Chapter 16

Chapter 16

As promised, Eric kept me up all night. I went to sleep with a smile on my lips and woke up around 1PM, sated and sore in such a delicious way. I reluctantly left my dead for the day Viking’s side, kissing him softly on the lips, before making my wayupstairs. I couldn’t remember if Arlene had said anything about the kids eating before coming so I decided to kill two birds with one stone by going down to Merlotte’s to ask her and grab a bite.

I got dressed into one of the cute sundress I got at Target the other day – a white one with quite a plunging neckline that I knew Eric would appreciate – and a faded jeans jacket and made my way toward the bar and grill. The place was practically empty at this time with the usual drunk, Jane Bodehouse I had learned, sitting at the bar.

“Hey Tara!” I said to the young woman manning the bar.


What the hell does she want? Rub in my face how better than me she is? How friendly she is with my cuz?”

Her thoughts did hurt me, but after my conversation with Lafayette I sort of understood why she was like that.

“Is Arlene in today? I really need to talk to her.”

Being friend with Lafayette wasn’t enough? She has to be friend with Arlene too! Well, Arlene’s not really my friend, but…”

“She sure is. Hey Terry, could you tell Arlene someone’s in to see her?”

The big burly man nodded and smiled upon seeing me.

“Afternoon, Miss Stackhouse!”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Bellefleur. Hope you’re having a nice day!”

She’s so nice and pretty! Not as pretty as Arlene… But nobody’s ain’t been so nice to me…”

So Terry Bellefleur had a crush on Arlene Fowler, who would have guess? I grabbed a menu from the counter and order some crispy chicken and fries. Arlene soon came from the kitchen and looked positively anxious upon seeing me.

“Miss Stackhouse… I mean, Sookie… You ain’t here to tell me you ain’t gonna be able to watch Coby and Lisa…”

“No! Don’t worry, I can’t wait to babysit your kids, but I forgot to ask you if I need to plan dinner for them?”

Relief appeared on her face. “Thank God! I was scared you were goin’ to tell me… Anyway, if it doesn’t bother you to feed them, normally Mrs. Adele always does.”

“No problem at all.”

“I better go back to work if I wanna get outta here!”

I enjoyed the rest of my meal under the careful eyes of both Tara and Ms. Bodehouse.

“So, Tara… I was thinking we might do something one of these days, you know like we used to when we were little girls. We could ask Lafayette to join us, I had so much fun with him.”

What does she want? I mean she just hop and left and never came back… She was my only friend and she abandoned me!”

“I don’t have a lot of girl friends, apart from Pam. You met her the other night at the DGD meeting, right?”

“The blond vamp chick that looked like she came out of a fashion magazine?”

I nodded. “Yes, she’s one of my clients and I’ve known her since childhood. But, as you said it, she’s a vampire and herschedule is pretty nocturnal which mean I can’t enjoy days in the sun with her. I remember we used to lie in the backyard at the farmhouse for hours when we were little…”

“Yeah… I think I would love that.”

I finished my meal and made my way toward the farmhouse. I still had a couple of hours before Eric would rise and decided to take a small nap in the meantime. I woke to the delightful feeling of my lover’s body pressing against mine.

“Wake up, min älskare.”

“Hey… I could get used to waking up like this.”

His lips traveled down my neck, his fangs softly scratching my skin.

“Your wish is my command, lover” he purred, capturing my lips.

If they taught kissing at University, Eric Northman would have graduated summa cum laude – with highest honor. And the way he used his hands on me as if I was the most priced instrument? He was clearly a virtuoso at Sookie Stackhouse.

“When are the teacup humans coming?” he asked, in between kisses.

“6… But I have to make dinner for them… God, I’m so wet already!”

“You’re always wet and ready for me, lover.”

“Only for you…”

“It’s a good thing I’m always hard and ready for you too, then.”

His Gracious Plenty pressed against me, showing me just how ready he was. Soon my panties were shredded pieces of lace and he was inside me. He didn’t take time to completely undress me, just rolled up my dress and sank into heaven – his words, not mine. Here I was, completely dressed while he was as naked as the day he was born. My hands were everywhere, his long hair, his fabulous abs, his toned butt. I came screaming his name and he came screaming mine. After a while he gently rolled off me and kissed me before getting off the bed, his glorious butt begging to be touched.

