Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Everything was black. I could hear someone screaming, Pam yelling ‘shut up’, Jason freaking out… But most of all I felt him, his hand stroking the side of my face, his voice speaking softly in Swedish.

“Come on, min älskare…”

I started to cough then blood came rushing up my throat and down my mouth. My Viking, Pam and my brother all let out sighs of relief while Compton looked extremely confused and Ginger started to scream once more.

“Can someone shut her up?”

“Welcome back, Sook!”

“What the hell was that?” asked Compton, his improvised stake still in his hand.

One glare from Eric was enough to keep him silent. I quickly got up, disgusted by my present state. My once immaculate suit was now completely red and I had pieces of Long Shadow sticking to my skin.

“Can someone explain what the hell just happened? Why did Long Shadow attacked Sookeh…”

“Sookie!” Pam, Eric, Jason and I said in a united voice.

Eric took my hand and urged me to follow him toward his office.

“Northman! As Area 5 Investigator I demand to know…”

“Pamela, please take care of our dear Investigator, will you.”

The smirk that appeared on my friend’s face was full of mischief.

“And get this mess cleaned up!”

We entered his office and as soon as he closed the door a wave of lust hit me. He vamped by my side and softly wiped away the blood off my face.

“Come, lover.”

He pulled one of the many shelves adoring the wall revealing a hidden entrance. Hidden behind it was a complete bathroom with a huge stainless steel shower. I didn’t say anything and allowed him to undress me before joining me in the shower.


“Hush… You are covered in blood… If I didn’t…”

“If you didn’t what, Eric?” I asked, as his hands shampooed my hair.

“If it wasn’t for Long Shadow’s blood marring your perfect skin, I would fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

I could feel his arousal on my side and knew he must be restraining himself not to act on it.

“Then wash me, my Viking. Wash away the blood and do what I know you want to do.”

He didn’t need more invitation. He quickly lathered me with soap, before rinsing it. Soon his mouth was on my nipples, marking his territory. If I had thought that our previous encounter tonight had been all about claiming me, then I had been wrong. My Viking was possessive, of that I was sure.


My legs were wrapped around his waist and his engorged cock was begging entrance. I let out a loud moan of pleasure as he sank in one fluid movement. I could already feel my orgasm building as he sank deeper and deeper in me. Groan of pleasure were coming from his throat, mixed with Swedish and Old Norse.

“Du är min! (You are mine!)”

“Yes… I’m yours! Yours and no one else!”

His fangs sank into my shoulder, sending me toward ecstasy. He soon came after, shouting in Old Norse. I didn’t disentangle my legs from his hips, I didn’t want to lose to fullness I felt from having him inside me. His lips were brushing my forehead in a soft, yet possessive way.

But all good things must come to an end and we dried ourselves in large towels. My ruined clothes were a mess on the bathroom floor, even my underwear were stained with blood. In a flash Eric left and came back carrying a bundle of clothes.

“Here, these should do for the trip back.”

I eyed the large black dress shirt and the tiny Fangtasia panties. Yes, these would do for the meantime. I got dressed, thankful that my soft pink Louboutin’s pumps were still in pristine condition, and followed Eric back to the bar.

“How could you know Long Shadow did it?”

“I told you, Mr. Compton, Sookie has a gift for reading people body language!”

“That doesn’t explain why…”

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

They all turned toward me, eyeing my new clothes. The dress shirt, that smelled so much like Eric, stopped just before my knees and did the job of covering my panties. Pam and Compton both took a deep breath, Pam smiling like a loon and Compton looking nearly disgusted.

“You know we could hear you, sis? You could have been a little more discreet, you know.”

“Shut up, Jason!”

An awkward silence settled. Ginger was standing in the middle of the room by what remained of Long Shadow, a big bucket next to her, trying to clean the mess.

“Pamela, before you go to rest tonight, you will need to contact the Magister…” started Eric.

“What?!” exclaimed Compton. “Why would you need to contact the Magister?”

“You killed another vampire, Compton. In front of several humans! The Magister will choose what punishment…”

“I killed a thief, a thief who was attacking your human!”

“Yes, you killed a thief. A thief who stole from ME. A thief who attacked MY human. If someone had a right to off Long Shadow, then it was me, not you Compton!”

