Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I woke up expecting to be sore and achy, but felt quite the opposite. I felt extremely relaxed, safe and energized. The several doses of Eric’s blood last night sure helped! I reached for the other side of the bed and sighed at the emptiness. A quick look at the nightstand and I gasped. I had almost slept 24 straight hours! I couldn’t believe it! Next to the iPod alarm clock stationwas a handwritten note, in an all too familiar script.

I hope you had a good rest, min älskare.
Take it easy today.
PS If you need me, I’ll be at Fangtasia this evening.

I got up from the very comfortable bed and went up the stairs of the cubby, clutching to the fluffy towel wrapped around me. I opened the door and ended up in the living room where Gran, in a big fleece robe, and Jason were sitting on the couch, chatting softly.

“Hey, sleeping beauty! Finally joining the world of the living?” joked my brother.

Gran got up and hugged me.

“We were so worried, little girl!”

“She was worried, me not so much. The moment Pam told me Eric had you, I knew you would be okay.”

“Don’t make joke, Jason Corbett Stackhouse! Your sister could have died! If only Eric hadn’t come at the right time…”

“Don’t think about it, Gran. I’m okay, as good as new.”

“And in your birthday suit, sis! Eric gave you a bath last night or what?”

“Shut up, Jason! If you want to know, yes he did. I was soaked in my own blood, so yes, he gave me a bath. Want to tell us what you were doing when Eric called Pam?”

“Gran! Tell her to stay out of my head!”

“Jason stopped bugging your sister and Sookie, please, respect your brother’s privacy.”

I sighed and went to my bedroom. I took a strapless black and white Lululemon dress and black and silver degradé Kitten heels Jimmy Choo – Pam would kill me if she caught me wearing anything but designer shoes. A quick touch of gloss, a side ponytail quickly transformed into a low bun and I was on my way downstairs. I found Gran by herself in the kitchen, reading a book and drinking a cup of tea.

“Where did Jason go?”

“Back home, he has to be in court early tomorrow morning. What about you, sweetheart? Looking pretty fancy!”

“You think? I’m just going to Merlotte’s to grab a bite and a drink. I promised I won’t stay out too long.”

“You’re a grown up, Sookie dear. I don’t need to give you a curfew. Have fun, that’s what y’all young people should do.”

I grabbed my purse and my keys and went toward my car. My vision, after my dose of Eric’s blood, was extremely good and I could see lights coming from the Compton’s old plantation. I juggled with the idea of going there to thanks Bill for his help last night. Even though his blood would have been ineffective, he did tried to save me.

I parked in front of the house, indeed decrepit, and frowned upon hearing the loud music coming from inside. I was getting ready to knock when the door opened on an African-American female vampire.

“Hello there, human chick.”

I frowned. Where had I seen her before?

“I’m looking for Bill Compton, is he here?”


Another vampire, male this time, with shoulder length brown hair, appeared behind her.

“She smells fresh” he said, dropping his fangs.

I felt a void behind me and there was another vampire, bald with tattoo on his skull and bloody mouth.

“Oh my God! Diane Hardwicke, Malcolm Beaumarchais and Liam McKnight! I knew I remembered you from somewhere!”

The bald Liam frowned. “Who the fuck are you?”

I smiled warmly. “Summer of 2000, the three of you were put on trial before the Magister in Boston. You asked for Sheriff Northman’s help and he put you through with his lawyer, Corbett Stackhouse. I’m his daughter, Sookie. I was interning for himthat summer! Malcolm, you tried that same old trick with me, telling me I smelled fresh, but my father quickly reminded you that all your fates were in his hands… Are you in Louisiana now?”

“Corbett Stackhouse’s little girl? You sure grew up, ma petite” said Malcolm, his French accent even more pronounced.

“Bill, you never said you knew Corbett Stackhouse” yelled Diane.

I walked into the foyer, followed by Liam and rolled my eyes at the view that was offered to me. Two fangbangers, male and female, were lounging on the couches and poor Bill looked utterly bored.

“He doesn’t. My father unfortunately passed away last February, Diane.”

“And how do you know Billy-Boy, Sookie?” asked Liam, clearly checking me out.

“She’s my neighbor” explained Bill. “She lives across the cemetery.”

“Can we taste you, sweet Sookie?” asked Malcolm, taking a deep breath.

“You can’t!” exclaimed Bill. “She’s MINE!”

What the…

“Excuse me? Yours?”

Bill quickly vamped to me and whispered in my ear.

“Tell them you’re mine and they won’t be able to touch you.”

“No way! I’m not Bill’s!”

“Then you’re up for taking…” whispered Diane.

“Keep your fangs to yourself, bitch. I’m not Bill’s, but I do belong to another vampire. Remember Sheriff Northman? I’m his!”

