Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I turned around, ready to leave, when something grabbed my ankle. In a matter of second I was laying on the dirt ground, fighting off whatever had grabbed me. The newly risen moonlight shone on my attacker’s face, two white and deadly fangs ready to bite me and drain me. I closed my eyes and let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Thanks to Eric’s blood in my stream, I was a little stronger than usual. A well placed kick into my attacker’s family jewels and he was flying across the cemetery. I barely had time to get up before Eric vamped next to me, fangs down, protectively putting me behind him while my attacker got up.


“What the fuck, Compton? Weren’t you supposed to have met your True Death?”

“What are you talking about, Northman?”

I pushed Eric away and went to stand in front of Compton. A goofy grin appeared on his face, but quickly disappeared once my hand connected with his cheeks.

“That’s for attacking me, asshole! And what were you doing, resting in the ground? Don’t you have a house?”

“I… It’s not light tight yet…” he blabbered. “I’m sorry if I… I rose and the smell was… exquisite!”

“Well the exquisite smell is not for you!”

“I’m… I’m terribly sorry! I would have never…”

He took a deep breath, inhaling my scent and it really creeped me out.

“Your smell… it’s different. It’s why I didn’t recognize it. Something has changed in you…”

“That’s none of your business, Compton” said Eric, wrapping his long arms around my waist. “Now, how come you haven’t met the True Death?”

“What are you talking about? I…”

“Diane, Liam and Malcolm… Their house was burned down earlier this morning. They found four coffins with remains in it” I explained.

“And since you and your little friends left the Shifter’s bar together last night it was assumed you were in the fourth one. Can I tell you how disappointed I am that you are not?”

“Eric, please…”

My Viking was having so much fun.

“They met the True Death? But… I did left Merlotte’s with them last night, but I didn’t follow them to Monroe… I rested here… I…”

“What a shame” said Eric, nonchalant. “I had already typed the letter to your Maker. I’ll keep a copy of the document, you know just in case you do meet your True Death…”

“Are you threatening me, Northman?”

I sighed. They sounded like two roosters in a henhouse.

“Sookie is mine, Compton. I protect what’s mine. Touch her again and you’ll experience my wrath.”

“The Great Northman has a pet! I wonder what the Queen would think…”

“She’s not a pet, but she’s mine! And the Queen should already know, Compton. The papers regarding my ‘ownership’ of the Stackhouses, ALL the Stackhouses, have been sent years ago.”

Compton seemed surprised by this bit of info.

“Years ago, you say? But does she still want to be yours? Does she know what type of vampire you are? Does she know about your ruthlessness? Your tyrannical ways?”

“Stop talking about me as if I wasn’t here!” I yelled, exasperated. “For your information, Mr. Compton, yes, I know what type of vampire Eric is. Do I have to remind you that I work for him? I have seen him at what you would probably consider his worst. But I admire him for it. He’s not to be messed with. And you know what? I am proud to be his!”

I felt a wave of pride and lust fill me and one look at my Viking told me we needed to get back to the farmhouse ASAP, otherwise we would put quite a show for Compton.

“If I were you, Compton, I’d listen to what the lady says and leave her alone. Oh and if you’re interested I could give you the name of the guy who built my resting place under the Stackhouses’ home. He’s quite pricey, but I’m pretty sure you’re far from being a pauper. The Queen must pay you handsomely and didn’t you amass quite a fortune during the early 20th century with Lorena?”

Compton suddenly became stiff before vamping through the cemetery toward his house. Eric let out a laugh before circling mywaist and flying us to the farmhouse. We landed on the porch and soon he was attacking my lips.

“I should have never let you go there alone! Don’t you ever do that again!”

“Do what, Eric? There was no way of knowing…”

“Just promise me you’ll be more careful. There’s still a killer on the loose, a killer who seems to prefer women who hang around my lot. I can’t always be there…”

His eyes softened and gone was the mighty vampire sheriff. Standing in front of me was MY sweet Eric.

