New Dead Briefs chapter and TB/SVM fanfic Awards

So sorry for the wait, dear readers. RL got in the way, again. But it’s a good thing. As I said earlier this year (wow, we’re almost halfway through 2014 already!) I got a new job in a big hotel. When I started, my boss told me he couldn’t guarantee me a specific amount of work hours since it’s a unionized hotel and being the last one on the payroll means that I’m the last one to get hours. Well I’ve been there for 3 months now and I’ve never worked less than 30 hours. And now I received some pretty good news: I’ve been offered the weekend night auditor job! Night audit, for those unfamiliar with the hospitality industry, is the graveyard shift. You work from 11PM to 7AM, do the accounting for the day then you just have to wait for the shift to be over. So my already almost non-existent social life might suffer a little, but in order to get ready for my weekend shifts I’ll have to stay up on Thursday night which will give me more time to write! It’s a win-win: I get 16 hours a week confirmed at work and I get to write more 😉

Anyway, some very cleaver ladies decided to create the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards. Check their wordpress page, nomination start on May 1st – so in a couple of minutes. If you feel my fics deserve to be nominate is one of their categories, well… I think I’ve already told you that I’m always doubting myself about my writing. I don’t think it will ever stop, but your amazing review and comments sure make a difference.

So without further ado, I’m giving you Chapter 8 of Dead Briefs Tome 2. Don’t worry, Dallas is coming real soon 😉

Lara Kingsley

PS If you checked the Your Presence Still Lingers Here page, you might have see that I got myself a brand new banner for the fic, courtesy of the fabulous Sephrenia. By the way, on the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards there’s a category for Best Artist – Banners/Fanart. We should totally nominate her! Lara K

Dead Briefs Tome 2

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