“But… You didn’t even move…”

“You didn’t let me time to make a move, Compton. You think I would have let Long Shadow hurt what is mine? No, I would have tortured him for even thinking of touching her! And unfortunately, because of you, I won’t have this pleasure.”

“But, I killed him to protect…”

“It doesn’t matter what you think you did, Compton. You killed a fellow vampire in front of three humans.”

Compton seemed to be digging his own grave.

“Surely we can come to an arrangement… I mean, these are your humans… Your employees… We can…”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Compton” said Jason. “It is our duty to report this crime. My sister and I are defender of the law, both human and vampire. We have to report it.”

“But I did it to save your sister!”

“And for that I am grateful, Mr. Compton. Albeit, I know Mr. Northman would have dealt with the problem if you hadn’t act so rashly.”

He looked at me as if I had a second head.

“Mr. Northman, now? Weren’t you screaming his name while you opened your legs…”

“ENOUGH!” yelled Eric.

Ginger started to sob and I kinda felt bad for her.

“You are on house arrest, Compton. Until we hear back from the Magister with the date of your hearing, you are to stay in your so-called house. I hope you light tight it. Pam will bring you a donor each night, since we all know this whole mainstreaming and living only off Tru Blood is a facade…”

“Really, Master? I have more important things to do than play delivery girl for Compton!”

“As second to the Sheriff, Pam, it is your duty…”

She frowned. “You’ll owe me! I expect the new Chanel collection at my house in less than a week!”

“Fashion victim” I whispered, loud enough for Pam to hear me.

“Target shopper!”

“Spoiled brat!”

“Sex addict!”

“Pam… Sookie…”

We both looked at Eric innocently, before nearly bursting in laughter.

“Jason, I expect you to remember how the Magister likes his report to be done?”

My brother nodded. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll do it tonight and send you a copy. Pam, let me know when the night of the hearing is decided so I’m free.”

“You will be at the hearing?” asked Compton, surprised.

“Of course. I’ve been dealing with all the Area’s hearing with the Magister since I moved here.”

“But you’re a human! The Magister…”

“The Magister has a soft spot for the Stackhouses” answered Pam. “Didn’t he send you a gift, Sookie that one time your father had to miss your birthday party in order to attend a hearing?”

“Yes, he did. Albeit his idea of a gift for a 12 year-old was pretty peculiar…”

Compton looked at me. “And are you going to assist to this hearing, Sook… Miss Stackhouse?”

“No. While the Magister seems to have a soft spot for me, I tend to dislike those hearings.”

“But you are the…”

“If I’m needed, and I’m pretty sure my brother can take care of all that without my presence being required, I’m only a phone call away.”

I turned toward Eric and yawned, letting him know that it was time to get back home. Home. I always thought my home was Boston, then I expected it to be the ancestral home in Bon Temps. But now I realized that home was wherever Eric was.

“We’re done here. Pam, don’t forget to contact the Magister’s people. Stackhouse, I’ll expect this report before dawn. Compton, try not to cause more trouble before your hearing. Oh and Pam? Glamour Ginger before you leave, will you?”

I said my goodnight and followed my Viking toward his ‘baby’. Instead of driving toward his suburb, he took the road leading to Bon Temps.

“We’re not going back to your house?” I asked.

“No. Your car is still in Bon Temps. I’ll rest there for the day, but I’ll have to go back to Shreveport at sunset to deal with Area businesses. The Magister is currently in the South, but we might have to go out of state for the hearing. We could be gone for several days.”

I was disappointed.


“I know I said I would go to rest with you by my side always, but this is all up to the Magister, lover.”

“I know, I just… I’ll miss you.”

We stopped at a red light and he turned toward me. His huge hands cradled my face and his lips softly pressed to mines. My own hands went to his long hair and we quickly forgot everything. His left hand traveled down my thigh before disappearing inside my panties. I was getting ready to unbuckle his belt when a persistent knock on the car’s window interrupted us.

Letting out a groan, Eric lowered the window and frowned at the police officer standing outside.

“Is there a problem, officer?”

“Driver license and car registration, please!”

I looked through the glove compartment for the car’s paper, but Eric quickly got the officer under glamour.

