Chapter 13

Chapter 13

I was dreaming. I was in a kitchen, sipping a glass of milk. The sun was shining through the windows and I was smiling. I heard the familiar patter of tiny footsteps coming down the hallways. I turned toward the sound and smiled at the two blond haired angels still in their pajamas.

“What have I said about running?”

“Sorry mommy” said the little boy.

“I sorry mama” echoed the little girl.

They looked around and frowned.

“Daddy?” asked the little girl.

I put my empty glass in the sink.

“Daddy is still sleeping, sweetie.”

The two little ones exchanged a look before running hand in hand toward the stairs. I laughed and followed them upstairs. I stopped in the doorway and smiled at the view offered to me. The two tiny monsters were jumping on the bed, trying to wake their father.

“Daddy, wake up!” said the little boy.

“Up, daddy! Not sweepy ‘nymore!”

Their father let out a groan before catching both tykes in his arms.

“You’ve awaken the tickle monster!”

Screams of delight filled the room. I just stood there, watching them playing, until he beckoned me to the bed. Careful of the two precious beings sprawled across the bed, he kissed me before letting his hands rest on my large stomach.

“And how are you this morning, min fru (my wife)?”

“I would be better if your youngest son wouldn’t use me as a punching bag!”

He dropped a kiss to my belly before capturing my lips.

“I love you, my Sookie.”

“I love you too, my Eric.”

I woke up disoriented, pinned to the bed by a dead for the day giant blond vampire. It wasn’t the first time I had dreamed of Eric being human. But it was the first time I had dreamed of us having children. I guess Mrs. Fortenberry’s comment had touched a sensitive spot.

It took me a good 5 minutes to unpin myself from my unfortunate position. I looked at the handsome man lying on the bed and couldn’t really believe he was finally mine. He had thanked me last night for giving him my virginity, but I was the one who was thankful. He had cherished me, showing me how much he cared for me. I kissed his lips before attending to my human need in the bathroom. I found my panties in the pile of clothes we had left and put them on. Eric had really ruined my dress. I went back to the bedroom, clothes in hand, and went toward the walk in closet. Turning on the light I frowned.

Half the closet – if you could call it a closet, it looked more like a showroom than anything else – was filled with Eric’s clothes, but the rest was filled with women’s. I knew Pam had quite a large wardrobe, but to have to store some at Eric’s place? I grabbed one of his large Fangtasia t-shirt and decided to explore the house. The antique clock resting on the mantel of the fireplace told me it was a little after 1. I would probably have 3 hours till Eric rises from his day rest.

I felt like an intruder, walking around his house. As he had promised, light tight shutters were blocking the sunshine from entering the house. At least he could enjoy his beautiful home upon rising. I knew that at his age he could rise up to 2 hours before sunset. I wandered toward the kitchen, expecting it to be pretty bare, but was quite surprised to find it complete withvery modern looking appliances. A note had been left on the kitchen island and I smiled at his handwriting.

Min älskare,

I’d like to thank you again for the gift you bestow me last night. I will forever treasure the honor you gave me.

You will find the refrigerator and pantry filled for your needs. Explore the house as much as you want.

If you’d like to sunbathe today – in the nude preferably – the code for the door is the date of your birthday.

Forever yours,


I’d probably skip on the nude sunbathing, but it was good to know I wasn’t prisoner of the house for the day. I made myself a light lunch before exploring the rest of the house. It was a shame Eric was alone to enjoy that big house. The living room with its fireplace and state of the art entertainment center, the dining room… It was the type of house the family from my dream would have enjoy.

Opening door after door I found what I presumed was Eric’s office. I was curious about the lack of bookcases ’till I found his private library… Two stories high of walls covered in books! Gran would flip! I grabbed one and smiled. Den allvarsamma leken by Hjalmar Söderberg. I remembered Eric reading it to me back in Öland. I took it to the living room and, comfortably seated in the big sectional couch, started reading. To my surprise the margins were filled with notes, mostly Eric’s thoughts on the plot, but also anecdotes. Apparently I had thought that it was too sad, that the two heroes should have marry each if they loved each other that much instead of marrying other and be miserable.

The ring tone of my cell phone coming from the foyer got my attention. I found my purse on the table at the entrance, next to Eric’s leather jacket.


“Thank God you is okay, hookah!” said Lafayette, relieved. “You got some splainin’ to do, little girl!”

“Good afternoon Lafayette! And what exactly should I explain?”

I went back to the living room and sprawl across the couch.

“Rumour has it you is in trouble, little miss! Andy told the whole town the fella who offed Maudette and Dawn is after your lily white ass! Tell Lala that hunk of a man of yours is takin’ good care of you!”

I smiled. “Someone trashed the farmhouse while I was out on my date and Gran was in Shreveport. I was pretty shocked, but physically I’m okay.”

“You sure you is okay, little girl?”

