Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I got up and turned on the light. Sookie was laying in a puddle of… blood? No, it didn’t smell like either human or animal blood.

“Is it blood? Oh my God, Gran!”

“It’s not blood, min älskare…”

I dipped my finger in it and smelled it. It smelled suspiciously like Tru Blood.

“I think it’s Tru Blood, but there’s something wrong with it…”

I helped her up and we looked around the house. The living room had been trashed and on one of the wall, written in the same red substance, was a message.

“You’re next fangs loving bitch… Shit!”

I could feel the fear slowly filling my fearless little fairy. I took her in my arms and kissed her forehead. Several calls were made. Sookie called the Bon Temps PD while I called Pam and my day man.

I explained to Pam what had happened and how I didn’t want Adele to come back home. I didn’t want her to see her house in the state it was. My call to Bobby Burnham was quick. I asked him to have a team ready to come and clean the house in the morning and to have a security system installed ASAP.

I found Sookie on the porch, sitting with her knees to her chest.

“Pam will keep Adele in Shreveport and I have arranged for a team to come and clean up and put a security system.”

She looked up at me and extended her hand toward me, inviting me to sit next to her. As soon as I was by her side she curled up on me and started to sob.

“Hush, min älskare… I won’t let anybody hurt you.”

“I’m so scared Eric…”

I tried to soothe her by softly humming an Old Norse lullaby my mother used to sang to me. Soon two squad cars from the Bon Temps PD and Detective Bellefleur pulled into the driveway. I got up and explained the situation to them. Detective Bellefleur asked Deputy Jones to stay with Sookie while I went inside with him and Deputy Ellis.

“Is it blood?” asked Bellefleur looking at the puddle on the floor.

“No. It smells like Tru Blood gone bad.”

When they saw the message on the wall, Bellefleur jaw dropped.

“You think it’s the same guy who killed those girls that did that?”

“I don’t know, Detective, but this is clearly a warning.”

Deputy Ellis collected evidence and took several pictures while Detective Bellefleur and I did a quick tour of the house, making sure everything was in its place. Arriving in front of the armoire hiding the entrance to the cubby, Bellefleur stopped.

“What’s in it?”

“Nothing of importance, Detective.”

He frowned and looked at me suspiciously.

“I think you’re hiding something from me…”

I looked him in the eyes.

“This is the entrance to the cubby I installed, Detective Bellefleur. There’s nothing suspicious about it. You will forget all about it.”

“I’ll forget all about it. It’s nothing important” he said, under my glamour.

I went back to the porch and relay Deputy Jones. Sookie was shaking like a leaf. I took my jacket off and put it on her shoulders. She looked up at me and thanked me before kissing me softly.

A whoosh of wind preceded the arrival of one unwanted Bill Compton.


My little fairy barely registered his presence and simply nodded. I kissed her forehead before joining Compton down the porch’s steps.

“I saw the lights of the police squad cars… Did something happened?”

“Sookie is going to be alright, Compton. Everything is under control.”

“What happened? Something must have happened if…”

I was getting tired of this snotty little bugger.

“You heard about those fangbangers being killed around town?”

“Unfortunately, yes. The Sheriff and one of his detectives came to my house earlier to ask me some questions… Was Sookeh attacked by…”

“My name is SOOKIE, rhymes with cookie” said my little fairy, finally getting out of her trance. “If you can’t even pronounce my name correctly then call me Miss Stackhouse.”

I had to try hard not to laugh.

“To answer your question, no, I was not attacked by the monster who killed those two girls.”

“The killer apparently left a warning… Trashed the living room.”

“If you want, I can stay with you tonight, Miss Stackhouse. I could keep you safe…”

I snort at the pitiful excuse of a vampire standing next to me. Him, keep her safe? As if I would entrust the safety of my Sookie to him! I was a Viking, for fuck’s sake! And Vikings took care of their own.

“No need, Compton. Sookie is coming with me to my house in Shreveport.”

Compton’s jaw nearly hit the ground.

“What’s the matter, Compton? You thought I didn’t own a house? What, you thought I rested in Fangtasia’s basement?”

“No… I’m just surprised that you would allow a human into your resting place.”

“For your information Compton, because you are such a snotty little bastard, Sookie has shared my resting place several times in the past. Now, shoo. We don’t need you here.”

He looked at Sookie, as if hoping she’d ask him to stay, before vamping toward the cemetery. I let out a long sigh. Detective Bellefleur and the two Deputies exited the house, carrying several bag of evidences.

“Our job is done. You’ll have to do a lot of cleaning, but we’re done here. Miss Stackhouse, we’ll call you when we’ll have the results of the evidences we collected or if we have more questions. Good evening.”

Sookie thanked them but didn’t move from her spot. I closed the front door before scooping her in my arms and carrying her to the Vette. The drive to my Shreveport home was done in silence. We stopped at the gate and she finally got out of her trance-like state.

“This is your house?!”