“Go back to sleep, lover.”

As much as I wanted to stay awake, my post-orgasm body couldn’t resist the pull and soon I was back to sleep. When I finally opened my eyes it was pretty damn close to 6PM and I still had to make dinner! I got up and quickly ran up the cubby stairs. The wonderful smell of cooking hit my nose as soon as I opened the door. I found Eric, dressed in tight dark jeans and a black V neck sweater, preparing a salad.

“Hey… What are you doing?”

“You said you needed to make dinner for the teacups… I remembered you loved baked macaroni and cheese so…”

I smiled and kissed him.

“Thank you. I’m sure the ‘teacups’ are going to like it too.”

I sat at the table, watching him vamp through the kitchen finishing his preparation.

“By the way, why do you call them ‘teacup’?”

He smiled, sat in the chair next to me before grabbing me by the waist, sending me on his laps.

“Because they are miniature humans. Like teacups. While Pam never liked children, Jason and you excluded, I always like them. There’s something about their innocence, I don’t know. They’re not corrupted yet.”

He was so sweet that it aroused me. Which reminded me that, underneath my sundress, I was still commando. I reluctantly got up from my comfortable spot, heading toward the stairs, when the doorbell alerted me of the arrival of Arlene and her children.

“I’m coming!” I said, sending an apologetic look toward my Viking.

I opened the door and smiled at the four people standing in front of me. Arlene and Rene were dressed to the nine and there was no denying whose kids Coby and Lisa were. While Coby’s hair was fair, his sister was a flaming redhead like their mother. But both of them had her eyes.

“Good evening! Come on in! You must be Coby and Lisa…”

The two children smiled shyly, both holding their mother’s hands.

“Lisa, Coby… This is Miss Sookie, she’s Mrs. Adele’s granddaughter. She’s goin’ to watch over you tonight while mama and Rene enjoy some adults time.”

“Hi Miss Sookie” said the two children.

“I hope you’re hungry, Eric has been slaving in the kitchen since sunset!”

“Eric?” asked Arlene. “You mean that tall blond vampire?”

I nodded before dropping my shields.

Should I leave my kids with a vamp? I didn’t even think to brin’ silver… But Miss Stackhouse is here… And Mrs. Adele seems to trust him…”

She turned toward her boyfriend and bit her lips.

“You are friend with a vampire, Miss Sookie?” asked Coby, his eyes as big as saucer.

“I am, Coby. In fact I work for vampires.”

“Mama said you were a liar” added Lisa, not so sure.

“It’s LAWYER, Lisa” explained Rene, his accent sending a chill to my spine.

I don’t want to sound posh or anything, but Cajun accents really weren’t my thing. Eric must have felt my discomfort because he appeared out of nowhere behind me.

“Good evening. You must be Ms. Fowler. Eric Northman.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Northman. This is my boyfriend, Rene Lenier…”

Rene extended his hand toward Eric who simply looked at it with a frown.

“Vampires don’t shake hands” I explained.

An awkward silence filled the foyer. The two children were in awe at Eric’s tall frame while their mother and her boyfriend clearly didn’t know how to deal with the whole thing.

“I hope you like baked Mac and Cheese, kids, because Eric did some for you.”

“Is it the one in the box?” asked Lisa.

Eric smiled. “Of course not! I made it from scratch.”

Arlene looked incredulous. “You cook? I thought vampires didn’t eat… well you do drink, but… Whenever Vampire Bill comes to Merlotte’s, he always cringes at people eatin’…”

Oh, shit! I’m makin’ a fool of myself!”

“Some younger vampires tend to dislike watching humans eat, Ms. Fowler. But I am quite older than Mr. Compton. And while I do not eat, I kind of enjoy cooking. My friend and I made a bet back in the 60s that I unfortunately lost. My penance was to take cooking classes with that tall woman… What was her name again? Oh yes, Julia Child. She was quite the teacher. A little disappointed that I never tasted what I made, but an unforgettable lady.”