“You can’t imagine the pain I felt sensing your fear…”

I softly brushed his long hair.

“I’m sorry… I…”

I didn’t know what else to say so I just kissed him, trying to pour all my feelings for him in it. It must have worked because I got nearly drown in his lust and had a Gracious Plenty poking my abdomen.

“Someone’s happy to see me it seems…”

He smiled before frowning.

“A car is coming… Were you expecting anyone?”

I shook my head before concentrating a little. Trying to peruse someone’s thoughts at a distance was difficult, but not impossible. And since the only people within several miles were me and two vampires, it was easier.

“It’s Jason…” I sighed.

“Seems like your brother took lessons in cockblocking with my Childe.”

While I loved my brother to death, I had hope for some quality naked time with Eric before having to go to his Shreveport’s house.

“Why don’t you go and take a shower, there’s dirt in your hair. I’ll bring you something to wear and entertain cockblocker 2.0 in the meantime.”

“Do you mind if I shower in the cubby?”

The multiple massage shower heads would do miracle to my achy muscles.

“You don’t need to ask, lover. This is your house.”

I smiled. “I might be tempted into moving down, then. My bed, while brand new, is not as comfortable as yours and the bathroom is to die for…”

“Good, because I don’t plan on letting you sleep anywhere else but next to me.”

He gave me a small slap on the butt, sending me inside the farmhouse. I quickly went down the cubby stairs and started tostrip. I scattered my clothes along the way to the bathroom hoping to lure him into joining me. I did felt his lust when he dropped the clothes on the bed, but it was soon replaced by annoyance. I was tempted to use one of the handheld shower head to titillate him through our bond by pleasuring myself, but decided against it. I didn’t want my brother to witness my Viking in a state of high lust.

Wrapping myself in a fluffy towel I went toward the bedroom and found a pink cami/Capri pants pj. I towel dried my hair before braiding it. I might prefer sophisticated updos to ponytail, but I loved braids. It reminded me of the long evenings spent in Öland in front of the fireplace, 8 years old me babbling about everything and anything and Eric patiently braiding my hair.

I found my brother and my Vampire sitting at the dining room table, Jason sipping a beer while Eric had poured himself a glass of Royalty Blend, a duffel bag containing what I presumed was Gran’s stuff at their feet.

“Hey sis!”

“Jase… Not that I don’t really mind, but what are you doing here?”

“Well Pam and I thought that you and Eric would probably prefer to spend some time alone so I came here to grab some of Gran’s stuff to bring to her in Shreveport. But Eric just told me he had to attend some business back in town so I thought, why not spend the evening with my favourite little sister.”

“I’m your only sister, Jason.”

He grinned, his grin that would normally allow him into any girl’s bed. Eric finished his drink before getting up and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Jag ska försöka att inte vara för lång, älskare. Jag planerar på att hålla dig vaken hela natten … (I’ll try not to be too long, lover. I plan on keeping you up all night …)”

“Oh, gross!” yelled Jason. “Do I have to remind you that I speak Swedish as well?”

I sensed amusement coming from the bond as Eric’s hands intertwined with mines before dropping the mother of all kisses on my lips.

“I love you” I whispered, handing him the duffel and sending him on his way.

He winked before vamping to the door.

“I’m going to have to bleach my eyes! I don’t want to see my little sister being groped by her boyfriend, Sook!”

“Bleach your eyes? You think I didn’t want to bleach my brain each time I accidentally caught you reminiscing about your numerous conquests? Shit, if I did my brain would have as many holes as a piece of Swiss cheese!”

We both burst in laughter, laughing so hard my side started to hurt. I put Eric’s empty glass in the dishwasher before putting the bottle of Royalty Blend back in the wine cooler, taking a bottle of red Gaul Ambrosia for myself.

“So… How has it been for you, big brother?”

