Voting is open and an apology

Voting is open for the First New Blood Awards! And yours truly is nominated but the competition is ferocious 😉 Some of my favourite fanfic authors are also in nomination like the Great (yes Great in bold and with a capital G) Mistress Jessica. So do your Trubie fanfiction reader duty and VOTE!

Also I owe you a deep apology. I still haven’t finished chapter 24 of Dead Briefs Tome 2… Don’t worry I do not suffer from the white page syndrom, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been getting bits and pieces of this chapter all the time and compiling them in my aptly named ‘Bits and Pieces’ Word doc before writting them in the actual chapter. But those bits and pieces came to me both in French and in English! For a native French speaker, I have a very English mind. With my work as a hospitality worker in a very touristy town I tend to think most of the time in English (yep, that’s what happen when you spent a year working in a Rockies resort town of a little over 4 000 inhabitants where less than 200 of them are native French speakers) and I even dream in English. No need to say that I watched True Blood only in English (really the voice they’ve chosen to dub ASkars was awful – but then it was dubbed in France and not in Quebec, but that’s a story for another time). So it is quite weird that this chapter came to me in both languages.

So anyway, VOTE! And hopefully the next chapter of DB will be up… soon… hopefully… Say a little prayer for me, will you?

Luv, LaraK

Voting is open!.


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