Eric had once told me about his cooking lessons with Julia Child and I was quite grateful for them, especially that summer we spent in Öland.

“Well, we better go, right Arlene?”

The redhead shook her head, as if getting out of a trance and leaned down to hug her children.

“Be nice to Miss Sookie and her… friend, alright?”

The two little one nodded and waved at their mother. I took them to the kitchen and sat them down while Eric took the plate of baked Mac and Cheese out of the oven without mitts, making both children gasp.

“Why don’t you sat down and eat with them, min älva. I’ll get myself something to drink.”

I served Coby and Lisa before getting myself a plate. Eric went to the wine cooler and poured himself some Royalty Blend inan opaque glass.

“Wow, Eric, its delicious!” I said after a bite.

He smiled. “Happy you enjoy it, min älva. Is it to your liking, teacups?”

Coby nodded and Lisa smiled.

“Why do you call Miss Sookie ‘mine alva’?” asked the little boy, in between bites.

“It’s pronounced min älva and it’s a term of endearment in Swedish.”

“A what?”

Patiently Eric explained. “A term of endearment is a word used to describe someone to whom you feel love or affection. Like my love or sweetheart.”

“Like when Rene calls mama ‘cherie’?” asked Lisa.

“Yes. Min älva means my fairy in English. I’ve been calling Sookie that since she was a little girl.”

“But why? She doesn’t look like Tinkerbelle!”

Eric let out a laugh. “If you eat all that’s on your plate, I’ll tell you the story of how fairy Sookie bestowed her magic upon the ill-tempered Viking.”

They quickly finished their meal, beating me to it and even put their empty plates in the kitchen sink. They went back to the table, whispering to each other.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, putting my own plate next to theirs.

Lisa looked at her brother, nodding at him. The little boy took a deep breath before walking toward Eric.

“Can you show us your fangs?”

I could feel that Eric was impressed by the little boy forwardness.

“You want to see my fangs?” he asked, amused.

Both children nodded. In a flash his pearly white fangs were on display, sending both Coby and Lisa into quite a euphoric state.

“Can we touch them?” asked Lisa, her hand already moving toward him.

“Unfortunately, little girl, no. That privilege is reserved only to Miss Sookie.”

He winked and smiled at me. I had to bit my lip in order to contain the moan that was building in me. It still surprised me how such simple things were turning me on. I reluctantly went upstairs to put some panties on and when I came back Eric had the kids sitting on one of Gran’s Afghan in front of the fireplace, fuming cup of hot cocoa in their little hands.

“I was getting ready to start my story, min älskare (my lover). Would you like to join us?”

“You called her another thin’!” said Coby. “Mine… Alcare?”

I smiled. “It’s ‘min älskare’. It’s another endearment.”

“What does it mean?”

I looked at Eric, raising an eyebrow.

“It means ‘my love’, teacup.”

“It’s so romantic!” sighed Lisa. “Rene calls mama cherie and darlin’ sometimes, but it ain’t as beautiful.”

“The power of foreign language!”

I sat down next to Eric, treading my fingers with his and leaned toward him.

“You lied to them” I whispered. “You didn’t call me ‘min kärlek’…”

“What they don’t know can’t hurt them, älskare…”

We were interrupted by the two little ones asking about the story of Fairy Sookie and her Viking. Eric had a way with words andI have to admit that I was as enthralled with his story as our two little guests. He made our story sounds so beautiful and timeless. Soon Coby and Lisa were asleep.

“Give me a hand and we’ll put them in Gran’s bedroom.”

We tuck them in before closing the door and going back to the living room. I sat down between Eric’s tights, my back pressed to his front, his hand resting protectively across my midsection.

“You should put it in writing, you know.”


“Your story, the Fairy and her ill-tempered Viking. It would make a great children book. It’s all in rage, you know? Even Madonna wrote her own. You could write it under a pseudonym, Leif Ulfrikson maybe? You went by Leif for a while and Ulfrikson in honor of your father.”

