Chapter 18

Awkward was the word to describe the drive between the Fellowship Church and Godric’s nest. We all piled up in the rental minivan, Eric at the wheel, me riding shotgun and Gran, Godric, Jason and Hunter squeezed in the back. Every once in a while, Eric would sneak glances at his Maker from the rear view mirror, trying to decipherer the enigma that was the teenaged looking vampire.

“Since it seems that you and Corbett never took the time to teach Eric and Sookie proper etiquette” started Gran, clearly annoyed by the continued silence, “allow me to do the presentation. Godric, this little man is Hunter, Eric and Sookie’s son. Well, obviously he’s not theirs biologically, but does it really matters? This little boy needed parents and that’s what these two are for him. His own biological mother, my other granddaughter Hadley – you should remember her, I told you about that ungrateful bratty child – well Hadley is definitely unfit to take care of our precious child. So Sookie and Eric are now his parents.”

I was shocked. Even after all the shenanigans Hadley had caused her and all our family, I had never heard Gran being so harsh when speaking of her. But who could blame her? My cousin’s track record was long and full of bad judgements.

“Hunter, sweetheart, this nice young man is your… well in a manner of speaking he is your grandfather, since he is your daddy’s Maker. But he’s way too young looking to be called grandpa, so we will say he is your Uncle Godric.”

I turned to see both Godric and Hunter’s reaction to each other and I knew Eric did the same through the rear view mirror. I smiled. Our son seemed quite glad to have the attention of everybody and let out a shriek of delight while bating both his legs and arms.

“Nice to meet you, little Hunter” said Godric, shaking his tiny hands.

“By the way, he’s like our Sookie. You know, a telepath.”

The look of shock on both my brother and Eric’s Maker’s faces was priceless. We pulled in front of Godric’s nest and from the look of it the party had already started. The house was packed with probably 30 or so vampires and their human companions. And for the first time the importance and standing of a Sheriff position in the vampire hierarchy really sank in for me. Of course I had seen Eric at Fangtasia, surrounded by a bunch of fangbangers vying for his attention, but I had never really seen him in his Sheriff duty yet. The moment we passed the threshold, the house turned silent except for the music coming from some unseen speakers and all vampires present respectfully bowed their heads.

“My friends… This is my Childe, Eric the Norseman, Sheriff of Area 5 Louisiana. And these are very dear friends of mine, the Stackhouses. You are all to treat them with the utmost respect or you will have to answer to me.”

Stan approached our small party, looking at the floor and never meeting Godric’s eyes. It was such a contrast to the over confident vampire I had seen two nights ago.


Godric swiftly cut him off.

“Find Isabel and her human companion, Mr Ayres, and have them meet me and my Childe in my office. Now!”

“Yes, Sheriff.”

Without further ado, Godric showed us to a sunroom in the back of the house – I know, a sunroom in a vampire’s house, quite ironic. Soon Isabel arrived, followed by a reluctant Hugo. From what I caught from his thoughts, he had no idea why he was being summoned.


I looked up at Eric with a smile.

“Go ahead, we’ll wait for you. I’m pretty sure Jason has a ton of questions…”

He kissed Hunter’s forehead and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear before reluctantly following his Maker, leaving us Stackhouses to entertain ourselves. I sat down on one of the many couches and soon my son was escaping my grasp and exploring.

“So… How about you tell me how this little guy came to be with you and Eric?”

I took a deep breath… We were in for a rather long story.

“Well it all started when Gran received a visit from the family’s old lawyer, Sid Matt Lancaster.”

“Lawyer? I thought dad was the family’s lawyer!”

Gran sighed. “Sometime, Jason Corbett Stackhouse, I’m not sure you really are a bright intelligent young man… Sid Matt used to be our family lawyer before your dad finished law school!”

“Oh… Well what does it have to do with Hadley and her baby?”

“Hadley and Sookie and Eric’s baby, young man! Our little Hunter is their child!”

“Gran calm down! I’m sure Jason didn’t mean to… And technically Hunter is not our child yet, we don’t even have legal guardianship…”

“You don’t have legal guardianship yet?! And you took the baby out of state?! Sookie, you could be arrested for kidnapping! I know Eric has power, but there’s no way we can get you out on bail if…”

“When I’ll finish my story you’ll understand why there’s no way in hell you’ll have to bail me out of jail for kidnapping… So Mr. Lancaster visited Gran… He’s dead, Jason. Bartlett is dead and he left everything to Hadley.”