The disco triplets looked confused.

“You smell fresh, ma petite. Untouched. Virgin.”

“No way you’d be Northman’s and still a virgin…”

“Guess what, Liam? I am. I’m pretty sure Diane knows of the many ways a girl can keep a guy very happy without surrendering her virtue. And Sheriff Northman doesn’t like to leaves marks on me. He says it would be a shame to mar my skin like a common fangbanger.”

I was hoping for them to accept my lie. I looked around the room, disgusted by the state of it. How could Bill live in such a mess? And hadn’t Jesse Compton been one of Bon Temps’ richest citizens? The female fangbanger, half conscious, had several bites mark on her skin while the male one’s, wearing only very short cut off jeans, looked untouched.

Come on, fangers. Stopped messing around with the blond chick and come have a taste of Jerry!”

He seemed quite eager to get bitten.

Hope you like the taste of Hep D, fuckers!”

Shit, Hep D? The bastard!

“Excuse me, but is your… donor named Jerry?” I asked, trying to look innocent.

Malcolm smiled brightly. “Yes. Good old Jerry, pretty good at BJ, you know.”


“Well, sorry to burst your bubble about him, but he’s got Hep D.”

Jerry suddenly got off the couch and lunged toward me.

“You bitch!”

Luckily for me, Liam grabbed him by the throat.

“Is it true, Jerry? Do you have Hep D?”

“How the hell do you know that?” asked Diane, intrigued.

I had to come up with something and quickly.

“Sheriff Northman has an agreement with all the Louisiana clinics that offers the Hep D test. Whenever someone tests positive, we receive their medical files along with a picture. As Sheriff Northman’s lawyer, I review these files and send the information to the concerned authorities. I just happened to have received Jerry’s file recently. That’s how I recognized him.”

“Guess Jerry has some explaining to do” said Malcolm. “And it’s a long way from here to Monroe.”

In a flash the triplets and their two fangbangers were out of the house. I let out a sigh of relief.

“Aren’t you concern about what they could do to Jerry?” asked Bill.

“He had it coming. He was clearly aware of being a Hep D carrier and was probably hoping to infect the disco triplets. I have no sympathy for people who want to hurt others.”

“I’ve never met anybody like you before…”

Crazy Sookie’s smile was back on! Of course you’ve never met anybody like me Compton!

“I’ve just been raised that way, you know. So… I wanted to thank you. For last night. I know you tried to save me…”

“And if Northman hadn’t come in I would have saved you.”

I didn’t like the tone of his voice. It was as if he was pissed at Eric for showing up and not allowing him to play the hero.

“And if he hadn’t come in you would have committed a blood offence and you would probably be awaiting trial before the Magister.”

I was pretty sure he whispered ‘it would have been worth it’, but I couldn’t be sure.

“You know what the sentence for a blood offence is, don’t you Mr. Compton? True Death.”

“You wouldn’t have let them… I know you wouldn’t have.”

“You don’t know me, Mr. Compton. Eric and I are blood bonded. What’s between us is not just a blood tie. We’re bonded and we’ve been bonded for close to 20 years now. He will defend me to the True Death and I would do the same thing for him and his bloodline. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to understand what unite us. I even have trouble sometimes…”

I looked around the room and smiled.

“You should hire a decorator. This house has so much potential.”

“I know. I helped build it.”

I went back to the foyer and stopped before passing the threshold.

“Have a good evening, Mr. Compton.”

I made my way to my Q7 and let a laugh. Pam would have a blast when I’d tell her about my encounter with the disco triplets. The drive to Merlotte’s was quiet, with only Katy Perry singing about kissing a girl and liking it – I had to make this Pam’s ringtone! – then Leona Lewis lamenting about bleeding love – which was already Eric’s ringtone, but hush, no one knew about this one.

The parking lot of Merlotte’s was once more packed. I was barely able to find a spot. I hoped they wouldn’t mind, but I clearly parked in the employees’ lot, near the back entrance and the trailer that Merlotte called home. I shut the ignition and reached for the passenger seat where I had left my purse when two figures exited the bar by the employee only door. It was pretty dark, but again, thanks to Eric’s very potent blood, my night vision was impressively improved.

Sam Merlotte and Tara Thornton were kissing and groping each other, the young woman’s legs wrapped around his waist.

“No one has to know…” whispered Tara, between kisses.

“Oh God, Tara!” moaned Merlotte.

“I need it so much…”

I shook my head. Hearing about other people’s sexual exploits in their minds was one thing, seeing it was something else.

When the door to the trailer closed behind them I left my car and entered the bar. It was truly packed. I found an empty spot by the bar which was manned by Lafayette.

