Chapter 19

I couldn’t breathe… There was a ringing sound in my ears… Loud screams… An awful burning smells… When I finally opened my eyes that’s when the gravity of the whole thing hit me. From the 30 vampires and two dozen humans that had been gathered in the house when we first arrived, I could only now feel about less than 20 voids and about only 10 humans. Eric was lying on top of me, his back to my front. I remembered being pushed behind him; he had obviously sheltered me from the blast. With great difficulty I rolled him off me before looking for Godric and Jason in the now blown up living room. I let out a sigh of relief as I spotted them getting up from behind what remained of a large L-shaped couch.

I turned my attention back to Eric who still hadn’t moved an inch.


I started to freak out until he let a painful groan.


I was on him, kissing him and hugging him to the True Death, waiting for him to embrace me back which he doesn’t. That’s when I realized that unlike the other vampires who were already up and assessing the situation, his wounds weren’t healing.

“Eric? Eric, baby, do you need blood?”

He barely shook his head.

“Why aren’t you healing?! Eric!”

I could feel his void getting weaker.

“Shrapnel… Silver bullets…”

Of course! A dirty bomb, vampire-style.

“What do I need to do? Eric! Eric!”

I was starting to get hysteric while Eric was slipping into unconsciousness. I ripped his shirt opened and evaluated his wounds. There were three prominent ones that didn’t seem to want to heal, one dangerously close to his heart. I didn’t think twice and lowered my head, sucking the bullet out of his flesh. The situation was dire, if I sucked the bullet too close to his heart I would lose him, but I couldn’t help the lust invading me. For fuck’s sake, Eric could die any second and I was getting aroused! Finally I spit the bullet to my hand, putting it in the pocket of my blood tainted beige cardigan.

“One done, my love, two to go…”

I could feel his void getting stronger. Soon I had four silver bullets in my pocket and a Viking getting up to his feet.

“Thank you, lover. That was a close one. If you hadn’t sucked those bullets out it would have been quite a painful process to expel them out…”

I simply looked at him, tears stinging my eyes. The bastard was smirking as his lips lowered to mines.

“You stupid… Do you realize how close you were to the True Death? That first bullet was so close to your heart, to my heart! Because that heart is mine, you hear me? You’re mine, Eric Northman! And I’m not giving you permission to leave me anytime soon!”

“I love it when you’re all possessive, my little bullets sucker.”

His lust hit me like an eighteen-wheelers. I jumped in his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist, kissing him, dry humping him against a half shattered wall. I didn’t care about the people surrounding us; all that mattered was him and me, us.

“Keep it for the bedroom!” groaned Jason.

I kissed Eric one last time before letting go of him, reluctantly going back to reality.

“Casualties?” asked Eric.

“Thirteen vampires and fourteen humans so far…” answered Godric in a disturbingly calm voice. “We lost Stan.”

Eric simply nodded. “For all his faults, he didn’t deserve to meet the True Death this way, Master.”

“You should head back to the hotel. Jason will deal with the human authorities while I call the King.”

“You’re sure you don’t want us to stay and help?” I asked.

“I’m sure, little one. Go back to your hotel, we will join you before dawn.”

We are halfway through what used to be the front door when the sirens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances started blaring nearby. Eric picked me up bridal-style before taking to the sky. The flight to the Carmilla was short and we landed in front of the entrance to the surprise of the doorman and the valet.

“Good evening, sir, ma’am…”

I didn’t need to peek at their thoughts to know how shocked they were about our general appearance. I was missing a shoe, my cardigan was covered in blood and Eric’s clothes were completely ripped. The night front desk clerk, whose nametag read Katherine, was even more shocked, but efficiently booked another suite for Godric and Jason without asking any question. While Eric was giving her his credit card and signing the registry card, I got a glimpse at her thoughts. I was starting to get used to members of both genders literally drooling over my Viking – I mean, who wouldn’t? But what I caught was totally different from what I would normally get from other women. Katherine’s thoughts weren’t the usual ‘what the hell is he doing with her’ or ‘I could be so much better than her’. No, her thoughts were more along the ‘I wish I had a man who looked at me the way he looks at her’ way. I smiled before making a mental note of leaving her a nice tip upon check-out.

We found Jessica and Hunter playing peek-a-boo on the floor of the suite, while Gran was obviously trying to get rid of Compton.

“Goodness gracious! Eric, Sookie, what happened to you?”

“It’s nothing, Adele…” tried to reassure Eric. “Just a simple accident.”

“A simple accident? Northman, it’s as if a bomb exploded next to you!”

“That’s because a bomb did explode near us, Compton!”

“A bomb?! Is Jason alright?”

I let go of Eric’s hand and went to reassure Jessica.

