Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I woke up the morning of the Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting feeling giddy and light. A look at the alarm clock told me that I had more than my 8 hours of beauty sleep. I yawned a little before heading downstairs. I had some work to do before I had to get started for tonight.

Tonight… My date with Eric… I giggled at the thought of it. I was going on a date with Eric! Me, Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic lawyer, was going on a date with Eric Northman, Viking vampire Sheriff of Area 5! After years and years of fantasizing about him, I was finally going out on a date with him!

Gran had already left for the Church in preparations for the evening event so I finished filling out the property papers for the land we bought from Sam Merlotte and sent them via courier to the County office. A look on my planner and I realized that Ihad nothing else left to do. I checked my cell phone and smiled. Pam had arranged for me to get a whole afternoon of pampering at one of her pet’s spa.

I ended up getting my hair trimmed, a pedicure, a manicure, a facial and a massage. The sun was getting ready to set when I drove back to Bon Temps and I still needed to do my makeup and get dressed. I spent half an hour looking through my wardrobe, trying to find the perfect outfit. I was still in my robe, still not knowing what the heck I was going to wear when I heard Jason come in with Pam and Eric.

“Sook, are you upstairs?”

I passed my head through the doorway and nearly bumped into Pam.

“Oh my… Don’t you ever do that again!”

“Perfect, you’re not dressed yet!”

“I’m not in the mood for your lesbian weirdness, Pam. I still don’t know what I’m going to wear!”

I took a quick look at her and, as usual, she was perfectly dressed. She had a pale pink knitted dress and matching pumps.

“Is it going to be alright?” she asked. “I haven’t been in a church in… well in forever!”

“You’re… perfect! You’re always perfect Pam, while I can’t find anything to wear!”

She smiled and vamped downstairs before coming back a second later with a garment bag and two boxes.

“Aunt Pammy to the rescue, my little fairy!”

She opened the first box and I gasped at its content. She had bought me lingerie?!

“I can’t wear that Pam!”

“Why not? It’s Agent Provocateur, nobody will know that you’re wearing it. Well except Eric if he…”


“Alright! Go put them on while I take the dress out of the garment bag.”

I reluctantly took the box and headed to my bathroom. I eyed the tiny pieces of lace suspiciously before taking my robe off and putting them on. The bathroom door opened and Pam handed me a beautiful red dress.

“It’s Eric’s favourite color… And it goes pretty well with your new tan.”

Ten minutes later Pam and I were making our grand entrance at the top of the staircase. Eric was waiting at the bottom, dressed in a silk red shirt under his usual leather jacket.

“So, Master, what do you think?”

I smiled at Eric, slowly going down the stairs. He took my hand in his and pressed a soft kiss on my knuckles.

“Good job, Pam.”

“Good job?! She’s wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Eric! It’s not a good job, it’s a fucking beautiful piece of art!”

Jason came from the kitchen, his mouth full of the cookies Gran had baked.

“Shit, Pam! If I had known you were all gonna be dressed to the nines I would have wore my suit!”

My brother had a collarless black dress shirt with what I knew was expensive designer jeans.

“I told you, Jason! You are casual chic! As for me, that’s how I dress every night I’m not at Fangtasia. And Eric and Sookie do have a date after Mr. Compton’s presentation.”

I braced myself for my brother’s comment about my date with our boss, but he said nothing. He just sighed and went outside, followed by Pam. Eric offered me his arms and we were heading to his Vette.

The Bon Temps church was packed. I could see Gran and her friends welcoming people and handing program while the Pastor and his wife were taking care of all the dishes for the reception afterward.

“Violet, Elizabeth, Lucille, Adele, Jeannine! Sookie and her beau have just arrived!” nearly yelled Mrs. Hebert.

“Braced yourself for quite a shock, Eric!”


Gran and her friends all came running toward us with big smiles. Gran kissed me and Eric hello before turning to her friends.

“Ladies, allow me to introduce y’all to my dear friend, Eric Northman. Eric dear, Mrs. Violet Norris, the mayor’s wife, and the other ladies of the Descendants of the Glorious Dead; Mrs. Elizabeth Rochon, Mrs. Lucille Miller, Mrs. Jeannine Belanger and Mrs. Aurora Hebert.”

Eric smiled warmly at the little old ladies and I was pretty sure Mrs. Belanger had the vapours.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, young man!” said Mrs. Hebert.

“Young man? He’s nearly 15 times your age, Aurora!” sighed Mrs. Norris.

Mrs. Rochon kept looking at Eric as if he was the last cookie in the jar, licking her lips.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Northman.”

“The pleasure is all mine, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my… to my friend, Ms Pamela Swynford De Beaufort.”