“Look what the cat dragged in! Sookie Stackhouse!”

“Good evening, Lafayette! Glad to see you remembered me.”

“I could never forget a cute little thing like you! What can Lala get you tonight, hookah?”

I smiled. “How about a margarita?”

“And one margarita for Blondie.”

I looked around the bar and all the patrons seemed to be in big conversations.

“Big crowd tonight…”

“You is right, little girl” answered Lafayette, mixing my drink. “And that cuz of mine who decide to throw a tantrum at Sam… My man Terry and I are doin’ our best to help out the girls… Heard ’bout them Rats?”

“What rats?”

“Not rats, hookah, the Rats, the Rattrays. A couple of white trash rednecks… definitely not the type of people a sweet little flower like you is associatin’ with. There was an explosion at their trailer… Terry knows more ’bout it, though. Terry, come here my man! You gotta meet sweet little Sookie!”

A tall, awkward man with shaggy brown hair and a beard, wearing a white apron, came up from the kitchen.

“Terry Bellefleur, this sweet little lady is Miss Sookie.”

I offered my hand and he hesitatingly shook it. I quickly got a glimpse of his thoughts. He had been in the army and had seen so many awful things… Poor man was clearly traumatized and suffered from a deep case of PTSD.

“Sookie Stackhouse, nice to meet you.”

“You’re Ms Adele’s granddaughter, right?”

I nodded. “Bellefleur? You wouldn’t happen to be related to Andy Bellefleur? I met him the other night with my Gran…”

“Andy’s my cousin.”

“Why don’t you tell sweet Sookie ’bout them Rats, Terry? You went by their trailer this mornin’, right?”

“Awful thin’… Andy said neither Denise nor Mac had any chance of survivin’.”

Mac and Denise… The drainers! So this is how Pam took care of the bodies.

“There was a gas leak and Mac was a chain smoker… BOOM! They were both gone and ashes. Mike Spencer said there wasnothin’ left of them.”

I frowned and sipped on the drink Lafayette put in front of me with the burger I didn’t order but was dying to eat.

“Are you a mind reader, Lafayette?” I asked, half joking. “How did you know I was craving for one of your burgers?”

“Lala knows that once you taste his burger, you can’t go back! Eat!”

I finished my plate and went back to the farmhouse. I was tempted to go back to the cubby and spend the rest of the night there, but in retrospect I realized it wouldn’t be the same as last night. Last night Eric had held me, he had made me feel safe. I tiptoed to my bedroom, quickly changed into a pink cami pajama and brushed my teeth. I must have been pretty tired, because I fell asleep almost instantly.

I dreamed about a bed. A bed in a forest, surrounded by trees. It was daylight. I was standing by the bed end, in a long white silk nightgown. My hair was loose and the wind was softly blowing it. Two strong arms circled my waist and soft lips made their way down my neck. I knew it was him. In a blink of an eye, we were now lying on the bed, his hands mapping my body.

“It’s daylight” I said.

“Yes” was his only answer as his mouth captured one nipple.

I arched my body and let the lust filled me. I opened my eyes and he was now completely naked. I reached for his hardness, but he quickly grabbed my hands, pinning them above my head.

“This is all for you…”

His mouth moved along my body, taking off my nightgown at the same time. I was now as naked as him, completely at his mercy. But what an amazing mercy. His hand let go of my own and they quickly found their place in his long hair. He was kissing me, as if he was marking his territory. He took special care of my belly button before going lower and lower, until his mouth found what it was looking for. I let out a moan as I rode the wave of pleasure. His tongue was eagerly torturing my nub while his fingers were entering me with vigor. But this wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted another part of his anatomy to fill me.

“Eric… I need you… I need to feel ALL of you… Please… Please…” I begged.

“Not yet, lover. Not yet.”

It didn’t take long before I came, screaming his name and tightening my grip in his hair.

I woke up sweaty, spent, with my hand in my pj bottom. It had felt so real! A look at the alarm clock and I sighed. It was nearly 10AM… I went to the bathroom and took a long cold shower, but even after it I was still hot and bothered. I made my way downstairs and nearly jumped when I saw Gran and her friends from the DGD sitting in the living room, all looking quite gloomy.

“Good morning, ladies…”

“It is anything but a good morning, Sookie dear” answered Gran.

I frowned. “What… Did something happen to Jason? Eric? Pam? Godric?”

Mrs. Belanger took her handkerchief to her eyes, wiping away the tears.

“There was another murder! Dawn Green was found strangled in her bed this morning!”

Another murder… Looks like Bon Temps had a serial killer within its midst.


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  1. well our strong Sookie dealt with the triplets and it worked out well for her, seriously what was Bill thinking Sookeh is Mine, yeah NOT…. now another murder… KY

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