“He is, Jess. Godric and him will be joining us later…”

“He’s coming here?! I… I mean, they’re coming here? But I’m still in my pyjamas…”

“Don’t worry, little one” said Eric, kissing the top of her head. “Neither my Maker nor Jason will take offense in your attire.”

I sneak a glance at Compton. In that moment I wished I could read vampire’s thoughts. His face was a mix of anger, envy and longing. He only had himself to blame. He had abandoned his Childe, he was only lucky she had ended up with a good family. God, family. I’ll never tire of referring to us all as a family!

“Mr Compton, I think it would be best if you left us deal with this situation as a family…”

“Of course, Mrs Stackhouse. Jessica may come rest in my room for the day…”

“Why would she go stay with you? She’s part of our family, you saw to it by leaving her in Eric’s care…”

Before he could even mutter another word, Gran had shooed him out of the suite and slammed the door in his face.

“Now that the unwanted has been deal with, you two have some explaining to do! A bomb?”

There was no escaping the inquisition of Adele Stackhouse.

“A message from the good Reverend Newlin” explained Eric. “How about we let Sookie put Hunter to sleep and take a shower? I’ll tell you everything you want to know…”

“No sugar-coat? Alright…”

I let out a sigh of relief. If someone could handle Gran, it was Eric. And so Hunter and I said our goodnight before heading to our room. After giving him a quick bath and putting him in a snugly pyjamas, I rocked him, humming a long ago lullaby my mother used to sang to me. When I was sure he was well in Morpheus’ arms, I laid him in his crib, brushing the soft baby hair from his forehead. After a long and steamy hot shower, I waited for Eric to come back, but must have dozed off because next thing I know I had a boxer briefs clad blond God settled between my tights worshipping me with his mouth.

“You’re insatiable!” I panted once he finished his worship and spooned me, his large hands settling on my breast.

“It’s not my fault if you are so irresistible.”

I laughed. “We’re quite a pair… But back to more serious subject… How did the talk went with Gran?”

He took a deep unnecessary breath. “She’s pissed as hell and ready to go back to the Fellowship to give Reverend Newlin the trashing of his life.”

“Surely you were able to contain her…”

I could feel his smile as he kissed the nape of my neck.

“Of course, I’ve used my charms. You know me, no women can resist me.”

I playfully slapped him before turning to face him.

“You didn’t told her how close… how close we could have lose you?”

He shook his head. “No need to worry her more. I told her Godric and Jason were unharmed and would be here shortly.”

“Good. Speaking of your Maker, you didn’t tell me how things went down with Isabel and Hugo…”

“He tried to deny his involvement, but he finally confessed under glamour. Isabel was, of course, devastated, but understood that part of the blame laid on her. She had known about his obsession with being turned, but deliberately looked the other way. Both of them are going to be punish.”

I frowned. “How?”

“Hugo will get his wish, Isabel will turn him.”

“What?! How is this punishing him? The way I see it, turning him will only punish Isabel!”

“Don’t worry, lover. Hugo will be turned, but he won’t get to spend more than one night as a vampire. Isabel is to command him to meet the sun upon his rising.”

“Shit… That’s one harsh punishment…”

“Not harsh enough, lover. His involvement could have led to Godric’s death. To your death! But let’s not dwell on that.”

I smiled a little before brushing my lips to his. What I intended as a soft kiss quickly escalated into a full blown make out session. But as my hand circled Eric’s rock hard erection, we were interrupted by a wailing coming from the crib. With a sigh, my Viking was out of the bed and cradling our son.

“You are getting jealous, min son? You wish to have your far and mor’s complete attention?”

Tears filled my eyes at the beautiful sight of Eric ‘scolding’ our son for interrupting us. Soon the three of us were snuggled under the cover and Hunter was settling back to sleep, sucking on his thumb. The last thing I heard before sleep claimed me too was my Viking thanking his Gods for his luck.


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11 thoughts on “Chapter 19

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  2. i love this chapter. Sookie’s possessiveness is so adorable. you’re not gonna kill Godric, right? coz that will just practically break my heart. his character has so much potential. and it doesn’t hurt that he is such a dish. 😉

    i love the dynamics between Hunter, Sookie and Eric. so domesticated in a supernatural way.

    i think the punishment for Isabel and Hugo is fitting. Hugo for endangering Godric’s and Jason’s life. Isabel for being careless…which in this universe is very, very deadly. that was a very creative punishment…kudos.

    excellent chapter.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. I really liked this chapter. I loved when Eric called my little blood sucker. I like than Bill saw what he lost with Jessica and Eric/Gran emphasis of family. I really liked how Eric wasn’t mad about Hunter waking. And his feelings of happiness.

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