Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Adele’s POV

I have to admit that I was happy to see my dear friends – although I wouldn’t qualify Maxine Fortenberry as a dear friend, especially after the way she acted toward my Sookie and my Jason. But I still felt a pinch to my heart when Mr. Dawson, who insisted that I call him Trey after I told him to drop the Mrs. Stackhouse and call me Gran, came to pick both Sookie and I. I knew Eric would be safe, but I had become so used to watching over him while he rested for the day.

“So tell us, Adele, how is it to live in a mansion in Shreveport?” asked Maxine.

We were all sitting at Merlotte’s and having lunch. Mr. Dawson – Trey, was sitting at the table next to ours, enjoying a cup of coffee. We had dropped Sookie at the farmhouse where she had brought her computer to do some work.

“It’s not really a mansion, Maxine, just a pretty big house. And honestly I spend most of my time in the library or my room.”

“I bet the vamp ain’t too kin on havin’ you wandered around…”

I choose to simply ignore her comment.

“Well if you want my opinion, Adele dear, you are safer in Shreveport than here in Bon Temps” said Violet Norris. “I’m even thinking of asking Sterling of letting me go to my sister’s in Savannah, at least until Bud Dearborn finally put the monster responsible for these horrible crimes behind bars!”

“According to Caroline, Bud is at the end of his rope” said Aurora Hebert, sipping her cup of tea. “It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to take a trip, at least until everything is settled.”

Elizabeth Rochon, forever a flirt, kept looking at Trey’s table.

“You have to tell me how you keep surrounding yourself with strapping young men, Adele! First your grandson, then your Sookie’s Eric and now this handsome young man!”

“Dear Trey is an associate of Eric, Lizzie. Since those attacks keep continuing, Eric thought it would be safer to have someone to escort us…”

“Well I don’t know for y’all girls, but if Mr. Northman’s associates are all as good looking as this nice gentleman, I think I’m going to come down to your place a lot more!”

“Elizabeth Rochon! This poor man is old enough to be your grandson!” exclaimed Lucille Miller.

“What? A woman can look at the menu even though she’s on a diet! And I hear a lot of those young men like women with lots of experiences.”

We all burst in laughter.

“Well, my Hoyt is far more good looking!” said Maxine, even though she was nearly salivating at Trey.

Arlene came down to our table and brought our orders.

“Oh, Mrs. Adele, thank you so much for the pies! They were greatly appreciated! René even took two slices!”

“It was nothing, Arlene. I would have loved to come, but I had a date that night with David Copperfield.”

“Well I sure hope this David is treatin’ you well!”

I barely smiled, not wanting to make poor uneducated Arlene feel bad.

“Oh, Lisa forgot some stuff the other night at your place. Just tell me when I can send René to pick it up…”

“Well, I don’t really plan on going back to the farmhouse soon… But Sookie is there, right now. If René can go there before we go pick her up after our meeting…”

“That’s great! I’ll tell him, he’s finishin’ his lunch and he ain’t goin’ back to work ’till later.”

René was standing by the bar with Hoyt Fortenberry and some of the men from the Road Crew. Arlene went and told him. He quickly kissed her goodbye and left. We all continued our gossip and finally got back on track with our meeting. After Mr. Compton’s presentation, we had to come up with something even bigger for our next meeting. But honestly what could beat an account of the Civil War by a veteran? Maybe I would talk to Eric and he would be able to put me in contact with a vampire who had fought for the Union? After having been told what the War was like from a Confederate soldier, having the point of view of a Union one would be great.

“Whose vest is it?” suddenly asked Sam Merlotte.

“Oh, it’s René’s!” said Arlene. “Give it to Hoyt, he’ll give it to him. Won’t you, Hoyt?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Sam did something quite peculiar, he sniffed the said vest. His expression suddenly changed.

“You know what, I’m going out right now. Just tell me where he went and I’ll brin’ it to him…”

“He went to the Stackhouses’, had to pick up somethin’ Lisa left…”

Trey suddenly got up and he and Sam whispered for a while before Sam left quite abruptly.

“Is there a problem, dear Trey?”

“We have to go, Mrs… Gran. Sorry ladies…”

Before I even have time to react, Trey was taking me to his car where he took a handgun from his glove compartment.

“Trey… What’s the matter?”

“We have to go back to the farmhouse, Gran. The shifter… I mean, Mr. Merlotte is already heading there…”

“I know about Sam being a shifter, Trey dear. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Then he told me. That he was a were, a werewolf that is. That Sam had recognized the scent of the serial killer on the vest. That it probably meant that René was the said killer. And that if he was going to our farmhouse, then Sookie was in danger.

“Jesus Christ Shepherd of Judea!”

Sookie’s POV

After emptying the fridge of the expired milk and other rotten vegetable, I got myself a glass of wine and set up my computer in the dining room. I didn’t have a lot to do, but with Jason leaving for Texas tonight for an undecided amount of time it was better to be up to date.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear the knock on the door until they became quite persistent.

“I’m coming!”

