Thank the Scot!

Okay, so Outlander took me away from my writing, but this week it had the total opposite effect. See I watched the Wedding episode of Outlander like 5 times this past week (I know, kinda obsessed) and it had my 6 and half foot tall blonde muse working overtime! For those of you who have watched it, this episode was… hot? Not strong enough. Scorching? Yep, definitely scorching 😉 If only True Blood (or True Sucks as some of us Trubies have taken to call it, especially this finale season) could have given us something like this for Eric and Sookie… No, the ‘writers’ gave us a Bill/Sookie pity fuck instead.

Anyway, I’m giving you chapter 11 of YPSLH. When I had started it, as you know, it was only a one-shot, but now it so much more. It’s turning into a retelling of season 7. For me it’s weird since I’m basically writing 2 retelling of season 7 – well not really writing 2 retelling at the same time, but I’m already working on the basic for Dead Briefs Tome 7.

So enough talking, here’s your new chapter, dearies (heck, I sound like Rumpelstiltskin!).

Lara K.

Your Presence Still Lingers Here

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