“Not so bad. Work is work and I don’t get tease too much at the court house… Apparently the former Judge Carmichael was arrested last year by State Troopers inside his own court room. Hit and run and DUI.”

“Wow! There’s goes his credibility!”

“Which is why he’s the former Judge Carmichael. He’s probably now sharing a cell with a guy he sent behind bars!”

I sipped my glass of wine, enjoying this quiet time with my brother. He was telling me about this weird girl, probably high on something, who had tried to make a pass at him the previous night at Fangtasia.

“She was kind of pathetic, you know, asking me if I knew somebody who could sell her something that would allow us to have an epic time. I think she was looking for V, which is a pretty dumb thing to do in a Vampire bar.”

I had to admit that it was, especially at Fangtasia. Eric and Pam had a zero tolerance against V dealers and users. Pam had even become a master at detecting people under V influence.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you! You’ll never guess who I saw the other day at the Monroe Home Depot. No peeking in my brain, please!”

I frowned, trying to guess without using my gift.

“I don’t know… The tooth fairy?”

“Very funny! No, I saw Bartlett.”

I nearly spit my wine.

“He’s still alive?”

Bartlett Hale, Gran’s estranged brother, was a sore subject in the family. We hadn’t heard from nor seen him since Gran had chased him out of the farmhouse with her shotgun.

“Alive and still kicking, it seems, but he’s now confined to a wheelchair. The bastard might also be senile, he thought I wasdad! Anyway, I didn’t want to chat with him but he had the gall to ask about you and Hadley. It took everything I had not to grab a drill and give him a new asshole.”

Our ‘dear’ Uncle Bartlett – insert sarcasm, apart from being our great-uncle, was also a child molester. He had molested our Aunt Linda years before and had done the same thing to poor Hadley. I was six years old when the whole sordid thing was brought to light. It was one of those moments my little gift was quite useful. While I was already pretty good at keeping myshields up, being surrounded by people tended to make it quite overwhelming for me. We were all in the living room, Jason and I playing on the ground while the adults enjoyed coffee. Hadley was sitting in Bartlett’s laps and Aunt Linda seemed quite distraught. That’s when my shields went down and shit hit the proverbial fan.

Aunt Linda was thinking about the years of abuse she had suffered from Bartlett, hoping her little girl wasn’t suffering the same fate. Hadley was thinking it was a good thing I was spending the summer in Bon Temps, that maybe Uncle Bartlett would make me his new special girl. Bartlett was thinking about how lucky he was to now have two little girls at his disposal.

While my telepathy was a well known and accepted fact within my immediate family, i.e. my parents, Jason and Gran, the rest just thought I was a peculiar child and was quite good at reading people’s body language. So it caused quite a commotion when I announced that I didn’t want to be Bartlett’s special girl like Aunt Linda and Hadley. Let’s just say that Bartlett got quite a view of Gran’s shotgun barrel, that Dad’s fist connected with his face and that lots of tears were shed.

“Do you think things would have been different if Aunt Linda had agreed to press charges?”

I nodded. Dad had been furious at his sister for refusing to go to the police. It only made matter worse when Aunt Linda alsorefused to mom and Gran’s suggestion of having Hadley consult a therapist. Up until he died, dad thought that the reason why Hadley turned so wild was because of the trauma she had suffered and the fact that she never got any help for it. But Aunt Linda thought that if she herself had been able to overcome it without any shrink’s help so could her daughter.

