Chapter 21

Waking from my nap to an empty bed when I went to bed snuggled next to the two loves of my life? Yep, not good. Still groggy from sleep, I made my way to the living room and smiled at the view offered to me…

Eric and Godric were seated on the couch, playing peek-a-boo with Hunter while Jessica was listening attentively to whatever Jason was telling her. Gran was nowhere in sight, but I could ‘feel’ her in her room. I joined them, kissing Godric’s cheek before sitting next to Eric.


“Hey there, doodle bug!”

I blew him a kiss and dropped my shields. I will never get tired of the feeling of love and peace he is sending me.

“What about me, lover?”

“You’ll get your due later, Viking. No need to be jealous of your son and Maker…”

“You know I’ve never been patient…”

In a flash I was now on his laps, his lips possessively on mines.

“Didn’t you wait a thousand years for me?” I asked, losing myself in the endless blue pools that were his eyes. “If it’s not being patient then we clearly don’t have the same definition…”

“You just said it, lover! I waited way too long…”

I let out a shriek as his mouth attacked my neck, his fangs scrapping my skin and a wave of lust hitting me like a tsunami.

“Get a room!” yelled Jason from his vantage point. “Like literally get a room, you don’t want to traumatize your kid.”

“You know what, Jason? You’re right!”

My brother gasped, throwing his hands in the air in victory.

“What day is it? ‘Cause we gotta remember this day as the day my sister, Susannah Adele Stackhouse, admitted that I, Jason Corbett Stackhouse, was right!”

“Stop gloating, Jase, it doesn’t look good on you.”

I got up from Eric’s laps and beckoned him to the bedroom. A devilish grin illuminated my Viking’s handsome face. He thought he going to get lucky, if only he knew… My plan had been to talk to him upon waking up from my nap, but that had clearly been thrown out of the window.

“Godric, could you keep an eye on the baby for us?”

“Of course, don’t worry. I’ll keep Jason out of mayhem.”

“Shit, Godric! I thought we were bros!”

With a wink I closed the bedroom door, but not fast enough to dodge one last jab from my dear older brother.

“Hey, Eric! Try to keep her noise level down, will you? We wouldn’t want a repeat of that night at Fangtasia when you did it in your office…”

“Shut up, Jason!”

I took a deep breath before turning toward the bed where my Viking was already sprawled on top of it, slowly unbuttoning his black dress shirt.

“Take that sexy smirk off your face, big guy. This is not sexing time…”

“My maker agreed to watch our child and I’m not talking about the overgrown one moonlighting as your brother and…”

“We need to talk.”

He took a long unnecessary breath, finished unbuttoning his shirt before throwing it across the room.

“That’s not going to work, mister…”


The eyebrows’ wiggle, the pecs dancing, the delicious V peeking out of his jeans… I was this close to lose it…

“Alright, lover, talk away.”

“I’m serious, Eric… It’s about Hunter…”

Three little words that got Eric’s attention right away.

“What’s wrong with Hunter? Lover, did something happened while I was resting?”

“Hold your horses, Viking! Nothing is wrong and nothing happened to Hunter. But what if something was wrong?”

“By wrong, you mean…”

“Well he’s part fairy… He’s being raised by a vampire…”

“Are you afraid I’ll drain him? Is this…”

If it weren’t for the hurt look across his face, I would have burst out in laughter.

“Never. What I meant was… You’re a vampire, Eric. Your schedule is pretty nocturnal. Hunter is part fairy, part SKY fairy to be precise. If he’s like me he’ll thrive in the sunlight. I know you want to be a very hands on father so… I think we should call Doctor Ludwig and have her come and examine Hunter.”

Before I even finished, he fished his phone out of his pants.

“Doctor Ludwig… No, this isn’t a social call… I need you to come to Dallas to examine my son… I said son, Ludwig, not progeny… Yes, he’s related to her… I would prefer to discuss this further in person… Carmilla Hotel, the presidential suite… Always a pleasure doing business with you.”

Instead of putting the phone back in his pocket, he threw it on the bed and stripped out of his black designer jeans.

“Doctor Ludwig will be here in an hour which gives us enough time to…”

“Not done talking here, sorry.”

“What could be more important than reaching the peek of ecstasy?”

“Your potentially suicidal Maker?”

How to kill your vampire boyfriend/lover/employer’s libido? Yep, Sookie Stackhouse, you’ve perfected the art!

“You believe those Newlins, then? Jason told me what they’ve been feeding the media all day long.”

“I don’t… Or at least I didn’t until Gran…”

“Adele? Did he told her anything?”

“You know Godric better than anyone, Eric. He’s not very talkative. But if Gran is good at one thing it’s at reading people.”

“I was hoping I was wrong…”

“You what?! You knew?”

“I had an inkling. I should have seen it coming a long time ago. He closed his side of our bond nearly 10 years ago…”

“You had an inkling but you just… Eric, you wouldn’t believe me but Gran…”

“Don’t take it the wrong way, lover, but Adele has a way… Min alskäre… She knew before I even admitted to myself that I had feelings for you.”

“Yeah, she did the same thing to me… She’s like some sort of psychic or something.”

“Did I ever told you about the psychic I had back in the 1800s?”

“A psychic, really? Good thing you upgraded to a telepath, right?”

