YPSL update? Yeah!

Sorry for the 2 weeks without update. Real life was… Not so good. I might have said it in a previous post, I work in the hospitality industry in a very touristy city. Fall in Quebec City equal cruise season which equal the most difficult guests. The fact that we are short staffed at the front desk doesn’t help either…

Anyway I have a new chapter of Your Presence Still Lingers Here for you! Regarding this new chapter, I would like to credit the amazing California Kat. She was nice enough to allow me to use her wooen dreams theory from her Un-Series. You can find her wonderful work here. As usual don’t forget to leave a comment 😉

Lara K

Your Presence Still Lingers Here


One thought on “YPSL update? Yeah!

  1. RL always has a tendency to get in the way, i know if i don’t get to write during the week, the weekend is not much better, i too feel bad when i don’t post but there isn’t much i can do about it, unless i get up before everyone here at home, it just doesn’t work out, as i am pulled into twenty different directions. thanks for the update. KY

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