“You will go back to your car, officer. You will forget all about us.”

“I will forget all about you…”

“Now wish us a goodnight, officer.”

“Goodnight and drive safely!”

I was still amazed by the power of vampire glamour. Humans under their influence looked like robots. The officer went back to his car and Eric pressed on the accelerator, without even looking if the light was green.

“Shit… Does it happen a lot?” I ask.

“What? Getting stopped by the police? Yes, but most of the time it’s for exceeding the speed limit. Never because I’m fuckingsomeone at a red light.”

I blushed and remained quiet for the rest of the drive. The farmhouse was eerily quiet, with no light coming from inside. I took my keys out of my purse and followed Eric to the front door. I went to the kitchen and offered him a glass of Royalty Blend while I got myself something to eat.

“Did you rescind Compton’s invitation?” he asked.

“Gran did, after his first visit. After the Great Revealation she decided it would be safer to always rescind the invitation of vampires that came in her house.”

“So she did it to Pam, Bubba, Godric and I?”

I smiled. “Well the four of you are the exceptions. She said she couldn’t rescind yours, Godric’s and Pam’s since you were dad’s clients. As for Bubba, he would never hurt anybody, especially not a little old Southern lady who reminds him of his Satnin.”

“So the only reason she didn’t rescind my invitation was because I was Corbett’s employer…”

“Well that and the fact that you treat her and her family with kindness. Your good looks might have also helped.”

He smiled while I finished my sandwich.

“And now that she saw your private library you are almost God to her, so no worry there.”

We went down to the cubby and spent the rest of the evening quietly watching TV on the comfy couch before heading to bed close to dawn. As promised, Jason sent a copy of his report to Eric and Pam texted him to let him know the Magister’s people would contact them the next day with the date of the hearing. Jason also texted me, asking me out for a late lunch. My last thought before falling asleep was that I was going to miss the feeling of safety I got from sleeping with my Viking when he would leave for the hearing.

I woke up around 3PM the next day, Eric’s arms still protectively around me. After a hot shower in the cubby’s bathroom, I headed up to my bedroom and got dressed. I went for casual, opting for a simple white shirt and skinny jeans with knee lengthhigh heels boots. Just as I was going down the stairs, Jason’s Escalade made its way down the drive way. I locked the door and jumped in the passenger seat, kissing my brother’s cheeks.

“Hey, you had a goodnight?”

“Sure did. Although I’m pretty tired after writing this goddamn report. You?”

“Tired as well…”

“Yeah, I’m sure! Did Eric kept you up all night doing the horizontal tango?”

“Please! We didn’t! We watched TV then went to bed! No horizontal tango!”

“If you say so… Anyway you did some vertical-up-against-the-wall-tango at Fangtasia last night so…”

“Jason Stackhouse!”

“What? Come on Sook! You got to tease me all the time whenever you caught glimpse of my thoughts! Let me have some fun!”

“If I had thought my innocent teasing would have come back to bite my ass I wouldn’t have said anything! Really, it’s not the type of thing I want to talk with my brother! ”

He laughed. “You know what surprises me the most? I would have never took you for such a screamer!”

I punched him in the arm and pouted the rest of the way. Merlotte was once again our destination.

“You’re okay with coming here again?”

I sighed. “We don’t have a lot of choice, do we? Anyway the food is pretty good, Arlene is not so bad, Lafayette is a hoot and I talked to Tara the other day.”

“And Merlotte seems to be afraid of you!”

I giggled at that. We sat down at an empty booth and waved at Tara who was behind the bar.

“Oh my God! It’s you!” said the waitress who came take our order. “I can’t believe it! I’ve been thinking about you since that night! And you show up at my new work on my first day!”

She was a petite brunette, typically Jason’s type. Her name tag read ‘Amy’ and I didn’t like the way she was looking at my brother.

“Jason? You know her?”

Shit… It was too good to be true… He’s either married to this fake blond or she’s his girlfriend… Well, no wedding ring in sight… I still have my chances…”

Fake blond my ass! No dye had ever touched my hair and I was a true blond, Eric could gladly corroborate it.

“Uh… Remember what I told you about, when I went to the bar the other night?”