Pam smiled (!) and complimented the ladies on their dresses (!). Quickly the whole room was standing around us, curious about the two new people escorting the Stackhouse siblings. Questions were asked and both Pam and Eric were gracious enough to answer each one of them.

Dropping my shields a little I caught several glimpses of people’s thoughts.

“That’s one piece of giant man cake!”

“I wonder if that Stackhouse girl lets him bite her…”

We were quickly ushered to our seats while Gran and the five ladies went to the front of the room. Maxine Fortenberry heldher head high and followed them, putting on a fake smile. Anyone could see the tension between them, but Mrs. Fortenberry acted as if it was nothing.

Gran introduced Compton has one of Bon Temps’ original sons who had fought for Louisiana during the fight for SouthernIndependence.

“I’m giving you First Lieutenant William Thomas Compton!”

Compton came out from a side door and took his place in front of the podium, thanking the charming ladies for their warm welcome. He looked at the crowd and stiffened the moment he saw Eric and Pam, who waved at him with a smirk.

Eric possessively took my right hand in his and let it rest on his tight. I concentrated on his void, not trusting my shields in such a crowded room. Soon my head was on his shoulders and he softly kissed my forehead. A part of me was afraid it was all for show. But another part was excited.

I honestly didn’t really pay attention to what Compton was saying and was quite glad when he finally finished. I expected people to swarms toward him, but they did the opposite. They all turned their back on the man who had entertained them for the last hour with his recollection of the Civil War and surrounded both Eric and Pam.

While my date and his Childe were amusing the good citizens of Bon Temps, I went to the refreshments table and got myself a glass of Sweet Tea. Bill was standing close by, Mrs. Fortenberry taking pictures of him with her old compact camera.

“If you will all excuse me” said Eric, charming as ever, “but I promised this nice young lady to buy her dinner.”

“Goodness gracious” said Mrs. Norris, “don’t tell us we’re all keeping you from your date with young Sookie!”

“No need to excuse yourself, Mrs. Norris” I said, putting my glass on the table and joining them. “Eric is quite the attraction!”

He smiled at me and I was pretty sure I heard people awing.

“Datin’ a vampire? How can you allow your granddaughter to date a vampire, Adele Stackhouse?”

All eyes were now on Mrs. Fortenberry. I had thought that after throwing her out of the house she would have learned not to mess with us Stackhouses.

“What if he’s a vampire, Maxine? Eric is a gentleman, he treats my Sookie with respect and care.”

“Really, Maxine Fortenberry, he’s clearly a man of means who can provide for young Sookie” added Mrs. Hebert.

Mrs. Fortenberry snorted. “A gentleman? A man of means? What about the fact that he’s a dead man walking? That he could never make an honest woman out of her? Marriage between human and vampire is till illegal!”

“Canada and the state of Vermont have legalized Human-Vampire marriage, Mrs. Fortenberry. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the States does too” stated Jason.

“They said the same thin’ ’bout them same-sex marriages, Jason Stackhouse, and I don’t see any faggots getting married in the Great State of Louisiana!”

“Faggots?!” yelled Tara Thornton, who up until now had remained completely silent. “I’ll be sure to tell Lafayette what you really think of him, Mrs. Fortenberry!”

If only she knew what Maxine Fortenberry really thought… She hated Methodists, Catholics, gays, single mothers – and she had been one!, Latinos, Blacks and so many more things.

“All I’m sayin’ is that he’ll never give her what a LIVE man would: children.”

That last one really hurt. While I never really took the time to think about children, it stung that it was one of the only things Eric would never be able to give me. I heard Pam’s fangs clicked and she whispered in my ear.

“Want me to take care of the old bat for you, Tinkerbelle?”

“She’s not worth it… She’s just an ignorant bigot.”

I closed my eyes, fighting the tears that threatened to roll down. Eric squeezed my hand and I felt a wave of calm crashing on me.

Mrs. Fortenberry realized that her presence wasn’t welcomed and shortly left, while Pam and Jason announced they weretaking Gran, her friends and their husbands to Fangtasia for a special night.

The little old ladies were all excited about the idea of going to a genuine vampires bar and they all piled up in their cars, heading toward Shreveport. Eric and I were the last to leave, waving at them.

“Want to go and mess with the Shifter?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood.

I smiled and nodded. We shortly pulled up into Merlotte’s. Sam Merlotte was manning the bar and gulped at the view of Eric. My Viking simply smiled at the Shifter and directed me toward an empty booth. Several of the people who had been at the DGD meeting were now enjoying a drink at the bar and looking at us. Lowering my shields down, I realized that most of them were simply curious. Arlene Fowler, meanwhile, was conflicted. She was afraid of Eric for being a vampire, but she thought he couldn’t be that bad if he was so nice to me and Gran.