“I am. Eric has been taking good care of me. I’m actually staying with him at his Shreveport’s house.”

“You is stayin’ at his house, uh? You is actin’ like a true Southern Belle or you is actin’ naughty?”

I laughed. If only he knew how naughty I had been last night.

“Ladies don’t kiss and tell, Lafayette.”

“No, but Lala ain’t no lady and he wants to know… How ’bout we meet tomorrow so you tell Lala all ’bout your sex-on-a-stickvamp?”

“Alright… Tomorrow at noon? Where do you wanna meet? In Shreveport or in Bon Temps?”

“I gotta stay in bumfuck, workin’ with the Road crew in the mornin’ and workin’ the dinner shift at Merlotte’s.”

“Alright, then. Tomorrow at noon at Merlotte’s?”

“It’s a date, hookah!”

I hung up and put my phone on the coffee table. I continued my exploration of the house and found the door to the basement. I was expecting a dark dungeon type of room, but was surprised to find a state of the art home theater.

I went back upstairs and took our clothes – or in my case what was left of my clothes i.e. my underwear, and found the laundry room. Rummaging through his laundry basket, full of jeans, wife beaters, tee-shirt and next to no boxers – someone seems to favor going commando, I started a load of laundry. It was so mundane, doing the laundry for my boyfriend.

Boyfriend? No, Eric was no boyfriend. Lover? It sounded so… I don’t know, it seems to minimize what we shared. Love of mylife? Definitely.

I went back to the bedroom and crawled back between the sheets. Even though his chest wasn’t moving and he was cold to the touch, Eric didn’t look like a corpse. He looked peaceful, almost youthful. I knew I was the only human he ever allowed next to him during his day rest and I knew the importance of it. He trusted me with his safety while he was in his most vulnerable state. I snuggled on his chest and closed my eyes.

I felt him stir and rises. He lower his head and captured my lips.

“Good evening, min älskare.”

“Good evening, Eric.”

The awkward morning after – or in this case evening after.

“Have you been up for a while?”

“Not very long. You completely exhausted me last night. I grabbed a bite in the kitchen, found your note and explored the house.”

“And what did you think of it, lover?”

I smiled. “It’s beautiful, really. I’m impressed. But it’s way too much for an eternal bachelor like you.”

“I thought that after last night I wasn’t a bachelor anymore.”

He was giving me his panty dropping smirk. Too bad I wasn’t wearing any.

“I hope so. I’m a very jealous woman.”

His hands travelled down my back to the hem of the shirt. The coldness of his touch against my overheated flesh made meshiver.

“I wasn’t expecting you to wear anything, lover” he said, huskily, taking the shirt off me.

“Well, a certain blond vampire ripped my dress in two. I couldn’t wander around his beautiful home wearing only my birthday suit, so I had to raid his closet.”

His lips were attacking my neck.

“The clothes in there weren’t to your taste?”

“No, they were wonderful, but I know Pam. I wouldn’t dare touch her things. Which reminds me, does she have that many clothes that she needs to squat your walk-in closet?”

He laughed. “You thought they were Pam’s?”

“Well, unless you have a live-in girlfriend I don’t know about… Whose clothes are they, then?”

“They are yours, min älskare. I had Pam and Adele buy them for you. But if you don’t like them, we can send them back…”

I was shocked. “Mine? Why would you have clothes for me in your resting place? Were you…”

“Would I scare you if I said that I built this house with a certain blond telepathic fairy lawyer in mind? That I was hoping that one day she would hopefully call it home?”

I close my eyes and felt tears threatening to fall.

“Don’t cry, min älskare… I’ll have the clothes taken back…”

“No… I… Thank you, Eric. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. I…”

I kissed him, hoping the kiss would convey what I was feeling and had so much trouble expressing. He had built this house for me. He had hoped I would one day live with him.

“I love you, Eric.”

“Du betyder allt för mig. (You mean everything to me) ”

We kissed for a long while – how long I wouldn’t know. His hands were massaging my breast, then cupping my bottom. I let out a moan when I felt his hardness trying to enter me. I was more than ready for a repeat of last night. At one point I heard the light tight shutters opened and felt the moonlight filter through the curtains.

“Are you ready for me again, lover?”

I didn’t answer, but raised my hips, sending him to my hot and wet center…

And that’s when his cell phone rang. He let out a groan of frustration and roll off me.

“It better be important, Pamela… Alright… Yes… We’ll be waiting.”

He hung up and checked his messages. I sprawled across the bed, teasing him. He kissed my navel while listening to whoever had called, probably his day man.

“You are far too distracting, lover.”

“That was my intent. What was it that Pam wanted?”

“She’s bringing Adele and Jason… They should be here in half an hour. Which means that as much as I want you, we need to get dress and I need to feed.”

I watched him go to the walk-in closet, his magnificent butt taunting me. I sighed before joining him. To my disappointment, he was already dressed and had pulled out several different outfits for me to choose from. I thanked him with a kiss before settling for a pair of ripped denim, a white t-shirt and an aqua blue cardigan.

