… how about I give you the new installement of YPSLH?


Long awaited update!

Should I hide? Change my name? Move to the South Pole (and hope ASkars visit again)? I am so so so sorry for the long wait since my last update. Summer this year is a b*tch at work, worst summer in my 10 years in the hospitality industry. I guess the weakness of the Canadian dollar as something to do with it… Anyway, I’ve been working overtime most of the time and when I’m off all I want to do is sleep. I hope you won’t held it against me.

So without further ado I give you a brand new chapter of Dead Briefs. Chapter 24 ended up being a b*tch to write and not because I was suffering from blank page syndrome, no I knew where I was heading and what I wanted to write… Except all my idea came to me in FRENCH! As I once said, for a native French Canadian living a town where the population is almost completely French I have a very English mind (I think in English most of the time). So not only had I to find time to write, I had to translate everything! But don’t worry for chapter 25, all the notes I made for this next chapter are in English 😉

So click HERE to access the new chapter


Lara Kingsley

Voting is open and an apology

Voting is open for the First New Blood Awards! And yours truly is nominated but the competition is ferocious 😉 Some of my favourite fanfic authors are also in nomination like the Great (yes Great in bold and with a capital G) Mistress Jessica. So do your Trubie fanfiction reader duty and VOTE!

Also I owe you a deep apology. I still haven’t finished chapter 24 of Dead Briefs Tome 2… Don’t worry I do not suffer from the white page syndrom, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been getting bits and pieces of this chapter all the time and compiling them in my aptly named ‘Bits and Pieces’ Word doc before writting them in the actual chapter. But those bits and pieces came to me both in French and in English! For a native French speaker, I have a very English mind. With my work as a hospitality worker in a very touristy town I tend to think most of the time in English (yep, that’s what happen when you spent a year working in a Rockies resort town of a little over 4 000 inhabitants where less than 200 of them are native French speakers) and I even dream in English. No need to say that I watched True Blood only in English (really the voice they’ve chosen to dub ASkars was awful – but then it was dubbed in France and not in Quebec, but that’s a story for another time). So it is quite weird that this chapter came to me in both languages.

So anyway, VOTE! And hopefully the next chapter of DB will be up… soon… hopefully… Say a little prayer for me, will you?

Luv, LaraK

Voting is open!.

6 days left!

6 days left to nominate your favourite new author and their stories. FYI you nominated me and my stories in 4 out of 5 categories: for the Newcomer Award, New Blood Award (best story) for DB Tome 1, DB Tome 2 and YPSLH, Saucy Award (best Sookie) for DB Tome 1, DB Tome 2 and YPSLH and the Viking Award (best Eric) for DB Tome 1, DB Tome 2 and YPSLH. All I have to say is THANK YOU!

6 days left!.

Give me a second to wipe away my tears…

Tears of joy, that is. The nominations for the New Blood Awards are starting to come out and apparently you love me and my work 😉 Early readers must remember how I doubt myself and my writing, especially since English isn’t my first language. But to receive not one, not two, but three nominations out of 5 categories? WOW!

So you decided to nominate me for best newcomer and to nominate Dead Briefs for best story and the Viking award – Best Eric. Us Quebecers have an expression for what I’m feeling right now: Je suis sur le cul! – litteraly I fell on my butt, allegorically I’m completely flabbergast! I’ll keep you posted as when voting will be open, but nomination are open until June 12th.

And now about an update… I’m working hard on the new DB chapter. Today is my last day of vacations, but don’t worry I’ll have it out by the end of the week. My 2 weeks off of work were… a roller coaster! I had my first appointement at the fertility clinic and everything went amazingly well. My doctor is a real jem and answered all the questions I had and gave me some answer to questions that I hadn’t thought of. I have some tests I need to go through (routine Health Canada tests, nothing to worry about) then a visit with a psychologist (also a routine visit demanded by Health Canada) and if everything goes well by the beggining of fall we should start the treatment. I have been warned that since I have Crohn’s Disease (an inflammatory bowel disease) any pregnancy will be high risk and I would most likely be sent on preventive withdrawal from work. My brother joked that being on preventive withdrawal will give me time to write my ‘stories’.

Then there was my 30th birthday party… I had expected a small dinner on my birthday – May 26th – with my parents, my sister, my brother and my two brothers-in-law since my Uncle and his wife’s (who’s also my mother’s best friend since birth) birthdays are on May 22nd and May 24th. And so on Sunday the 24th my sister and I went shopping then she and her boyfriend drove me to the restaurant where we were supposed to celebrate my Aunt’s 49th birthday. But… Surprise! It was a birthday party for me! Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and best friends were there for me. Lots of tears (always of joy) and laughter that night.

So… I’ll let you go. Afterall I have a chapter to finish!