Lara Kingsley or the Ship Jinx

Sorry, this ain’t a Dead Briefs update. My muse hasn’t left me, I just took a quick pause during the holidays. But now that the endless Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve bash, Mom’s birthday parties (mommy was 1967’s first baby of the year in our hometown of Quebec City) and family reunions are over I’m putting all my spare time on my writing.

So, during the holiday break I finally read the Hunger Games trilogy – I know, I know, on what Earth was I living? Me, the girl who claim to read everything, I hadn’t bothered to read the books… I had caught the first movie on pay per view, but the books? No. So on Boxing Day I grabbed the first one and I was done with the trilogy by New Year’s Eve. My thoughts? Great books, amazing writing, but once again I was left heartbroken. Once more the couple I shipped was doomed… I had heard from my friends about this whole Team Peeta, Team Gale thing and first thought ‘not another Twilight-type of thing’. But as I read the books I got caught up. I was definitely Team Gale. I was a Galeniss fan, an Everthorne fan or whatever you wish to call it. I mean, come on!

Katniss & Gale

It’s official: I bring bad luck to all the couples I ship. You don’t believe me? Here’s the proofs:

Exhibit A:

Buffy & Angel

Buffy and Angel… I was a young teenager and how I shipped them! I didn’t care if she was the vampire slayer and him a vamp. He did have a soul afterall! Even after they did the horizontal tango and he lost his soul and became Angelus, I was sure they would make it. But alas they didn’t. Angel was sent to LA to his spin-off and Buffy stayed in Sunnydale and ended up in a relationship with Spike. But at least we got the Angel episode where he became human for a day although Buffy completely forgot about all of it… Arghhh….

Exhibit B:

Dawson & Joey

Dawson and Joey… I still remember that last episode, when all my friends said Joey and Pacey were endgame, but I kept saying that was wrong, that Joey belonged to Dawson… Again, apparently, I was wrong.

Exhibit C:

Jess & Rory

Jess and Rory… Again another heartbreak. I was rooting for the bad boy and the good girl. I hated the whole Rory committing adultery with Dean, then the (in my opinion) stupid relationship she had with Logan that tore apart for a while the mother-daughter of Gilmore Girls. At least in the end she ended up with neither and choose to follow her dream.

Exhibit D:

Nate & Serena

Gossip Girl… I was shipping two couples on this show: Chuck and Blair and Nate and Serena. At least Chuck and Blair didn’t let me down.

Exhibit E:

Hermione & Harry

Hermione and Harry. What can I say? I always thought Ron was too whiny. I thought ‘Mione and Harry would make a great couple. Can I just say that the DH epilogue made me cry like a baby? My fave couple of the whole books series each married one of the ginger siblings and ended up being in-laws…

Exhibit F:

Cristina & Owen

Cristina and Owen… I so wanted them to be HEA. I believed Shonda Rhimes when she said that they were endgame. I was such a fool… Unless she pulled something out of her hat before Sandra Oh leaves the show at the end of the current season Crowen is doomed…

Exhibit G:

Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman & Emma

Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman and Emma… The one who spared Snow White and the Savior. I’m still mourning deeply the demise of Graham, even after 2 and a half season (even though I’m now a Captain Swan shipper). These two had so much potential… Gone way too soon…

Exhibit H:

Sookie eric

Eric and Sookie… Double deception in their case! She-Who-I-Won’t-Even-Named spent more than 10 books making me fall in love with the Viking Vampire Sheriff and made me ship him with Sookie all to do a 180 turn in the last couples of books… After the mess that were the last three books, I thought that there was still a chance with True Blood-Eric and True Blood-Sookie… But then again: heartbreak! Apparently Bill should be Sookie HEA. Yeah, the liar/abuser/cheater is what is best for Sookie… or is it Alcide AKA the-one-that-was-a-douche-and-an-a**hole-all-season-long? We’ll know when the finale season will air. Honestly, I have given hope that the TB writers will someday listen to the fans.

Anyway there’s always fanfictions, right?


Lara Kingsley AKA The Ship Jinx


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