Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I was bored. For a thousand years old vampire, boredom was a bad thing, a really bad thing. During my millennia on Earth, I had several bouts of boredom. The first one happened nearly a hundred years after I was made vampire. Luckily for me, the Second Crusade got me out of it. But after the thrill of years of killing in the so-called Holy Land, boredom came back with a vengeance. Again, the crusade, the Third this time, got me out of it. By the time of the Fourth Crusade, not even 10 years after the last one, it had become quite old and what had once got me out of boredom was now boring me. My maker, Godric, and I spent the rest of the Middle Ages roaming around Europe, taking advantage of the Black Death to feed in complete impunity.

By the time of the Renaissance, we were in Italy and it was a not so boring period. I took great interest in the arts, going as far as becoming a patron for young artists. By 1476, Godric and I had settled in Florence, in a luxurious palazzo in the San Giovanni district – a palazzo that I still own to this day. We had several artists in residence, glamoured to let us feed on them. My favourite one being a young man from Vinci, a talented painter, inventor and a delicious meal.

After that, boredom hit me every 200 years, approximately. I was glad for the Tudor Era and the splendour of its court and then the French Revolution. I spent most the 19th century in England, becoming a close friend of Prinny – Prince George, later King George IV. By the late 1890, I made my way to America for the first time. I wondered around, going from one Vampire court to another, seeing New York, Philadelphia and Chicago before arriving in San Francisco. That’s where I found Pam, my Childe.

My last bout of boredom was about 20 years ago, just after I first came to Louisiana to become Queen Sophie-Anne’s Sheriff. Godric, already Sheriff of Area 9-Dallas, and Pam, who was living in Minnesota at the time, took me to Boston to meet with our lawyer for our annual visit. That’s when I met her… The cure to all boredom.

The night was young. The sun had set about an hour ago and we were walking down the street of downtown Boston toward the brownstone of our lawyer. We were a strange party of three of us, my Maker, my Childe and I. We finally reached the house that also hosted the Auditore & Stackhouse law firm. As if on cue, the door opened on a tired looking Corbett Stackhouse. 

“Godric, Eric, Miss Pam…”

“Corbett” simply stated my Maker. 

“Please, come on in.”

We entered the foyer facing the massive staircase. The wall were covered with family pictures as well as paintings of all the Auditores who had served us, going back to Giovanni, the founder of the family. 

“I apologize if the house is a mess. Michelle is in Louisiana with Jason and I haven’t had time to clean up.”

“What about your youngest?” I asked. “A little girl, Sookie right? She’s 5, if I’m not wrong.”

A smile appeared on Corbett’s face at the mention of his daughter. 

“Well you know of my heritage, how my father was part fae and a telepath… Seems like telepathy skipped a generation.” 

“Your little girl is a fucking telepath?!”

“Pamela, language, please” scolded my Maker. 

“Sorry, GrandSire…”

“I was supposed to drop them off at the airport this morning, but Sookie had… She had an episode. She couldn’t keep her walls up enough and got bombarded by the thoughts of the people in the terminal. She refused to board the plane.” 

Godric seemed very interest. “She’s able to keep the thoughts of others by ‘building’ walls in her mind?”

Corbett nodded. “It’s something Jason came up with. Told her to imagine walls surrounding her and blocking all the thoughts.” 

We all sat down, ready to get to business, when soft padded footsteps were heard from the stairs. 


We all turned toward the door where a tiny little blond girl in a pink nightgown and a soft flannel blanket was looking at us with tears streaming her face. 

“Sookie, sweetheart, you’re supposed to be in bed…”

“The monster wanted to take me” she said between sobs. “And Jason is not here to make him go away!”

She let out a gasp when she finally noticed us. Gone were the tears and an awed look was now illuminating her face. 

“Daddy is busy right now, baby…”

Too late, the little girl, Sookie, was walking toward us. She touched Godric hand, then Pam’s and finally mine before turning to her father. 

“Daddy, I can’t hear them!”


Their heads, daddy! Their heads are empty!”

She looked like she was trying real hard to get into our minds and let out a squeal after a while. 

“Who are they, daddy?”

Corbett took his little girl’s hand and proceeded to introduce us. 

These are daddy’s clients. I work for them. This is Mister Godric…” 

She smiled shyly at my maker and waved her little hand. 

“Miss Pam…”

She walked toward my Childe and hugged her. It was funny to see how stiff my progeny went. 

You are really pretty, Miss Pam. And you have a nice dress.” 

This little girl knew how to get on my Childe’s good side: by stroking her vanity and her love of fashion. 

“And this is Mr Eric.”

She looked up at me, her eyes going big. 

You are soooo tall!”

”And you are so tiny” I stated. 

“Of course I am, silly! I’m a little girl. Up!”

She threw her arms in the air and Pam had to whisper in my ear that she wanted me to carry her. It had been more than a thousand years since I had held a child, my baby sister, and I had to admit that I was afraid to break her. She quickly put her head on my shoulder, sighing. 

“You are like a big bubble… I can’t even hear daddy!”

She closed her eyes and, after a while, Godric told Corbett to proceed with our meeting. When I gave the little girl back to her father, sound asleep, when we left, I felt a strange pull to my dead heart. It was as if, for a tiny second, after more than a thousand years, it beat.

I smiled at the memory, before growling at the ‘vermins’ surrounding the stage where sat my throne. From that moment, that first meeting, I knew my undead life wouldn’t be the same.

