2 weeks later

Things went back to normal… At least for Gran. The day after my attack she went back to Bon Temps with Freyja while she literally threw me out of the farmhouse. And so I officially moved in with Eric and Jessica. Well I moved in with Eric permanently and with Jessica part-time. Eric and Pam had come up with a shared custody-like arrangement regarding the young girl. She spent most of the week at Pam’s, but stayed at our place during the weekend when we weren’t in Bon Temps with Gran.

The 2 weeks following the death of René Lenier / Drew Marshall weren’t really a walk in the park. First, I was asked to go to the Bon Temp Sheriff station to give my statement, and then came the reports for the Queen… Eric absolutely loathed paperworks so I volunteered to help him with it. We had to be quite creative, trying our best to hide my telepathy from said reports. Eric had once told me that Queen Sophie-Anne was quite a greedy monarch. If she ever learned that one of her Sheriff had in his retinue a telepath and that he had kept this fact a secret, we would obviously feel her wrath. I saw no problem to use my gift for the good of Eric’s Area or for the good of the State, but there was no way the Queen would allow me to continue to live my life in Northern Louisiana away from Court. I would become some sort of slave, a prisoner of the Queen. Or worse, if she ever discovered I was part fairy I would probably become her favourite meal!

Jason hadn’t called once since he left for Dallas, something that bothered Gran greatly. Luckily we received some emails from Godric telling us that he was safe and sound, but extremely busy with work.

Shortly after my attack, Lafayette’s Come-to-Jesus operation was set in motion. I didn’t know what Eric and Pam had planned for him, but he disappeared from Merlotte’s one night while taking the garbage out. His sudden disappearance went unnoticed for a while – he apparently had a history of going away on a whim. But now 2 weeks had passed and his absence was starting to worry both his cousin Tara and Merlotte.

I was sitting at the bar at Merlotte’s on a rather slow night. I had dinner with Gran earlier while Eric and Pam were schooling Jessica on how to feed from a donor. On the TV was a report from Massachusetts. Apparently my home state had become the second US state to allow human / vampire marriage.

“Are you and that boyfriend of yours gonna get married, Miss Sookie?” asked Arlene

I let out a laugh. “Don’t wait for an invite in the mail any time soon, Arlene. My relationship with Eric is still pretty young…”

“But you moved in with him! And from what Mrs. Adele said you go way back when.”

“Stop pesterin’ the girl, Arlene!” said Tara, bringing me a glass of Long Island Ice Tea. “She ain’t askin’ you ’bout your poor choices of relationships so don’t ask her ’bout her own relationship!”

The redhead’s face quickly discomposed and she ran for the restroom with tears filling her eyes. Terry Bellefleur, who had been sweeping the floor, looked at Tara with a disapproving glare before following poor Arlene.

“That’s what rather rude and unkind, Tara.”

“What? She’s the one who was married three times and jumped in a relationship with a guy she barely knew who ended up bein’ a murderer! She made the choice to shack up with him and even agreed for him to become husband number 4 not knowin’ anythin’ ’bout him really! She gotta learn to live with her mistake! Her fiancé killed her co-worker ’cause she told him Dawn was doin’ Vamps! Hell, she’s probably the reason why René or whatever is name was went after you!”

“I’m not blaming her for René coming after me, Tara. Please, don’t be too hard on her, it mustn’t be easy for her…”

“Whatever. You’re sure you ain’t seen Lafayette, Sookie? He didn’t come to see Adele or…”

“I’m telling you, Tara, I haven’t seen him since the day I was… well you know.”

“I’m so worried!”

If only I hadn’t stayed with Maryann and Egg… Fuckin’ Lafayette! In what shit have you got yourself in!”

“I forgot to ask you about your arrest… You know I went down to the station to bail you out, but Deputy Jones told me someone else bailed you out…”

“Yeah… A friend of mine, Maryann, bailed me out. She’s a social worker. I’ve been stayin’ with her since my mama… Well, I’ve been stayin’ at her place. She’s helpin’ me out, you know.”

A social worker? Yeah, as if.

“Well it’s great that you have found a new friend.”

Sitting beside me, drunk as a skunk, was Detective Andy Bellefleur. He was slumped on the bar, snoring softly.

“Don’t you think he had too much to drink?” I asked, pointing to the detective.

“Yeah… Keep an eye on him, I’ll get Sam to help me…”

I nudged the detective, trying to wake him up.

“Detective Bellefleur? Andy? Wake up! It’s time to go back home!”

“What? Oh, if it ain’t Miss Stackhouse! Hya!”

“Hi, Detective Bellefleur!” I smiled.

