Tome 2, at last!

The first chapter of Dead Briefs Tales Tome 2 is finally ready! Thanks to the Olympics being over and trying to get in a night routine for my Night Audit training, I was finally able to finish it!

Speaking of the Olympics, the Sunday Men Hockey gold medal game had me quite in a dilemna. Canada VS Sweden? My homecountry VS ASkars homeland? Well, I went with patriotism and cheered for ‘my’ boys – especially for Team Canada’s captain, the yummy Sidney Crosby. The game was broadcast live at 7AM and I was supposed to work at 8, but I must have a lucky star ’cause my shift was switch to an evening one and I was able to watch it with my parents. And what a game it was! At least on the Canadian side 😉 I’ll even admit to some tears being shed when the O Canada was played at the end.

But now, without much ado, here is what you have been waiting for: The first chapter of Tome 2!

Enjoy (and don’t forget to comment!)

Lara Kingsley

Dead Briefs Tome 2 - Chapter 1


One thought on “Tome 2, at last!

  1. Hi there! I was also torn about the hockey game. In the end, I had to go with our kid, Sid. The Swedes are gorgeous & play great hockey, but in comparison to the Canadians? No. Never. Then there’s Mr. 87! He’s not exactly a “Kid” anymore, but here in Pittsburgh, he’ll always be Sid the Kid, or at least our favorite kid! It was so tough watching all the teams play in the Olympics this year; every team had NHL players & coaches! Sid is awesome & no one rocks the ice the way he does! The Pens are playing right now & we’re winning 2-1. WOO-HOO! Sid & the boys are back!

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