I nodded, entering the code to open the gate. I owned several properties across the globe and Sookie had seen many of them, but it was the first time she was seeing my main residence.

“It’s not a house, it’s a freaking mansion!”

I smiled. I took great pride in my homes. In fact, the Shreveport one was one of my two favourites, the other being the Öland farmhouse. The reason behind the farmhouse being the memories it held, what with it being built on the land where my homestead once stood and the memories of my summer with Sookie. This one… This one I had it built with the hope that someday Sookie would call it home. What can I say, when I want something I do everything to get it. I’ve wanted Sookie for awhile and I knew that someday I would have her.

I stopped the car in front of the entrance and helped Sookie out of it. She was still shaking, clinging to my jacket.

“Let’s get you inside…”

I unlocked the main door and invited her in. She stepped in, a little unsure and gasped at the staircases.

“Wow… You have a really beautiful house, Eric.”

“Wait till you see the rest.”

I took the jacket off her shoulders and dropped it on a chair. Sookie slowly ventured toward the living room gapping at the large windows.

“But… Do you have to sleep underground? I mean, there’s so many windows… Are you stuck in your day chamber till sunset or…”

“Don’t worry, min älskare. The whole house is light tight. I had a system of light tight shutters installed when I had it built. The shutters go down 30 minutes before dawn and open 30 minutes after sunset. Come…”

I took her hand and we climbed the stairs to the second floor. We passed several doors before arriving to the Master bedroom.

“Is it your bedroom, Eric?” asked Sookie in a little voice.

“Yes, min älskare.”

“It’s very you. Masculine, strong…”

The room was in very rich tones with a huge fireplace and a king poster bed. I turned toward Sookie and softly stroke her hair. She looked up and stood on her tiptoe before clutching her lips to mines. I grabbed her by the butt and she circled my waist with her long legs. I carefully walked to the bathroom before putting her back on the ground.

“Bath or shower?” I asked.

She looked first at the big tub, then at the large glass shower, biting her lower lip.


I went and turned the water on, before starting to take my shirt off.


I stopped and frowned. Sookie approached me and started to undo the buttons of my shirt. Soon it was on the floor, followed by my jeans and my silk boxers. She took a deep breath and blushed at the view of my cock. I grabbed her by the back of her head and crashed my lips on hers before tearing the front of her dress, ripping it.

“Pam is going to kill you!”

“Then I’ll die a happy man!”

She was wearing delicate lace black underwear. She looked amazing, feminine, mine. I unhooked her bra and cupped her delicious breast before taking one nipple in my mouth. She somehow shimmied out of her panties and let her hands map my chest.

We made it to the shower, caressing each other while washing away the remnant of the mess we had found at the farmhouse. She got me on my knee while she washed my hair. It was too good an opportunity for me. My mouth was literally aligned with her center. I had to taste her. I opened her and push one finger, then two inside her while worshipping her with my mouth. She was gripping my hair, arching her back and moaning her pleasure loudly. She soon came and nearly fell into my waiting arms. I rinsed both of us before drying her with large towel.

I carried her to the bed, lounging above her, admiring the beauty that was offered to me. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my entire long life and she was mine.

“Eric… I… I need you!”

“All good things comes to those who waits, min älskare.”

I kissed my way down her body and resumed my assault to her center. God, she tasted like Valhalla! I brought her twice to pleasure before I knew she was ready for me. I slowly entered her, never taking my eyes off of her. When I felt the barrier guarding her innocence I stopped.

“We can stop now, min älskare. All you have to say is…”

She didn’t let me finish and raised her hips, breaking the barrier. She winced a little and a single tear escaped her eye. She was so tight and warm.

“Thank you, min älskare, for this gift.”

“Only you, Eric. It was always you.”

I gave her time to get accustomed to my size before starting the waltz of slow, long strokes. She grabbed my shoulders, panting, trashing.

“Harder… Please!”

Who was I to deny her? I began a series of short, harder strokes and soon I could feel her spasm around me. She came screaming my name and I followed her, screaming in Swedish. We stayed like this for a while, still connected, half laying on each other. I reluctantly left her warmth and covered us with the bedspread. She snuggled in my side, her ear next to my dead heart.

“My heart is beating so fast and so hard that it’s as if I can hear it in your chest…”

I kissed her and she smiled at the hardness already pressing against her tight.

“I guess I’ll be able to tell Mrs. Rochon that it’s true what they say about vampire’s sexual stamina…”


“Mrs. Rochon asked me if it was true, what they say about your sexual stamina. I told her I didn’t know. But now I can answer…”

I smiled and turned off the light on the nightstand. Dawn would come soon enough and I would be dead for the day. I savoured this precious time spent with my spent little fairy resting in the safety of my arms. She yawned and closed her eyes.

“Good night, min älskare…”


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  1. I was so scared you were gonna kill off gran and I would miss her relationship with the vamps if you did that. I just love this Sookie! I love how she talks back to everyone, especially bill in this chapter! What a great read!

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