Chapter 11

A sleek black limousine had been arranged by the concierge desk to take us to Godric’s compound. The last time I had been in Texas, Godric had been living in a Southfork-like ranch, you know like on that TV show Dallas. The remoteness of the estate had been a huge plus before the Great Reveal, but now that the vampires were out of the coffin, Godric had moved his headquarter to a luxurious and modern house in an affluent suburb of Dallas. I knew he still owned the ranch, where he retired once or twice a year. Did Isabel and Stan even think of looking there?

“You are awfully quiet, lover… Thinking about that Fellowship man you left in a car trunk?”

I turned to him, expecting him to look at me with disapprobation, but was surprised by his smirk.

“I was going to tell you” I explained. “I just didn’t want to talk about it with Compton’s around. Who told you? Gran or the pilot?”

“Both. Adele texted me and the pilot did the same.”

“I knew it was a bad idea to get Gran a Blackberry…” I muttered under my breath.

“According to my pilot, my little fairy is one kick ass ninja…”

I couldn’t believe it! I was expecting him to be mad as hell, but he was actually finding the whole thing funny!

“Eric Northman! How can you…”

His lips silenced me, his oh so huge and gentle hands cradling the side of my head.

“I know I should be mad at you, but you handled things perfectly well. I know that you are strong and can take care of yourself. I know you would have never let any harm come to Adele, Jessica and certainly not Hunter. For your information, the pilot didn’t release him as you had asked him. I arranged for a friend of mine who was in Dallas to get there by sundown and glamour him.”

“You know what this mean?” I asked, gravely. “The fact that the Fellowship sent somebody…”

“That it’s more than probable that they might be responsible for Godric’s disappearance? Yes. And that it’s also a possibility that there is a spy in his nest…”

“Should we tell Isabel and Stan about this possible spy?”

“No… Knowing Stan, he would slaughter any humans or vampires without asking questions. Keep your shield down, you might be able to find useful information.”

We didn’t have time to discuss it further as we stopped in front of Godric’s house. The moment we stepped out of the car, we were welcomed by both Isabel and Stan. Godric’s seconds were quite the opposite. Isabel Beaumont still had all the grace and poise of the Spanish Infanta she had been in her human life. Stan Baker… Well cowboy was the best way to describe. From what I had learned through the years, he had been one in his human life and had retained both the impetuosity and the cockiness. And I’m even talking about the bad sense of fashion, proof being the awful outfit he wore tonight.

“Northman… And the delicious Miss Stackhouse!”

“Go fuck yourself, Stan!” I said, in no mood for his pitiful flirting.

“You know that I would prefer to fuck you, sweetie…”

Eric’s fangs clicked in, I could feel the tension mounting in him through the bond and I was quick to reassure him by softly touching his arms.

“You’re not man enough for me, Stan. I need a man, a real man.”

“And have you found such a man?” he asked, licking his lips.

He truly was pathetic.

“As a matter of fact, I did. Eric is more than enough for me.”

“I could give you the ride of your life, sweetheart…” he said, puffing his chest.

I let out a laugh. “You haven’t changed, Stan. Still compensating for what you’re lacking…”

“Why don’t we take this discussion inside” said Isabel. “We have a lot to talk about…”

“I agree with Isabel” said Eric, grabbing my hand possessively.

We followed Godric’s lieutenants inside the house.

“You know you have nothing to be jealous about” I whispered to Eric.

“I know, lover, but I can’t help wanting to rip Stan to pieces for the way he is talking to you…”

I smiled. “He’s just a little boy who sees his friend with a great toy and wants it too…”

His hands cradled my face. “You are not a toy, lover…”

His lips were mere inches from my own, ready to capture them in another searing kiss…

“Northman, if you want we have empty guest bedrooms upstairs…”

In a flash, Eric had Stan pinned to the wall, several inches in the air.

“Do I have to remind you that I am more than 700 years your senior, Baker?”



My Viking finally released the cowboy, sending him flying to a nearby couch.

“I never would have thought I would get to see the day when Northman would be like this over a pet…” added Stan.

Was he suicidal or what? Luckily, Isabel intervened and placed herself between the two men.

