YPSLH Update!

I had planned to update Dead Briefs before going back to Your Presence Still Lingers Here, but my muse invaded my sleep and this chapter came to life nearly by itself. When we last saw Sookie and co, they were boarding Eric’s private jet toward Sweden where they were to meet with the Swedish Vampire King, Gustaf Olafson. Well they are finally in Sweden! Oh and check out my author note at the end. I don’t do it a lot, but I did some casting for some brand new original characters. Hope you will like who I have chosen for the roles.

And don’t forget to vote for the TB/SVM Awards. My Dead Briefs series is in nomination 5 times! The voting poll closes on May 29th, so there’s still time for it!

TB/SVM Awards



I will hopefully try to update Dead Briefs by the weekend. I’ve been writing and rewriting one scene in particular, but should have the new chapter up by next Monday, the 26th… which also happen to be my birthday 😉

So again, thank you for your kind words and comment. I love reading them, especially when I’m at work, working the night shift for 5 straight days like I did this past week.

Luv, Lara K.


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