We went downstairs just as Pam’s minivan was pulling in the driveway. The moment the front door opened, I knew by the expression on her face that she knew what we had done the previous night.

“Good evening, Master… Good evening, Tinkerbelle.”

I hugged my Gran and my brother before being caught in one hell of a hug by Pam.

“I’m very happy for both of you” she whispered in my ear. “The lack of innocence suits you.”

I blushed, hoping neither Gran nor Jason noticed. We went to the living room where Eric explained in details – well not all the details, what had happened last night. He reassured Gran that the cleaning team had been at the farmhouse during the day and that a security system had been installed.

“My day man told me some furniture would need to be reupholstered, but he already took care of it. He said it would probably take less than a week.”

“Thank you, Eric dear. I can’t imagine what would have happened if my Sookie had come back alone that night… If that… monster had been waiting for her…”

“It’s alright, Gran, nothing happened.”

Eric didn’t mention the message the person who had trashed the farmhouse had left, but probably told Pam and Jason while I was showing the rest of the house to Gran. She was impressed with the kitchen and got speechless at the view of the library.

“How do you like my home, Adele?” asked Eric, when they joined us.

“It’s atrocious, right Gran?” said Pam, sarcastic as ever.

“Pamela! How can you say that! This house is wonderful, Eric! I really love your private library!”

“What she means is that she’s extremely jealous!” laughed Jason.

His remark got him a slap on the arm.

“But it’s too much for a young man like you, Eric dear! I can’t imagine you, all alone in that big house!”

Gran was walking around the room, admiring the thousand of books lined up.

“Why don’t you and Sookie stay with me for a while” proposed Eric. “Until that killer is caught, at least. I would be more at ease if I knew you were both safe in the sanctum of my home.”

“I don’t know what to say… It wouldn’t cause you any inconvenience?”

My Viking smiled warmly. “None at all. You are always welcome in my home, Adele. You are practically family.”

It didn’t take long for Gran to agree.

“Sookie and I will go to the farmhouse tonight, I will probably rest there and tomorrow we will bring you some of your clothes. Will it be alright?”

Too late, Gran was already settled in one of the comfy couch, a first edition of William Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair nestled in her laps. Pam and Jason left for Fangtasia while Eric and I went back to Bon Temps. I was a little apprehensive at the idea of going back, but Eric squeezed my hands, sending me calm and comfort.

As promised by Mr. Burnham, the house was back to its original state, albeit it was missing the couches and armchairs.

“It looks so empty…”

Two strong arms circled my waist from behind and I let out a sigh of relief. That killer might have attack my home, but in Eric’sarms I would always feel safe.

“You still haven’t feed!” I reminded him.

“I’ll grab a Tru Blood…”

“No! I know how much you hate that stuff.”

I tucked my hair to the side of my head and offered him my throat.

“I can’t ask that of you, min älskare.”

“You’re not asking, I’m offering.”

I was expecting to hear his fangs go down, but instead I was whisked to the cubby. I took the time to admire the place more thoroughly. The living room area was painted blood red with snow white couches. He took my hand in his and walked me to the bedroom. I took off my ballerina flats and nearly purred at the sensation of the plush faux-fur carpet.

In a flash I was as naked as the day I was born and so was Eric. He pressed soft kissed along my throat before sinking his fangs in. I felt him take a couple of mouthful before he licked it clean and pricked his finger, spreading it on the marks, making them disappear.

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

We ended up in the huge soaking tub, snuggled together. It was hard to keep my hands to myself, but I somehow managed.

“What have you planned for tomorrow, lover?”

“Actually, I have a date tomorrow…”

“Should I feel threatened?”

I let out a laugh.

“If someone should feel threatened, then it’s me. You are more to my date taste…”

“Oh, you are meeting Mr. Reynolds?”

“Yeah… Out of all the people in this town he’s probably the only one I could find myself being friend with…”

We went back to the bedroom and things got a little heated until once again we were interrupted by Eric’s phone. I let out a long sigh while he dealt with his caller. He finally threw the damn thing on the bedside table and resumed his oral exploration of my body.

“Who was it?” I asked between moans.

“Pam… Fucking cock blocker…”

“And… And what did… the cock blocker wanted?”

His mouth traveled down and found my nub.

“Oh my… Jesus!”

“The disco triplets were apparently causing havoc at Merlotte’s… Compton left with them… I’ll deal with them later…”

“Fuck Compton and the triplets… I need you! Please!”

And we forgot all about them until dawn came.


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  1. love how Eric wants to take care of Gran and Sookie and she was willing to stay at Eric’s by herself… i wonder what Billy boy and the DT’s were up to at Merlotte’s KY
    my thoughts on her dreams, i think something will come about her dreams, i might be off but i will look forward to the reveal. KY

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