“Are you done with your pissing contest?” she asked. “Or do you need to take off your pantalóns and compare the size of your vergas?”

“Don’t need to do that… It’s highly improbable that Stan can surpass Eric’s GP…”

Eric finally released Stan and vamped back to me.

“We have more urgent business than your macho contest” added Isabel, scolding her fellow lieutenant. “Do I have to remind you that both Godric and Jason have gone missing?”

“The Sheriff is probably at the ranch, Isabel. And Stackhouse is just a human…”

“Fuck you, Stan!”

Eric had to hold me back as I nearly jumped on the vampire.

“My brother is a thousand times better than you!”

“Lover… Min alskäre…”

Isabel whispered something in Stan’s ear that seemed to calm him down. She took a deep breath she didn’t need before turning toward us.

“When have you last seen Godric?” asked Eric.

“About two weeks ago…” said Isabel, almost shameful.

“He’s been missing for nearly two weeks and you’re just calling us?!”

I was outraged.

“Sookie, you have to understand that Godric has a habit of… taking some time off, for lack of better term, once in a while. And up until I called Eric, we didn’t know that Jason had been in Texas…”

Eric seemed calmer than me, but it was only a facade. Our bond was flooding with his anger.

“Have you been able to find anything?”

“We had the nerd the Sheriff keeps on retinue hack his computer” explained Stan. “I’m not tech savvy, but he found kinda like a secret compartment in his laptop. According to the e-mails he found, the Sheriff had arranged for Stackhouse to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun.”

I closed my eyes. Yeah, everything was clear as day now.

“Isabel is certain that those fuckers are responsible for the Sheriff’s disappearance, but I don’t think so…”

“The Fellowship sure had something to do with it, Stan. They sent a welcome committee at the airport for Sookie” said Eric.

“I sure hope you tortured the fucker!”

Eric let out a smirk. “Sookie took care of him and I had Thalia glamour him. As of right now he should be driving toward Alaska.”

“So we know Godric sent Jason to go undercover at the Fellowship…”

“You want to know what I think?” asked Stan, interrupting Isabel. “Stackhouse infiltrated the Fellowship then he decided to change his allegiance and gave them the mean to kidnap the Sheriff!”

“That’s preposterous! My brother would never do something like that! He HATES the Fellowship! And he would never betray Godric!”

“Humans are not to be trusted…”

“Oh, stop with your human bashing, Stan! You’re no better than those Fellowship bigots!”

“Eric… What about your bond with Godric? Can you still feel him?”

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought to ask Eric about his Maker-Childe’s bond.

“Godric… For the last maybe 100 years, he always kept his side of our bond closed. I could never track him…”

“You know what we should do?” asked Stan. “We should storm that fucking Fellowship Church, kill them all and be done with them!”

“If you do that, Stan, not only will you have the AVL, Nan Flannigan and the Authority knocking at your door, but expect the Supernatural Council and human authorities to want to make an example out of you!”

“Then what the fuck do you expect us to do, Isabel? You know as well as me that those Fellowship fuckers won’t talk to us! The Sheriff has been trying for months to get them to sit down and…”

“I’ll go” I finally said.

Three vampire heads turned toward me.

“According to what I learn from the driver, the Fellowship doesn’t know who was sent… I can infiltrate the Church, find the whereabouts of Godric and bring back the information.”

“And how do you expect to find that, little girl?”

“Well, Stan, I have my own way of finding information.”

“Sookie is right” added Eric, his hand on my shoulder.

“And how do you plan on going there, little girl? By batting your eyelashes?”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course not! I’ll go there, tell them ‘hi, my name is Sookie Stackhouse, I’m the lawyer of the vampire you’re holding captive’. Do you think I’m stupid or what? I’ll go there under an alias. One day will be all I need to get the information we need.”

The cowboy didn’t seem quite convinced.

“They won’t trust you. You’re just a woman. This is Texas, little girl. Those Fellowship fuckers are never going to trust a woman.”

“I’ll send Hugo with her” said Isabel. “He’s my human and I trust him to keep an eye on Sookie, Northman.”