“So he tracked her down? Found her? ‘Cause if he did…”

“He didn’t track her down, I did. And I was lucky. She got married three years ago to a man named Remy Savoy, got divorced about 18 months later… Anyway, I called him and he was able to give me her last known address and spilled the bean about Hunter.”

“So if that little guy has a father…”

“Eric is his father” stated Gran.

I smiled at Gran’s statement.

“According to Mr. Savoy, around the time Hadley conceived, she was cheating on him so anybody could be the biological father. Either way, he’s not interested in pursuing a relationship with Hunter.”

“So, you went down to her last known address and what? She handed you the baby and that’s it? I’m sorry, Sook, but I know Hadley, I mean we all know Hadley and she’s a selfish b… well you know…”

“Selfishness sure describes your cousin and her actions perfectly” sighed Gran. “Your ungrateful cousin left her one month old baby in the care of a perfect stranger and fled! That little… She tried to sell her baby, Jason! She tried to sell this little angel!”

I didn’t need to look at Jason’s thoughts to know what he was thinking. Set jaw, clenched fists… My brother was pissed.

“Jason! Jason, calm down please!”

Hunter started wailing and I finally dropped my shields.

I’ll fucking kill that bitch… Fucking Hadley… How fucked up is she… How could she… She better hope to never…

I quickly got up, circling my brother with my arms.

“It’s okay, Jase… Shhhh… Calm down, big bro…”

When I finally released him, I was shocked by his tears.

“What? I have something in my eyes…”

I smiled and handed him a tissue.

“Yeah, sure. For your information, the official story is that Hunter was born through a surrogate and sperm donor.”

“Sure… And how did Eric took it? I mean, he’s a thousand year old vampire! I’m pretty sure fatherhood wasn’t in his plan…”

“You saw him with Hunter… This little guy has him wrap around his finger. You know how certain people are meant to be parent? Like it’s their destiny? I think Eric is one of them, it only took him a thousand year to achieve it.”

“Eric Northman a daddy…”

“Hey! I’ll have you know that he is a wonderful father!”

“I’m kidding, Sook. Of course Eric is a great father…”

Yes, he is a great father. Who would have thought? Eric Northman the mighty ruthless vampire Sheriff is a wonderful, loving father!

For several more minutes Jason regaled us with stories of his undercover work. Most of them elicited many groan from Gran, especially those regarding his encounters with the rather loose moraled Sarah Newlin. Hunter was looking at his uncle, his big blue eyes full of a wisdom that was too much for such a tiny little baby. During the story telling he had made his way toward Jason, snuggling next to him.

The door to Godric’s office suddenly opened on a sobbing Isabel and a heavy glamoured Hugo.

“What’s the matter with that poor girl?” whispered Gran, a hand to her heart.

“She just had her heart broken over the betrayal of a loved one…”

Soon Eric and Godric joined us, Eric’s anger clearly visible while Godric harboured his constant poker face.


“Later, lover” was his answer before scooping Hunter.

Hunter looked up at his father sending a ghost of a smile to his lips before the baby rubbed his eyes.

“Sömn, min son (Sleep, my son)” he whispered, kissing his forehead.

“Perhaps we should take him back to the hotel” I suggested.

“Give me my great-grandbaby. I’ll take him back to the hotel. Poor Jessica has been sending me those texting messages to my phone. Mr Compton seems to have decided to invade our suite boring her to death…”

“She’s already dead, Adele” stated Godric.

“She’s walking, talking and feeling so no, she ain’t dead and neither are you! You enjoy yourself. As for you, young man” Gran looked directly at the two thousand year old vampire, “I expect to see you at sundown. You have a lot of explaining to do!”

“You have my word, Adele. Do you need me to send somebody to escort you back?”

“No need, my dear. That rental car has a computer thing that tells me where to go… That is, if I can make it work.”

Jason laughed. “I’ll go enter the address for you, Gran.”