“I’ll think about it, lover.”

His lips settled on my neck, slowly making their way up my jaw before he turned me toward him. I was laying on top of him, his hands secured on my butt and his mouth battling my own. We made out for a while, slowly making our way from first base to second then to third. We were heading toward home run when Eric stiffen and groaned.

“What? Eric, please don’t stop! I’m so in the mood right now!”

“A car is coming down the driveway.”

I sighed. Lowering my shields I poked into the minds coming. Arlene was extremely giddy for someone who was coming back from her date so early. We hastily put back our discarded clothes and a quick look at the mirror told me that, despite Eric’s pull at my hair, my ponytail was still intact. However Eric’s hair looked quite dishevel and I took great pleasure in trying to tame it.

“Here, that’s better” I said before a soft knock took our attention toward the front door.

Arlene was literally glowing and shoved her left hand in my face.

“We’re engaged!” she nearly yelled.


“Thank you! I can’t wait to tell the kids! They’re sleepin’?”

I nodded. “They’re in Gran’s bedroom if you want to collect them.”

Eric showed them in and came back shortly, his hands finding their way on the small of my back.

“The Parish really mustn’t pay their employees well” he whispered. “Pam once told me a man should spend two months worth of his salary on an engagement ring. Ms. Fowler’s ring albeit being pretty at first sight is gold plated and the diamond is a glass gem!”

“How snobbish of you, Eric Northman! You really are your Childe’s Maker! Not everybody can afford shopping for jewelries at Tiffany or Cartier!”

“I’m not being a snob! I’m only saying that if a man plans on becoming engaged to a woman he should at least get her something better than a ring bought in the costume aisle!”

I laugh. “Really? And if you were to ask someone to marry you what would you buy, mister?”

“Well, since I don’t really have a salary but an income, I’d use two months worth of Fangtasia’s profit and I would buy you the most amazing diamond ring. Probably vintage, knowing your taste. Not too big, since you have such delicate hands.”

I was quite shocked at his answer. I was about to question him more when Rene and Arlene came back, each carrying a child.

“Again thank you so much, Miss Sookie!”

I smiled warmly. Rene’s eyes seemed to be stuck on my throat and I did let my shield goes down for a second.

I wonder if he bites her… There’s no mark on her neck… Maybe he bites her somewhere else.”

“The pleasure was ours, Arlene.”

The moment their car was out of the driveway, Eric’s lips were back to ‘assaulting’ me.

“Where did you learn to make your Gracious Plenty vibrate like that, cowboy? I didn’t know vampire could do that.”

He groaned before taking his cell phone from his front pocket. He quickly scanned the text before answering it at vamp speed.

“Pam the cock blocker?” I asked, sensing his anger filling our bond.

“No… My accountant, Bruce. Apparently there’s $60 000.00 missing from Fangtasia’s account.”

“Sixty thousand? You think it might be Pam…?”

He sighed. “I know my Childe, if she wanted money to buy something she’d use my black Amex. She has the numbers memorized in her so-called vault. No, the one who did it tried its best to hide it.”

“Do you have any idea on who might have done it? I mean, who’d be stupid enough to steal from a vampire?”

He sent several more texts before putting his phone back in his pocket.

“I don’t know yet, but I plan on finding out tomorrow. I’m closing the bar for the night tomorrow and calling in an emergency staff meeting. It would be a good thing if you could join us, I’ll call Jason and ask him to come too.”

“Good idea. Jason could interrogate your staff and I’ll read them, at least the human one. Oh, and if we do find the culprit….”

“I promise to turn them to the appropriate authorities… After letting Pam have some fun with them, of course!”

I slapped him on the arm playfully and he feigned being hurt to humour me.

“Come on, let’s go back to Shreveport and see if Adele hasn’t died of an overdose of literature.”

“That would be quite the death for her, dying of too much books!” I laughed.

He closed the door behind me and opened the passenger door of the Corvette. Even though we had been interrupted in our intimate activities and he had received some pretty damn bad news, I could feel through the bond that he was quite happy.

