Dead Briefs Update!

Well, guess what? My muse didn’t left me! In fact he (’cause of course my muse is a 6 and a half foot tall blond Swedish guy) kept me company as I stayed up all night getting ready for my night shift tonight. Which reminds me, I should go to bed after posting this. I’ve been living like a vampire recently… Anyway, I was able to finish this new chapter of Dead Briefs! As I said in my update of Your Presence Still Lingers Here, I had some trouble with one part of this chapter. In the end I decided to delete everything I had written and start anew. The result is this chapter, which in my opinion is not so bad.

So I’ll head up to bed now and will hopefully rise tonight to your wonderful reviews and comment.

Don’t forget to vote for the TB/SVM Awards. You still have until May 29th!


Lara Kingsley

Dead Briefs Tome 2


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