Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Unlike the previous morning, I woke up not pinned underneath Eric, but pinning Eric. He was sprawled on the bed, his magnificent butt barely covered by the soft sheets. I resisted the temptation of taking advantage of his dead-for-the-day state once I saw how late it was. I kissed him before making my way out of the cubby and up the stairs.

I didn’t really have time for a shower but I really had to do something about my hair: I had a serious case of sex hair. A look atthe alarm clock by the nightstand made me sigh. 11h15… I quickly grabbed the first clothes in the closet – a black and white skirt, a white racer back tank top and a denim jacket, before trying to fix my hair. A quick dash of make-up and I was ready for the trek through the woods direction Merlotte’s.

Lafayette was waiting for me by the parking lot, smoking what I assumed by the smell was good quality Marijuana.

“Sorry if I’m late…”

“Yous have all the excuses, hookah. If Lala had tall, blond and dead in his bed, Lala too would be almost late!”

I smiled and kissed him on the cheeks.

“You have to tell Lala where you buy them accessories, hookah! Those bracelets would look good on me!”

I really liked him. We made our ways inside and sat down at one of the empty booth. Even though the restaurant was nearly empty, the staff seemed on the edge. Merlotte was yelling from his office at the waitresses, poor Arlene seemed ready to burst into tears and Tara had her usual sour look.

“What’s the matter with all of them?” I asked.

Lafayette took his fan out of his pocket and sighed.

“The usual, Sam is pissed off and takin’ it off on us poor employees.”

“Not a very good work environment, then… Why do you still work here? I mean, couldn’t you work full time on the road crew and say ‘screw you’ to Sam Merlotte?”

He let out a laugh.

“Lala got expensive tastes, Missie.”

“As if I could still pay for Ruby Jean’s nut house with only the road crew paycheck… Thank God for the extra…”

Tara was looking at us suspiciously and after Arlene came to take our order I decided to finally get to the bottom of it.

“What’s the matter with Tara? I understand she’s quite the sourpuss, but why the animosity against me? I mean, she used tobe my friend! I remember all the fun times we had when I came down here as a child…”

“Imma tell you something ’bout that cuz of mine… She jealous, that’s all! You gotta understand she ain’t had the pink childhood you has. Her mama, Lettie Mae, she never gonna win mama of the year. So your Gran took care of Tara when she was young.”

“So, what? She’s like that because I came back?”

“Don’t you try understand my cuz, Missie. I remember when you came down here, Tara would only talk ’bout her friend from Boston. It was always ‘Sookie this, Sookie that’. Lala was startin’ to think you was some mystical creature, like those fairies!”

I smiled at the fairy remark. If only he knew.

“You was the bright thin’ ’bout Tara’s life. She ain’t had it easy. My daddy was married to my momma, but Tara’s daddy had already bailed on Lettie Mae when she learned she was to have a visit from the fork. Even after my old man became worms food, his mama and papa were there, while Tara had no one but Lettie Mae.”

“Your paternal grandparents… You were spending your summer with them, right? That’s why you were never in Bon Temps when I came for the summer?”

He nodded. “Up ’till I was 15, yes. Then it was ‘Pray the Gay Away Camp’.”

“Pray the Gay Away Camp? Those truly exist?”

“They sure do, Missie. And Lala went there every summer ’till his 18th birthday. Didn’t work much, Lala is still as fabulous as ever!”

I took a sip of my Sweet Tea. I realized how the way I was raised back in the North differed from the way of living here in the South. While there was still some stigma associated with homosexuality, there were more and more parents rallying in LGTB associations and marching alongside their children for their rights.

“I guess Bon Temps doesn’t have a Gay Pride Parade, then…”

“More like Redneck Pride Parade!”

We both laughed out loud, getting death glare from Tara.

“She hates me… She hates me and now she’ll hate everything about me.”

“Tara hatin’ a Stackhouse? Nah… Lala ain’t the only one with a crush on a Stackhouse, you know?”

I frowned. “She… She’s a lesbian?”

“Tara ain’t batting for that team. She got it bad for that sweet brother of yours!”

Tara? In love with my brother? No way!

“You’re joking, right?”

“Lala ain’t joking ’bout affairs of the heart. Tara’s had it bad for your bro ever since she discovered boys ain’t gross.”

“But I saw her with…”

I stopped before I said too much, but it was too late. Lafayette was into something.

“You saw her with… Who? Tara is one mean bitch, nobody in Bon Temps ain’t touchin’ her even with a 10 foot pole. You can’t let Lala hangin’ like that!”

“Shit… I… I saw her the other night, you know when I came in and you introduced me to Terry, with… with Merlotte.”

“Sam?! You sure it wasn’t one of their many screamin’ fight?”

“No, they were going at it. All hot and bothered.”

“That skinny little… Really?”

As if on cue, Merlotte came out of his office and joined Tara behind the bar. And, as if to contradict all I had just told Lafayette, started to yell at the poor girl.

“Arlene, what crawled into Sam’s cute behind?”

The redhead sighed. “The Tru Blood truck came in this mornin’, to collect the expired batch we had so he could get a refund, but… It disappeared! And he’s been actin’ crazy since Andy showed up askin’ ’bout it.”

“If Sam is the one who trashed the Stackhouses’ home I’m quitting! Ain’t no way I’m gonna work for someone who tried to arm poor Mrs. Stackhouse! Ain’t her fault if her friends ain’t got no pulse! But then… Vamps are dangerous… No! Mrs. Stackhouse is the sweetest woman ever!”

Although the disappearance of his stock of expired Tru Blood seemed to make Merlotte the primary suspect in the trashing of the farmhouse, I was pretty sure that my little speech the other night had put the fear of God – Vampire Sex God that is – in him. Lowering my shields, I caught some of his thoughts.

