New Chapter And Some Amazing News!

Can you feel the love tonight? Or as it is right now as I’m posting this, this morning? ‘Cause I sure feel your love, dear readers! The nominations for the TB/SVM Awards were announced and guess what? Yours truly was nominated! And not just in one category, no… You nominated me and my fics in categories! ! I mean, really?

I have to admit that learning about these nominations made my Muse work in overload! I spent the whole night writing. I mean, yeah I had to stay up all night since I’m working the night shift on Thursday… well tonight. Anyway… I’m giving chapter 9 of DB Tome 2. I had planned for this chapter to be longer, but hopefully I stopped it at the right place… Although I can see frying pan in my distant future.

So don’t forget to visit the TB/SVM Awards page to vote (it’s unlimited voting).

Lots and lots of luv,

Lara Kingsley
Dead Briefs Tome 2

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