“You know, for a little while I kind of regretted exposing him. I know, it’s crazy, but Gran was so mad after… Not at me, of course, but at herself for not having been able to see that her own little girl had been abused. And I’m not talking about Hadley! She was so angry at me, I never understood. I mean, she wanted it to end, but in a way she was mad at me for telling…”

“That’s Hadley to you. Let’s just be glad the bastard didn’t get to touch you. I think it would have been worse for him, you werealready Eric’s favourite…”

I knew my brother was trying to lighten the mood, making joke about me being Eric’s favourite, but I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what could have happened. Vampires were bloodthirsty creatures, there was no denying it, and most of them didn’t have any morals regarding humans. But Eric had some morals, remains of his human life. Pillaging and raping women is what most of us, modern folks, think about Vikings, but that wasn’t true. At least in part. Yes, there was pillaging, but rape? I knew from Pam that Eric had never forced himself on a woman – honestly who wouldn’t beg for a piece of him? – and that it had been something he had taken from his human life. Children were also something that was sacred to him, going back to the murder of his parents and baby sister. Of course Eric would have wanted to torture and kill Bartlett if the sick bastard had touched me.

We dropped the subject and talked about more enjoyable things. Time passed quickly and soon it was time for him to head back to Shreveport. I was getting ready to head down to the cubby when the land line phone rang.

“Stackhouses residence!”

“Oh, Miss Stackhouse, it’s me, Arlene. Could I talk to Mrs. Adele?”

“Good evening, Arlene! I’m sorry, but Gran is staying in Shreveport for an extended period of time. May I help you in any way?”

“Shoot… I was hopin’ she could maybe babysit Lisa and Coby tomorrow night. Rene and I are goin’ out and my babysitter is at a family thin’…”

“Well Gran is quite enamoured with her accommodation in Shreveport, so I don’t think she’ll be back soon, but if you want Icould watch them for you.”

“You would really? Thank you! I’ll brin’ them down ’round 6. Thank you so much, Miss Stackhouse!”

“Please, Arlene, call me Sookie.”

I hung up and smiled. Babysitting two kids shouldn’t be too hard.

I went back to the cubby and decided to wait for my Viking. I looked through his drawer and took a crisp white dress shirt. While my pajamas were quite comfortable, nothing f

elt better than to be surrounded by his scent.

It didn’t take him long to come back. He vamped to me, looking like a predator eyeing his prey.

“Hey there… Wanna join me?”

I instantly found myself trapped between the mattress and a wall of muscles. His lips were on mine and his Gracious Plenty was pressing against my core. He let out a groan at my pantyless state before quickly discarding his pants and sinking into me. Our hips moved as one, doing that ancient dance. He brought me not once, not twice, but three times to the height of ecstasy before reaching his own. We were a tangled mess of limbs, my sweaty skin glued to his cool one.

“Shit… You’re not so bad for an old man…” I said, trying to catch my breath.

“An old man?” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “This old man is going to show you what he’s capable of!”

“Please, give me time to recover! If not, I might not be able to walk tomorrow.”

“I’d love that, perfect excuse to stay in bed with you.”

His lips pressed on my temple.

“As much as I would enjoy spending an uninterrupted evening in bed with you, I kind of agreed to babysit tomorrow… Arlene Fowler, she’s a waitress at Merlotte’s… Normally Gran would babysit her two kids, but I don’t think we’d be able to convince her to leave your library anytime soon, right?”

He smiled. “I found her surrounded by dozen of books. I’m not even sure if she ever went to bed…”

“You’re going to regret ever inviting her!”

“Never. It makes her happy which makes you happy in return. So, lover, do you want me to keep you company while you babysit the teacup humans?”

“Would you?”

“I hear that once the teacups go to bed, babysitter normally sneak their boyfriend in and make out on the couch until the parents gets home.”

“I wouldn’t know, I never had a boyfriend to sneak in while I was babysitting… But I won’t even have to sneak you in…”

“And you’re not a teenager anymore, so we can do much more than make out. We could wait until the teacups are asleep and go down here where I would ravish your delectable body…”

“I like that idea…”

“Want a preview of tomorrow night?”

I nodded before straddling him. The night was still young and I could always sleep in the next morning.


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  1. Stupid Scumbill. Hmm does the queen know and not care or is Scumbill trying to win brownie points with her? Hmmm. Glad Bartlett never got a hold of sookie. Stupid linda not getting help for hadley

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