Tuesday Bloody Tuesday

I wanted to publish this on Monday, but a glitch from my dear old computer got in the way. But hey, it’s almost 20 minutes past Monday, so it’s not so bad.

So what did you think of Sunday’s episode? True Suck didn’t suck that much, right? I can’t tell you how happy I was for every Eric/Sookie interactions. The chemistry between them, the love Sookie clearly has for Eric… I just hope it wasn’t the Swan Song for them. Somebody on TVLine commented about thinking the whole ‘Sookie and Bill are endgame’ was all smoke and mirror and that the writers are going to throw us a curveball and end the serie with a Sookie/Eric HEA. Call me delusional, but I’m hoping for this theory to be true.

Anyway, enough with that. I have a new chapter of YPSLH for y’all! As usual don’t forget to leave me a comment 😉

Lots of luv,


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