Standing on the porch was René Lenier.

“Howdy, Miss Sookie!”

“Good afternoon, René. What can I do for you?”

“Lisa left some stuff the other night. Thought I’d drop by and pick them up.”

“Oh… Then it must be in Gran’s room. I haven’t seen anything… Come on in, I’ll go see…”

He entered the foyer and I could feel him following me with his eyes.

She deserves it, needs it, wants to die. They all do. That’s why she fucks them Fangers. Drew is gonna give you what you deserves, bitch!”

I stopped. Shit… It was him! Drew Marshall and René Lenier was the same person!

“What did you say Lisa forgot? A sweater?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Miss Sookie, a sweater.”

I took a deep breath and went to Gran’s bedroom. I knew she always kept a shotgun in her closet and quickly retrieved it. Luckily it was loaded. Taking another deep breath I walk back to the living room where René AKA Drew was facing the fireplace.

You’re going to die, filthy cunt! I’m going to tear out your fucking throat and fuck your dead face!”

“If someone’s going to die today, Drew, then it’s you!”

And with that I pulled the trigger. And nothing happened. An evil smirk appeared on his face as he started to walk toward me. I did my best to control my emotion as I tried to get the goddamn shotgun to work.

“It would work better if you knew how to fire it.”

If the damn thing was not working, then I would still use it to defend myself, I thought as I hit him with the stock.

“I don’t need to fire it to hurt you with it!”

While he was lying on the floor, bleeding, I ran toward the door. He got up and followed me. I cursed the fact that I didn’t have my car as I made my way toward the cemetery. I ran as if my life depended on it, which it did. I could feel him behind me, could hear him, both thinking and saying an endless string of curse. I hid myself behind a huge monument and took my cell phone out of my pocket, dialling 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My name is Sookie Stackhouse” I whispered, “the fangbangers killer just attacked me…”

“Miss, I can barely hear you.”

I sighed. “I need you to come to the cemetery; the fangbangers killer is trying to kill me! It’s René Lenier! Please…”

“There you are, you filthy whore!”

He snatched the phone from my hand, cutting the communication. I was literally frozen with fear as he buckled his belt between several punches to my face.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you, fucking fangbangers.”

I tried to escaped, but he was so much stronger than me. He kicked me in the side, breaking several ribs in the process.

“I already called the police, Drew… They’re coming, they’re going to arrest you…”

He had me pinned on the ground. I could feel how aroused he was as he started caressing my throat. My side was hurting like crazy and each breath I took sent an excruciating pain in my lung.

“Nobody will save you, whore. But we’ll have time to enjoy ourselves… I bet you’ll like Drew much more than your dead fangers!”

He now had the belt around my neck and he slowly started to tighten it. At the same time my phone started ringing, ringing Eric’s personalized ring tone. He must have felt my distress through the bond and fought the sun to rise. I was choking, I knew my time had come. Out of nowhere, a collie appeared and started to bit Drew AKA René’s leg.

“Fucking dog!”

One swift kick and the dog went flying through a tombstone, shifting into a naked Merlotte.

“What the fuck?”

I took the opportunity to kick my attacker in the balls, allowing me to get up and ran to an open grave, grabbing a shovel.

“You think you’ll escape? You won’t fucking whore! When I’ll be done with you you’ll be just like those other girls!”

He lunged toward me and I swan the shovel like a baseball bat, hitting him on the face. He grabbed me by the legs, but I kept hitting him, hitting him, hitting him. He finally stopped moving and I realized that I had killed him. I hit him so much that I nearly decapitate him.

Here I was, breathless and badly hurt, a dead man at my side, a naked shifter groaning in pain a couple of feet away and my cell phone on the ground and still ringing. I could hear the far away siren of the police cars, Gran screaming my name. I reached for my phone and finally answered it.

“Eric? I did it… He’s dead. The fangbangers killer… I killed him.”


Trey Dawson

Trey Dawson (Josh Holloway)

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  2. Thank goodness Sookie heard his thoughts before he really got the chance to surprise her. I’m glad Sam came to help although I really wish he would have chosen a wolfs form. I’m also hoping they get to Godric before he decides to meet the sun.

  3. Why Sam didn’t choose a lion or tiger instead of a goddamn Collie, I’ll never know. I also hope Sookie and Eric save Godric. I love Godric’s character 🙂

  4. “Well I sure hope this David is treatin’ you well!” —- loved that line, and loved your rendition of Maxine!
    Poor Sookie – OW! OUCH! Wonder what was wrong with the shotgun?
    Poor Sam…poor doggie Sam… That would have been a great time to remember what a bobcat or velociraptor looked like! 😀
    Poor Gran – I hope she doesn’t have a heart attack seeing Sookie hurt.
    Poor Eric – Having to wait for sunset so that he can tend to Sookie is going to really kill him!
    Poor Godric – I really miss him and hope he reappears soon.

  5. I always wonder why Sam shifts into a collie of all things too, great chapter, I love your choice for Trey, he was the only reason I made myself continue to watch lost

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