“You are such a nice young lady.”

His speech sounded really slurred, it was clear he had too much to sleep.

“Well thank you, Detective Bellefleur!”

“And you’re so nice, too! Callin’ me Detective Bellefleur and all… Can I buy you a drink?”

“Thank you, but I’ll pass. How about I give you a ride home? You can leave your car here and pick it up tomorrow morning…”

“That’s real nice, Miss Stackhouse! Your daddy sure raised a good little girl…”

Sam Merlotte and Tara came back and I told them about my offer to give the good detective a ride home.

“You ain’t have to do it, Miss… I mean, Sookie. I can drive Andy back to his Grandma’s house or we can wait ’till Terry finish up his shift…”

“You and Terry have the bar to close, Merlotte. And the Bellefleur’s house is on my way back to Shreveport. Really, I don’t mind.”

It took a little while to get Andy out of his seat and in the parking.

“Wait a minute! I gotta grab stuff from my car” he slurred.

“And where did you park it, Andy?” asked Tara, struggling under his weight.

“Hum… It was right there, but… Oh look! It’s now parked next to the trees! Did you move it there, Sam?”

Merlotte shook his head before helping Detective Bellefleur walk toward his car. He frowned upon seeing the back passenger door half opened. I got closer, hoping to close it and get to the road as soon as possible, but I stopped suddenly. A foot was dangling from the back seat. A black foot with painted toes.

“Sookie?” asked Tara, joining me.

She saw the foot and let out a blood curdling scream.



15 thoughts on “Epilogue

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  2. Yeah! Can. Not. Wait. for tome 2 to start! Love love love this fic.
    Seems like you’re setting things up for a Sophie Anne storm front. I can’t remember what role Hadley has in this – dead, still with the family or flapping her gums 😉 I’m thinking gum flapper since Bill’s moved to BT and was already suspicious of Sookie’s telepathy and killed Longshadow to ‘save Sookie’. Methinks the horse is already out of the barn! Should be fun to read SA eventually coming up on the wrong side of the Stackhouse-fond Magister 😉

      • Oh yes. I’ve been wondering for a while when Mr Krasiki’s ‘visit’ (hunting mission) in Boston will come to light. A few times I thought it was about to be exposed, but then Eric never said Lorena’s last name and I was like ‘damn, almost!’ Maybe in the next time….

  3. I really like this story. It’s quite possibly the first TB ff that I’ve read where Eric takes over care for Jessica and it doesn’t bug me. For some reason I normally hate that, but with this story you did it exactly right somehow. I truly love the dynamic that you have created due to Sookie’s intelligence and worldliness as well as her knowing Eric since she was little. I’m a bit worried that all the work keeping Jason busy in Dallas is Godric putting his things in order before meeting the sun. I am making my plea now to keep Godric alive (or undead I guess). Also, I think he would very much enjoy to see Eric and Sookie together. Maybe Godric can come stay with them? I sincerely hope that this story turns in to an epic tale with many Tome’s to come. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing this wonderful story.

    • Your comment definitely made my day! Thank you so much for the kind words. I won’t spoil anything for you, we will learn what Jason is doing in Dallas, hopefully around Chapter 5 of Tome 2. As of right now I have 6 Tomes planned and probably a 7th one. Again thanks!

  4. I’m so pleased someone gave me the link for your site! I’ve enjoyed every bit of this story – love your version of events and what a refreshing Sookie! Even with such a major story change you’ve kept the essence of the characters intact. And on top of that you’ve given us the Pam I love to see – Alan Ball messed up in True Blood, right actress but the character edges are too hard.

    Oh yes, you have a great writing style too, I am looking forward to reading the other tomes. I think you have a formula that will be hard to stop at 7 though lol.

  5. Great story!!! love how intense e/s are, tx so much for keeping gran alive, ur version of all the characters are so much better than AB’s TB, loved how jess n everyone told bill off n how gran basically showed him the door…now onto the next one!!!

  6. For some reason I never read this one before. I just finished reading it straight through and I’m in love. I like how you have basically stuck to canon with a twist. I really love an enlightened Sookie. It really makes a difference that the first exposure to vampires that the Stackhouse family had wasn’t Bill, but instead was Godric and company. I can’t wait to see where else you take us with your stories. I’m off to start Tome 2.

  7. I really liked this story and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Your interactions with the characters is great and realistic. I even love how you are sticking with the tb stpru line with your own twist. You’ve made it work for you and I just flows. Sometimes when trying to make it a e/s fic with the tb events seems forced but yours doesn’t. The changes you have made just makes what happened even more believable then in the actual show. Great job!

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