An obituary and a new DB chapter

Lara Kingsley’s laptop died January 18th, 2015 at its owner’s appartment. LK’s laptop, or L’ordi as it was known by its loved one e.i. Lara Kingsley, passed away after a rather short illness at the age of 4 years old. Luckily its owner was able to save much of her files on a USB flash drive before the poor thing finally let go. 

Yep, my computer is dead… I really am not lucky when it comes to my laptop, but this one actually lasted longer than any of my previous ones. So I’m computer-less right now, although I do have my Tab and my parents are nice enough to allow me to use their own PC until I get a new one. I’ll probably go for a mini-PC and hook it up to my TV. Anyway, since writing full lenght chapter on a Tab is not ideal, I’m back to pen and paper… So until I get my new computer the time between each chapter may be longer than usual.

But now to the real reason for this post! A new Dead Briefs chapter!!!!! Rejoice!!!! 😉 So I think you know the drill, right? Read and review/comment.



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