“For once he’ll get the chance to prove himself useful” whispered Stan, clearly not impressed by this Hugo.

Eric looked at me, searching my eyes for approval. I would have preferred to go alone, but if what Stan said was true, then having somebody with me, a man, might be better to get me in. Although I would have preferred if that man was Eric.

It was then decided that Isabel and her human… Jeez, it sounded so wrong. Anyway, it was decided that Isabel and Hugo would meet us tomorrow night at the hotel, where we would go through our plan for the next day.

We made our back to the hotel in relative silence, unless you counted the moans and groans escaping our lips. Upon entering the lobby hands in hands, we were welcomed by the sight of Compton sitting at the piano and serenading several young women.

“To think he told me he was coming to Dallas to spend some time with his Childe” I muttered. “What do these women see in him? He’s not that handsome, he’s quite bland and boring…”

“He’s a vampire, lover. Sometime it gives the most boring of man quite the attraction.”

The suite was eerily quiet. Jessica was sitting on the couch, reading one of Gran’s romance novels, Hunter sleeping next to her.

“Sookie! Eric! You’re back!”

Hunter startled and started to cry.

“I’m so sorry…” whispered Jessica, trying to calm him down.

I smiled before taking him in my arms, soothing him.

“Don’t worry, Jessica. We’ll take it from here.”

The young woman closed her book and kissed Hunter goodnight. But before she went to her bedroom, Eric stopped her and dropped a kiss of his own on her forehead.

“Have a good rest, min lilla Röd (my little Red).”

It nearly sent me to tears to see Eric being so kind and gentle toward Jessica while her own Maker was kind of a jerk to her. I was still trying to calm Hunter when Eric joined us in our bedroom. Taking the baby from me, he quickly got Hunter back to sleep. He didn’t put him in his crib right away, but spent a long time admiring him, taking his tiny little hand between his large fingers. I took the opportunity to change into one of Eric’s t-shirt.

“Why do you keep wearing clothes to bed, lover?” he asked smugly, as he softly put Hunter down in his crib. “They always end up on the floor…”

“Well, they’re quite useful if Hunter wakes up in the middle of the night…”

His arms circled me and pushed me between his knees. I could feel his arousal through his jeans as he kissed his way from my neck to my breast. His large hands quickly found the hem of the shirt and were soon teasing me toward ecstasy.

“Eric… We can’t… The baby…”

“We can” he replied, hoarsely. “You just have to be quiet…”

“I have to be quiet? What about you, big Viking? Always shouting in Old Norse…”

I was then gladly shut up by a cool set of lips. We did manage to remain quiet, quite a feat for the both of us. As we lay side by side totally spent and, in my case, breathless, I couldn’t help but giggle.

“What is so funny, min alskäre?”

“I can’t believe we did that with Hunter sleeping right there! You, sir, are turning me into quite the wanton!”

“It is only right for our liten Jägare to see his parents being affectionate toward each other…”

“Affectionate? What we just did goes beyond being affectionate, Eric!”

He rolled over, settling between my thighs, his GP ready for another round.

“Parents have been sharing rooms with their children since the dawn of days, min alskäre. If they stopped being ‘affectionate’ toward each other, then humanity would have cease to exist…”

“Speaking of dawn… It’s coming shortly…” I moaned as he slowly entered me.

“Then I better hurry, don’t you think?”

“You should… As much as I… Oh God! … as I love to have you inside… Fuck! … me, I would hate for… Eric! … for you to die for the day… Yes! … inside me…”

His mouth reclaimed mine as climax hit me.


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  2. Great chapter. It would be great for her to see Hugo’s duplicity before she walks into the Fellowship’s trap. I hate it when she gets beat up.

  3. i always love it when eric takes jess under his wing. I hope sook finds out about hugo’s duplicity beforehand. never understood how she is so trusting n naive in the books/show, u would think bein a telepath would have made her jaded.

  4. Hmm. I thought Sookie might have done a slightly more active read of the humans at the nest. I hope there wasn’t a bug 😦
    I’m glad she is a lot stronger than the books. She should pick up Hugo quickly 🙂 And probably have a lot of fun with him… Hmm. The possibilities!

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