Dead Briefs Update!

Good Monday, dear readers!

I had hope to post this earlier, but RL got in the way. My little sister Marie-Eve (even though she’s 21 she’ll always be my lil sis) was in and out of the hospital this week, dealing with intense migraines. So you can imagine that my mind wasn’t on writing much. Luckily I have an awesome brother-in-law who not only took great care of Marie, but also made sure I didn’t worry too much.

So… New chapter of Dead Briefs. We learned in the previous one that Hadley had been married to Remy Savoy in New Orleans and in this chapter we will learn more about their short lived marriage… and about other things 😉 I suggest you check the Pinterest page for Dead Briefs after reading it – and I’m serious, if you don’t want to be spoiled check the Pinterest page AFTER.

I won’t make you wait longer, click on the pic for the next installment.

Lara Kingsley

Dead Briefs Tome 2


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