“Fucking Bon Temps PD… Where the fuck are all those Tru Blood bottles? If what Andy said was true, there’s no way I’ll ever get my refund! I should have never bought that crap in the first place!”

Arlene nearly jumped when Merlotte yelled at her and went back to the kitchen.

“Now, how ’bout you tell Lala all ’bout you and Blond, Tall and Dead?”

“What do you want to know?”

“How ’bout how you met? Where can Lala find some fine piece of dead ass like that?”

“Cause Eddie ain’t nice like her vamp! But Eddie is nice enough, a few BJ in exchange of blood that I get to sell back…”

So Lafayette had a deal with a vampire… At least he wasn’t a drainer!

“Well, I’ve known Eric all my life or almost. My dad worked for him, his Childe and his Maker.”

“And… Come on, baby doll, give Lala some meat!”

I laugh. “What do you want me to tell you? I’ve known him since I was a little girl, he saved my life and I always had a crush on him.”

“That all?”

“I don’t know what else to tell you! For a long time he was my dad’s client, the change in our relationship was pretty recent.”

“At least you ain’t one of those Fangbangers like Dawn was.”

“No, I’m not! I mean, up until two nights ago I was a vi…”

I stopped midsentence.

“You was a virgin? So the Vamp took your V card?”

“Shit… I am so not telling you more!”

“Well if you is that talkative without even a drink in, can’t imagine what your lily white ass might say after a couple!”

We spent the rest of our ‘date’ gossiping about almost anything. Well Lafayette tried more than once to get me to tell him more info about Eric and I using several pitchers of Margarita, but I’m a lady – when I want – and ladies don’t kiss and tell. We were halfway through our third pitcher of when Deputy Jones came in, her clothes and skin covered in soot.

“Kenya, my dear chocolate Goddess, what did Lala tell you? Don’t you use black! You ain’t gonna catch a man lookin’ like Cinderella!”

“Shut up, Lafayette!”

“Chill out, baby girl! Tell Lala what got your panties in a twist.”

The Deputy sighed before taking a seat next to us.

“We got called as backup by the guys in Monroe. Huge fire at those vamps’ house, you know the three who came down here last night. Anyway some fuckers burned their house down this morning. Four dead vamps, one of them is that vamp who talked at the DGD meeting. Vampire Bill I think was his name.”

So the disco triplets AND Compton were goners. Guess Eric wouldn’t have to deal with Malcolm, Liam and Diane and I wouldn’t have to deal anymore with Compton the creep.

“Do they have any idea who might have done it?” I asked, curious.

“That’s for the Monroe Sheriff to figure out. We got our hands full with all those girls murder and the trashing of your house, Miss.”

Lafayette and I finished our pitcher of Margarita then it was time for him to get ready for his shift. We kissed goodbye before promising to get together for a night on the town – he was pretty curious about going to Fangtasia, having never been there before.

I made my way back to the farmhouse, Eric would probably be up by now. I went down to the cubby – if we could call the luxurious suite a cubby – and smiled when I realized he was still in the same position as when I had left him earlier. I took off my shoes and slipped next to him, my hands making their way to his beautiful butt.

I snuggled next to him and soon his hands were making their way down my skirt.

“Have I told you how much I love it when you’re wearing skirt?”

I sighed as his wicked hand ripped my panties.

“You smell so good, lover. Like sunshine…”

“In a pretty blond bottle” I finished, smiling.

He had more than once called me that.

“My own sunshine…”

I let him play with my body, my mind forgetting everything but the felling of his hands and the pleasure he was giving me. Several minutes later I was panting and spent while he was smirking devilishly at me.

“How was your day, min älskare?”

“Good. I had fun with Lafayette. Oh, there was a fire in Monroe.”

“And it concerns me because…?”

“The fire was at the Disco Triplets’. They found four… I guess you could see remains. Malcolm, Liam, Diane and Compton, I guess. It was no accident, the fire was started in the morning…”

“Fuck… More paperwork! I better start working on them.”

“You do that, I think I’ll go to the cemetery and ‘pay my respect’ at Compton’s grave.”

“Why would you do that?!”

“I would do it for anybody… If Diane, Malcolm or Liam had a tomb in the Bon Temps cemetery I would go and pay my respect. Nobody deserves to die like that Eric, especially Vampires who are at their most vulnerable during the day…”

I kissed him before putting my shoes back on.

“Do your paperwork and when I’ll come back we’ll take advantage of that huge shower…”

He smirked. “We still have to bring some of Adele’s things…”

“I’m talking about making Little Eric happy and you bring in my Gran?”

“There’s nothing ‘little’ about my so called Little Eric!”

I laughed. “You are right. More like a Gracious Plenty.”

“Then come back soon lover so the Gracious Plenty can do plenty of good things to you!”

I was smiling like a fool as I made my way to the garden where I picked some of Gran’s flower. I walked toward the cemetery, the sun slowly setting in the horizon. It didn’t take me long before I found the old tombstone with the empty grave. I put the flower on it and remarked that fresh lilies had been put on Caroline Compton, Thomas Compton and Sarah Compton-Harris’ tombs.

“I can’t really say that I’m sad that you’re finally dead… I didn’t know you enough to have an opinion of you, but what little I knew pretty much creeped me out. I hope you found peace and that you were finally reunited with the family you lost so long ago. Anyway, nobody deserved to meet the true death the way you did. I do hope you had a pretty good last night with the Triplets, they sure knew how to party… Rest in peace, Bill Compton.”

I turned around, ready to leave, when something grabbed my ankle. In a matter of second I was laying on the dirt ground, fighting off whatever had grabbed me. The newly risen moonlight shone on my attacker’s face, two white and deadly fangs ready to bite me and drain me. I closed my eyes and let out a bloodcurdling scream.


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