I reluctantly said goodbye to my son. It was quite silly, I would see him in a couple of hours… But every time I left him I felt as if part of my heart was shattering. It was the same feeling I got when leaving Eric. As Gran, Jason and Godric left the sunroom, long arms snaked around my waist and I closed my eyes, relishing in the feeling of safety that filled me.

“It’s just you and me, min alskäre. I’ve never been more glad to have you all to myself…”

“Liar! I know how much it pains you to leave Hunter… I feel the same.”

He chuckled and trailed kisses down my neck.

“Eric…” I moaned. “Shouldn’t we head back to the party? Don’t you want to spend time with your Maker?”

“I spent nearly a thousand years with my Maker, min alskäre.”

“But… what about…”

“Stop thinking, lover, and just feel…”

“Eric… We have a house full of people…”

“And all I want to do is bend you over that couch, show you how much I love you…”

In a flash I was indeed bend over the couch. His hand found the hem of my dress as he kneeled behind me. Fingers, lips, tongue explored my calf, my thighs before reaching my lace clad heated center. I bit my lower lip as my eyes rolled back. I tried to contain my moans of delight, but the pleasure was too intense.

“Eric… Please, I need you!”

“You need me, min alskäre? Do you need this?”

My panties were shredded to pieces as one of his long thick fingers entered me, touching that sensitive spot that always sent me over the hedge.

“No… That’s not enough…”

“What about this?”

His lips sucked on my nub… I could now taste blood on my own lips.

“No… Still… Not… Enough…”

“Then tell me, alskäre… What do you need?”

“Your cock! I need your cock!”

“As you wish!”

I will never grow tired of the feeling of him being sheathed inside me. His thrusts are hard and his grip on my hips unforgiving. If not for our daily blood exchanges I would probably bear the marks of our sexual encounters. I turned my head to the side, my lips seeking my lover’s mouth.

“Eric… I need to see you!”

“I’m more than happy to oblige…”

In a flash we are now on the couch with me straddling him. I rode him toward ecstasy and what a wonderful feeling it was to have him so deep in me, to have this connection to him. When the familiar tingle of climax became closer, Eric bit his wrist, offering it to me before sinking his fangs in my neck. His exquisite taste was too much and I came harder than I ever did before.

For a long time, I really don’t know how long, we stayed there, me sprawled on top of him, spent, sated. I was happy, deliriously happy.

“God… I love you so much, Eric…”

He smiled before inhaling deeply.

“My favourite smell…”

That’s when it dawn on me that I would carry the smell of sex once we went back to the party! And if we had been as loud as we usually are, most of the people attending said party must have heard how I had been thoroughly fucked! I felt blush heating my cheek before hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

“I can’t go back to a roomful of vampire smelling like sex, Eric! I’ll be mortified! Everybody will know…”

“I never pegged you for a prude, lover…”

“I’m not a prude, Mr Exhibitionist! They’ll think…”

“Good thing you can’t read vampires’ minds…”

He was actually finding it funny!

“Don’t worry, lover, you heard Godric. If one of those lackeys dares to disrespect you, they will not only feel Godric’s wrath but mine as well.”

I still wasn’t fully convinced as we made our way back to the party. But the silence that was reigning in the room once we stepped in the crowded living wasn’t one. It took me a second to realize what was happening. Standing by the door was a man, the man from the Fellowship Church… wearing a bomb vest.

“I have a message for y’all from Reverend Steve Newlin.”

My last conscious thought before darkness invaded me was the weight of Eric’s body pressed to mine, shielding me.


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  2. I liked their little romp, very sexy. I’m so glad Hunter left with Gran, I’m glad he is safe. I’m curious how it will play out next and where you will take this.

  3. At first, I had a bad feeling about Gran driving back alone with Hunter, but getting him out of there was a good idea. I’m sorry you haven’t felt well. Here in Florida, we aren’t so afflicted by this disorder. Thanks for the chapter.

  4. wonderful chapter, Gran is gonna put a whoopin on Godric when they talk and he knows it. love how protective Jason is, but you had to bring Luke and his bomb to the party. at least Gran and Hunter are not there to see it happen. and Bill is still a douche worming his way into the suite with Jessica in it. I am sure Gran will take him by the ear and throw his ass out of it. looking forward to more … hope you are feeling better…. KY

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