I suddenly felt a pull… I felt her before even seeing her. Even though it had been years since I had last given her my blood, the bond was as strong as the day we had made it. I looked toward the entrance and smirked. Only her could pulled that virginal look in a vampire bar. She had always been special, my special little telepath…

We were back in Boston, the first time in two years. We had skipped our visit last year when Corbett had lost his wife Michelle in a freak flash flood in Louisiana. We had of course attended the wake, if not the actual funeral, and had offered our sincere condolences to the whole family. This sad event had at least brought some good thing. We had met Corbett’s mother, Adele. Even though we hadn’t told her exactly what we were, she had welcomed both Godric, Pam and I with a warmth that had surprised me for a human. But that was Adele Hale-Stackhouse.

The moment we arrived at the brownstone I knew something was wrong. The smell… It smelled of imminent death, of sickness. We knocked once, then twice, but no answer. Making sure nobody was looking, we made our way to the back of the house and, seeing an open window, we flew to the second floor.

The window was to a soft pink room with a white canopy bed. Corbett was sitting at the bedside, holding the hand of a pale looking Sookie.

Oh… I had forgotten you were supposed to come tonight…”


They don’t know what’s wrong with her” said our friend, looking years older than he was. “She’s never been sick before. Never caught anything, not even a cold… But she’s getting weaker and weaker every day. I sent Jason to my mother in Louisiana… I don’t want to worry him.”

Pam was fuming.

Why didn’t you call us before? We would have offered our help! Why did you let her waste away when you know what vampire blood can do!”

My maker tried to calm her down, but to no avail. Me, I was watching the little girl that I knew was always full of life. My sunshine in a pretty blond bottle, I had once called her. The smell of death was now clinging to her tiny body.

I didn’t…” started Corbett. “I… I didn’t want to ask you that. I know how precious your blood is…”

“Our blood might be precious to us, Corbett, but you are our friend. We all love that little girl.”

My maker’s words seemed to calm the fearful father. Quickly, Godric sat on the bed, took Sookie’s head in his laps before biting his wrist and pulling it to her mouth. She latched to it like a babe would to its mother’s breast. Color seemed to go back to her cheeks until she started to cough and finally threw all the blood. It was the first time I had seen that happened. Never in my thousand years had I seen a human so violently reject vampire blood.

What is happening, GrandSire? Why isn’t she keeping your blood?”

Godric was as clueless as Pam.

Maybe my blood is too potent, too old for her weak body” he said.

Without even thinking, Pam bit her own wrist and gave it to the little girl.

Hope you realize how significant it is, my little fairy. I have never shared my blood before.”

But again, Sookie threw it up. Bloody tears were starting to fill my Childe’s beautiful blue eyes.

If she doesn’t take our blood… Maybe we should turn her?”


My maker, my progeny and Corbett all turned toward me.

We can’t turn her… First of all, she’s a child. She’d resent being forever an 8 years old. And we don’t know what would happen with her fairy heritage… Maybe that’s why she’s rejecting the blood.”

Fairies don’t get sick, Eric! And as you can see, she’s dying! We have to do something!”

Pamela, calm down!”

Calm down? She’s dying, Godric! She’s dying and we…”

Eric’s blood” whispered Corbett. “We haven’t tried Eric’s blood yet.”

Pam turned toward him. ”If Godric’s and my blood’s are too potent for her…”

Corbett is right, Pamela” softly said my Maker. “We have nothing to lose.”

He turned toward me and put his hand on my shoulder.

Fader, Broder, Son… Du vet vad du måste göra. Om någon kan rädda henne, det är du. (You know what you must do. If anyone can save her, it’s you.)

I sat down on the bed, taking her tiny little hand in my much bigger one.

Eir, gudinna av läkning, jag behöver din hjälp. Vaka över henne som jag försöker att få henne tillbaka till hälsa. Freja, vaka över lilla Sookie i hennes kamp mot denna sjukdom. Odin, alla mäktiga far, ge mig styrka. (Eir, goddess of healing, I need your help. Watch over her as I try to get her back to health. Freya, watch over little Sookie in her fight against this disease. Odin, all mighty father, give me strength.)

I bit my wrist and brought it to her mouth.

” Drick, min lilla älva. Dricker mitt blod så det kan ta dig tillbaka till hälsa. (Drink, my little fairy. Drink my blood so it can take you back to health.)

The greedy little girl latched to my harm, drinking every drop I offered her. When the wound closed, I waited to see if she would also reject my blood like she rejected Godric’s and Pam’s. Her eyes slowly opened and she smiled.

Hi, Mister Eric…”

I smiled back at her and kissed her forehead before letting her father take my place. I retreated near Godric and Pam, my Childe wiping away tears from her eyes.

She’ll need more of your blood, Eric.”

I nodded, knowing that Sookie wasn’t completely out of harm’s way. Quickly, the little girl was back in Morpheus’ arms.

Thank you, Eric” said Corbett.

She will need more of his blood, Corbett. Much more. It would be best if Sookie stayed with Eric for a while.”

You want to take her to Louisiana?”

No, to my house, in Öland.”

In Sweden?!”

I nodded. “It will be less suspicious that way. I’ll tell the Queen I’m taking some time off, I’ll leave Pam in charge of the Area. I promise you, my friend, that I’ll take care of her as if she was the greatest treasure.”

And when you’ll bring her back… she’ll be okay? She won’t be sick?”

I’ll do my best.”

Alright, I entrust her to you. Take good care of my little girl, Eric. After Michelle… I can’t lose her too.”

Half an hour later, I was carrying my precious cargo and her luggage. We would leave on the morrow for my homeland. The great air of the North and my blood would do her good.

She walked to me, holding her head high, not intimidated like the rest of the vermins. I got up and took her hand, kissing it.

“God kväll, min lilla älva. (Good evening, my little fairy)”

“God kväll, min sköna Viking. (Good evening, my fair Viking)”

I showed her to my office, closing the door behind us. She smiled, putting her hands in my long hair.

“You’re in bad need of a haircut, Eric.”


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