Long awaited update!

Should I hide? Change my name? Move to the South Pole (and hope ASkars visit again)? I am so so so sorry for the long wait since my last update. Summer this year is a b*tch at work, worst summer in my 10 years in the hospitality industry. I guess the weakness of the Canadian dollar as something to do with it… Anyway, I’ve been working overtime most of the time and when I’m off all I want to do is sleep. I hope you won’t held it against me.

So without further ado I give you a brand new chapter of Dead Briefs. Chapter 24 ended up being a b*tch to write and not because I was suffering from blank page syndrome, no I knew where I was heading and what I wanted to write… Except all my idea came to me in FRENCH! As I once said, for a native French Canadian living a town where the population is almost completely French I have a very English mind (I think in English most of the time). So not only had I to find time to write, I had to translate everything! But don’t worry for chapter 25, all the notes I made for this next chapter are in English 😉

So click HERE to access the new chapter


Lara Kingsley


6 thoughts on “Long awaited update!

  1. Yay!! Awesome to see you back! I love this story and hope I have a chance to get caught up sometime soon (having the same problem with not enough freakin’ time too).

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