Happy Father’s Day + Dead Briefs Update

I hope you’re all having a marvelous Father’s Day. I’m taking a minute while my own dad is taking a well deserved nap – yeah, no day off for my daddy! – to post a brand new chapter of Dead Briefs Tome 2.

I’ve been a very bad author… I should have had this new chapter up like a week ago, but some stuff came up. First there was my town local public libraries Mega Sale. Every years all the public libraries of my hometown of Quebec City do a Mega Sale of books. And what’s so mega about it? Well they sell the book by the kilos which for a bookworm like me is Heaven! I had planned on going there with my mother and baby brother (I have to stop calling him that, he’s 17 afterall!) and only buying books for them. You see even though I’m French Canadian, I barely read anything in French. Unless it was written by a French author, I don’t read it. I hate translated books. But I was quite surprised to find several tables lined up with English books. So we ended up buying for nearly $60.00 worth of books at $3.00 per kilo. Unfortunately they didn’t have copies of She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named two last books – you know the one where she sentenced a certain Viking to 200 years of sex slavery and the one where she tells us about the so-call HEA of our beloved characters? I would have loved to find these two books, they would have made great kindling for our backyard fireplace.

The other thing was also related to my brother (see, I didn’t call him baby bro! I’m getting better 😉  ). Him and our cousin Elizabeth (who’s 12 days younger than him) are seniors in High School and last week was their Graduation day. See how great they look in their caps and gowns:

My cousin Elizabeth, me and my brother Marc-André

My cousin Elizabeth, me and my brother Marc-André

So I was busy with reading and cheering on my sibling and my cousin. But I finally finished chapter 12 of Dead Briefs Tome 2! And in honor of Father’s Day there is some cute Hunter/Eric interaction 😉


Lara Kingsley

Chapter 12



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