“What has gotten you in such a good mood? After all that had happened I would have expect you to be all grumpy and brooding.”

“Bruce’s text wasn’t the only one I received. I asked my day man to get something for Adele, a surprise, and he texted me totell me it was waiting at the house in the garage.”

“A surprise? Could you tell me what it is? I mean if it’s for Gran…”

“No. You can ask questions, but I won’t tell you.”

I discovered that it wasn’t books, cars, jewelries or clothes. It wasn’t a trip to all of the Civil War battlefields, nor was it a trip to Europe. When he finally pulled the car in front of his not-so-humble abode, I still didn’t know what this surprise was.

“Why don’t you go and find Adele while I collect my surprise?”

I pouted. “You still won’t tell me…”

“Go inside, lover, and you’ll soon know.”

I went to the front door and entered the code, smiling at the thoughtfulness of it. The house smelled like home, a mix of Gran’s cooking and the lavender candles she loved so much. I went to the library, but the room was empty. Using my gift I quickly found her in one of the upstairs bedroom. I softly knock before opening the door, finding a beautifully appointed room with a huge bed in the middle.

“Good evening, Gran!”

“Sookie! I didn’t even hear you coming in! How are you doing, my dear?”

I sat down next to her and kissed her cheek.

“I should ask you that! We’ve left you all alone in that big house!”

“Don’t… I wasn’t alone! I had Becky Sharp, Edmond Dantes, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to keep me company. Did you know that Eric has a first edition of Pride and Prejudice? Autographed by Jane Austen herself?”

I simply smiled.

“Oh and that dear Mr. Burnham came and had lunch with me! He’s such a nice man, completely devoted to Eric. Speaking of that sweet boy, where is he?”

As if on cue, Eric appeared in the door, carrying a huge gift bag.

“Good evening, Adele. I hope you are enjoying your stay.”

“Eric, my boy! Come here and give me a kiss.”

He indulged her, setting the bag next to her. I frowned when it started to move and Eric had his smirk plastered on his face.

“What’s in that?” asked Gran, curious.

“That, my dear Adele, is a gift for you. Open it!”

She frowned and looked inside, letting out a shriek of delight. A tiny little ball of hair was nestled in her hands.

“Eric! A dog?”

My Viking was beaming. “It’s a Toy Yorkshire Terrier, she won’t get much bigger than she is right now. The breeder said she was already house trained and that all she needed was a house and love. I thought you might enjoy having someone with you to keep you company when Sookie has to stay out for business.”

“I have to say that I am more of a cat person, but this little thing is so cute. Does she have a name yet?”

“No. That’s up to you.”

Gran looked at the tiny little dog, then at me. I smiled once I caught her idea for a name.

“That’s a great name, Gran. It suits her.”

“Then I guess this is it! She does look like a Freyja! It’s only right that I name her after one of your Goddess, Eric.”

He seemed touched by it and softly stroked Freyja’s head.

“Look at the time! I should turn in and so should you two!”

“Goodnight, Gran! Goodnight, Freyja!”

We were halfway through the door when Gran added.

“And don’t you worry about me, kids. Make as much noise as you want. After all, my room is located on the other side of the house, I won’t even hear anything.”

I blushed furiously before hiding my face in Eric’s chest. Once he closed the door I looked at him, expecting him to look as shocked as me, but he simply smiled.

“Did my Gran just gave us the okay to have really loud sex?”

“She did, but we didn’t need her permission, didn’t we, lover?”

He quickly carried me bridal-style toward his room and gently put me in the middle of his bed.

“Thank you, Eric. For everything. I’m always surprised at the kindness you show me and my family.”

He smirked. “That’s going to be our little secret, right? We wouldn’t want my reputation to be tarnished.”

“Don’t worry. Your reputation is still intact. No one will know that behind the vampire Viking Sex God is hidden a sweet, kind man who likes to make little old women happy.”

“Good. But this vampire Viking Sex God doesn’t just want to make little old women happy. He really likes to make telepathic fairy lawyer very happy and sexually satisfied.”

And he did make this telepathic fairy lawyer very happy and more than sexually satisfied.


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