The waitress came and took our order – well my order since Merlotte’s stock of Tru Blood had expired. Eric watched me eat my chicken Caesar salad, smiling at my moans of delight at the taste of it.

“You will never guess who I saw the other night at Compton’s!” I said between a sip of my Sweet Tea.

“You were at Compton’s? Why?”

“Just wanted to say thanks… For the drainers, you know. Well I go there and guess who was visiting? The Disco Triplets!”

He frowned. “Who?”

“Diane, Malcolm and Liam! Didn’t they check in before moving to Monroe?”

“They did, but I didn’t know they were acquaintances of Compton. Are they still as wild as ever?”

“Always. Anyway, one of their… donors had Hep D and was hoping to infect them. If they ask, you have an agreement with the Hep D test clinics and receive reports on the people who test positive. I had to come up with something as to not out myself as a telepath, you know.”

“You don’t need to justify yourself, min älskare. But now that you’re telling me, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have that sort of program. Can you contact those clinics and…”

I smiled. “I’m already working on it.”

We continue to chat about everything and anything, interrupted once in a while by our waitress.

“Well, well, well… Little Sookie Stackhouse! And who’s that hunk of a man with you, little girl?”

I laughed at the arrival of Lafayette. Eric simply raised an eyebrow at the ‘flamboyant’ cook.

“Lafayette Reynolds, allow me to introduce you to Eric Northman. Eric is the owner of Fangtasia, you might have heard of it, it’s a bar in Shreveport. Eric, this is Lafayette Reynolds. He’s a cook here at Merlotte’s.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Reynolds.”

Lafayette swooned before fanning himself.

“I guess the saying is wrong in your case, big guy.”

“What saying?” asked Eric.

“All the handsome ones are gays! You is one lucky bitch, hookah! We should get together one of these days. If that’s the type of men you is hanging out with, Lala wants a piece of it!”

After exchanging our cell phone numbers, Lafayette went back to the kitchen and I finished my meal. Eric threw several bills on the table before helping me out of the booth. I felt a tingle in the pit of my stomach as his big hand rested on the small of my back.

“Want to go for a ride?” he asked, putting the powerful Vette into gear.

“Yeah, why not.”

I didn’t want this date to be over yet. He stopped the car next to a nice park. The view on the old trees was fantastic.

“Thank you for putting up with Gran’s friends. I hope they weren’t too much…”

“They reminded me of my village’s Elders, a meddling bunch of old women. They were pretty charming.”

“They were all under your spell! I can’t believe Mrs. Rochon copped a feel! What a flirt!”

We both laugh at the recollection of Mrs. Rochon’s molestation of Eric’s butt.

“About Mrs. Fortenberry… I’m so sorry if anything she said…”

“You don’t need to apologize for that crazy old crone, min älskare. But I have to admit she did make some valid points. I’ll never be able to share the days with you. I’ll never get to see the sun shine in your beautiful long hair…”

“I don’t care, Eric. All those things don’t matter. I have feelings for you and they are stronger than ever!”

“I know, min älskare. I do too. But I’m sorry I’ll never be able to give you children.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks. He leaned down toward me, his hands cupping my face before giving me the most tender kiss ever. Forehead to forehead, I looked into the blue sea that were his eyes and smiled.

“I won’t lie to you, Eric. I am disappointed that you could never give me a baby. Can you imagine a child of ours? With your beauty and my brain?”

He let out a laugh. “Your beauty and my brain, min älskare…”

“Whatever… I could never regret loving you, Eric. Because I do. I love you, Eric.”

He didn’t answer. He just took my mouth in a long, searing kiss that turned the rest of my body into jelly. He unfastened my seat belt and I ended up sprawl across him. My hands went directly to his long hair while his went to my buttocks. I could feel his hard on and I was getting more and more turned on by the minute.

“Inte här, min älskare. (Not here, my lover)”

He gently put me back on my seat, kissing me one last time. Not letting go of my left hand, he drove down the quiet roads leading to the farmhouse. He stopped the car next to my Q7. The lights were turned off, Gran was either still in Shreveport orshe had gone to bed. He followed me up the porch and, while I was trying to unlock the front door, kissed my neck and circled my waist. When I finally succeed in opening the damn door, I turn around and threw myself at him. My legs quickly wrapped around his waist, his hardness pressing against my core.

“Cubby…” I whispered between kisses.

In our eagerness to get there, we fell down to the floor. He let out a groan while I giggled… Until I felt something sticky and wet underneath me. The expression on Eric’s face quickly changed. He got off me, turned on the lights and we both let out a gasp. The floor was soaked in what appeared to be… blood.


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