6 months until the Season 7 premiere!

Suffering from True Blood withdrawal already? Yeah, me too! 6 months to go till the Finale Season premiere.

I was always pretty vocal about my opinion on both the books and the series. I won’t hide it, I’m an Eric/Sookie fan. Season 5 & 6 were really hard for me, since my two favourite characters barely shared 20 minutes on-screen together in each season. And the ending of Season 6? This whole alternate-universe Bon Temps were Sookie is playing house with Alcide while Eric burned his cute naked butt on top of a Swedish mountain?

I prayed and prayed that True Blood would give me the happy ending that the Southern Vampire Mysteries books didn’t. And it truly saddened me that this happy ending doesn’t seems to want to come true with Brian Buckner saying that this last season would be about the Bill/Sookie/Alcide triangle and with Eric getting a new love interest.

And in an interview with Michael Ausiello on TVLine.com, Bill’s portrayer Stephen Moyer (who’s starring in NBC’s LIVE Sound of Music on Thursday – I might not be a Bill fan, but Stephen Moyer in SOM? YES!) hinted at a possible Bill/Sookie happy ending…

Luckily there’s still fanfictions! I’m still working on the next chapter of Dead Briefs (sorry, I’m trying to settle in my new workplace) but in the meantime I suggest you visit EricIzMine site and her wonderful Multi-Verse fics (where a good Bill Compton is a dead Bill Compton 😉 ). Although she’s gone, let her not be forgotten.


Lara Kingsley


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