DB Updates!

Hey everybody!

I’m starting to sound like an old broken record with the ‘life gets in the way’ chorus I’m giving you each time. But it’s true. But… In two weeks it’s vacations time!!! Yep, in fourteen days I have two work-free vacations weeks! And I promised to write and write and write many new chapters of both DB and YPSLH… Well in between my appointment at the fertility clinic (I got my first appointment on May 21st) and celebrating my 30th birthday (which is on May 26th). So you see I have a lot planned!

And now for this chapter… Well one of the reason it took me a while to write it apart from real life was that I was struggling writing it. I wanted to stick close to the original material, but not too close if you get what I mean. Anyway I hope you like it.

Oh and did you see my brand new author banner? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Well I have to thank the wonderful Gyllene for that amazing work! I think it represent me quite well. My favourite couple and my hometown castle 😉

So don’t forget to to leave a review or a comment. They always give me a boost.


Lara K

3 thoughts on “DB Updates!

  1. I love the new look! It’s terrific & fits so well with your stories! 🙂 You just have love gyllene’s work. She did all the art on my blog too & it would look nothing like it does without her. She’s so wonderful!

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