Oh, so this was the girl who was looking for V at Fangtasia! And now she was working here at Merlotte’s? I know the saying is ‘it’s a small world after all’, but really? Was this girl some sort of stalker or was it just one big coincidence?

“Oh, yeah. Hi, I’m Sookie Stackhouse, Jason’s sister.”

“Sister? Well, then I’m lucky!”

I didn’t like the way she was hovering over my brother and neither did Tara.

“Hey, newbie! Take their order and be done! You’re not bein’ paid to socialize!”

She sighed before writing down our order, not before slipping Jason a note.

“My cell number” she whispered. “In case you want to have fun…”

He reluctantly put it in his jacket pocket and took a sip of his glass of water.

“You’re not going to call her, I hope!”

“Sook… You know me better than that! She’s probably a V addict, I’m not going to date a V addict when I work for the Area’sSheriff!”

I normally respect my brother’s privacy and, apart from the accidental glimpses at his thoughts, I never listen to him. But my brother was a ladies’ man and I knew his reputation.

She might be good for a one night stand… No… There’s something fishy about this girl… Better stay away from her… Wouldn’t want to attract trouble… The whole mess with Dawn Green was enough…”

“Are you listening to my thoughts?”

“What? No!”

“Could have fooled me, you get this look whenever you listen to somebody!”

“I promise you I wasn’t” I lied. “If you want to know, I was thinking of Eric and how much I’m going to miss him when you’ll go to the hearing.”

“Shit, Sook! I don’t want to hear about you and Eric!”

He quickly changed the subject and I figured that bringing in my relationship with Eric in the future would be a good way of getting my brother off my back.

“Have you heard from Godric recently?”

He nodded. “Business as usual with him. He’s not as demanding as Pam and Eric, which means I get to do more work for AIK…”

“Which makes my workload lighter! You’re the best brother ever, Jase!”

Amy-the-stalker brought our meals. Her attitude toward Jason reminded me of Dawn – may she rest in peace – and I had to fight myself not to laugh at her pathetic attempt at seducing him. We were halfway down when Arlene approached us, a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Hey Miss Stackhouse! Mr. Stackhouse!”

I smiled. “Arlene, please, you can call us Sookie and Jason, you know.”

“Sorry… It’s just that you’re you! You’re Mrs. Adele’s grandkids. And you’re big shot lawyers and you’re not like that snobby Portia Bellefleur… But anyway! I wanted to invite you. Rene and I are havin’ an engagement party the day after tomorrow here at Merlotte’s. Sam agreed to let us have it here and I wanted to invite you. You are invited too, Mr… I mean, Jason. Oh and you can brin’ your boyfriend, Miss… Sookie. Coby and Lisa can’t shut up ’bout him, it’s crazy!”

“I’ll have to decline, Arlene” answered Jason. “I’m going to be out of town for the next couple of days. But congratulations!”

“And you, Sookie? Will you and your hunky boyfriend be there?”

It was so weird to hear Eric being referred as my ‘boyfriend’. I guess to the regular humans, the one who knew nothing about vampire customs and blood bonds, that’s what he was.

“I’ll sure be there, Arlene. I’ll even try to get Gran to leave her new sanctuary.”

At Arlene’s frown, I explained.

“She’s staying at Eric’s place in Shreveport and he has a huge private library. Gran’s been spending all her time there.”


“Unfortunately, Eric won’t be coming. He too will be out of town. But that was very kind of you to invite him as well.”

“So I’ll see you in two days, then? 6PM! We’ll do a pot luck, but you don’t have to brin’ anythin’.”

She left and went back to her the kitchen, giddy. Jason was looking at me strangely.


“Eric and Sookie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

“Oh, shut up!”

He drove me back to the farmhouse well after sunset and I felt a pang once I realized that Eric had already left. I checked my phone and, sure enough, he had texted me.

I’ll be at Fangtasia all night long.

The Magister’s people set the hearing in 2 days.

We’ll be leaving tomorrow at sunset.

Come to Shreveport, I’ll see you before I go to rest.


I grabbed my car keys, locked the house and took the road toward Shreveport. If I was going to be deprived of my Viking for a couple of days, then I was going to enjoy the little time you could get together as much as I could.


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