His hands made their way underneath my shirt.

“Eric… Stop, please… What are we gonna do about Godric? You need to talk to him…”

His hands stilled and he sighed.

“Godric is 2000 years old, lover. He’s stubborn and obstinate. And he still has this thing called a Maker’s Command over me. Even if I were to silver him in a coffin, he’d still be able to meet the True Death…”

“So… Gran?”

He nodded.

“I’ll talk to her later… Now, if I’m not wrong, we still have 45 minutes until the troll doctor gets here…”

“Troll doctor? You finally figured out what she is?”

“Troll, hobbit, garden gnome… Who knows, who cares? What I care about right now, lover, is how many time I can make you come…”

And came I did. By the time we returned to the living room, Eric had thoroughly fucked me to Valhalla. Luckily for my normally not so prude brother, we were able to keep the volume down. If it weren’t for my bad case of sex hair and Eric’s awfully buttoned dress shirt… No, who am I kidding? It was clear as day that we had copulated like bunnies for the past 45 minutes. Godric knew it, Jason knew it, Jessica knew it, Gran who had joined them sometime during our sex marathon knew it, heck even Doctor Ludwig who magically pop outside the suite knew it.

“I hear you expanded your family, little girl. And I’m not talking about the baby vamp you rescued from the sideburns lover…”

“I would have never peg you for a gossiper, Doctor Ludwig.”

“What can I say? Your grandmother tends to rub on me… Jason, it’s been a long time since I last saw you. When was it? Oh yeah, that time you caught that nasty STD…”

“Always great to see you, Doctor L” said my brother before turning to Jessica. “She’s lying, you know… I never caught an STD…”

Ludwig rolled her eyes and walked to the living room as if she owned the place.

“Adele, dear, I’m surprise they haven’t sent you to an early grave yet with their antic…”

“My dear Patricia, it has the opposite effect. They keep me young at heart. Now come and meet the new member of our family, Hunter.”

Eric came to stand behind me, his chin resting on top of my head, as Ludwig put her medical bag on the coffee table before turning to Godric who was still holding the baby.

“If I didn’t know any better, Norseman, I’d think this child is yours and that little girl’s biological offspring. You, the Gaul, undress him so I can do my work.”

Godric gently laid Hunter on the couch and looked quite clueless.

“2000 years old and not even able to undress a baby? Get out of my way!”

Sheepishly he did as he was told but stayed close by while the good doctor proceeded with her examination. Hunter remained quite calm, even amused as Ludwig poked and prod him. Finally she redressed him in his romper before handing him back to me.


“You have yourself a healthy fairy hybrid son, Norseman. 1/16th if I’m not wrong and with the spark like his mother which explain his telepathy.”

I tried to remember if Eric had told her about Hunter being a telepath during their phone call… No, he sure didn’t.

“How do you…”

“Don’t question the specialist, little girl. There’s so many things I know just by looking at people, like how many time you and the Norseman did…”

“Alright!” I said, feeling my cheeks turning a deep shade of red. “So he’s healthy. We had some questions regarding…”

“Regarding the effects a nocturnal life might have on his development?”

I sighed. “You’re sure you’re not a telepath or a mind reader?”

“I’m not. But your bonded Mate pay me big bucks to anticipate everything. As for leading a nocturnal life, I wouldn’t recommend it. At least not at 100% until he’s past puberty. The rent-a-womb who gave birth to him, I’d imagine it’s your cousin? The unstable girl of your Aunt Linda?”

I nodded reluctantly, Eric sending me calm through our bond. He knew what thinking of Hadley made me feel, anger, full blooded anger.

“Don’t worry about the little one turning like her. He’s already on a very different path than her.”

She closed her medical bag as Gran thanked her before inviting her for tea once we went back to Louisiana.

“By the way” started the tiny doctor as she headed toward the door, “regarding those scratches on your back, little girl, I think I was able to determine what did it. Three colleagues of mine, one in Provincetown, Massachusetts, one in Wilmington, North Carolina and one in Cocoa Beach, Florida had similar cases brought to them. You, little girl, were attacked by a Maenad and you were the only one lucky enough to survive to tell the tale.”

A Maenad? What the fuck is a Maenad?

“A Maenad?” asked Godric. “But I thought they were…”

“Mythical? Extinct? Apparently not. But don’t worry, this Maenad, if it’s the same one in each case, doesn’t seems to stay in the same area long. Probably already left Louisiana.”

“Thank you, Doctor Ludwig” said Eric, opening the door for her. “I’ll have your check in the mail as soon as we land in Shreveport.”

“This house call is on me, Norseman. No need to pay me. Just take care of your bonded and your son.”

“Are you getting soft in your old age, Doctor?”

The look she sent Eric was worth a thousand words.

“I could say the same thing about you, Norseman. Oh, and get your Maker to feed, will you? He’s trying hard to hide it, but I’d guess he hasn’t feed in at least a month.”

And with that she closed the door before obviously disappearing into thin air. The last bit of information she gave us didn’t fell on deaf ears. Gran was quickly scolding Godric for his apparent lack of self-preservation.

“When’s the last time you ate, young man? And I’m not talkin’ ’bout a bottle, no! When’s the last time you fed from a live donor?”

If it weren’t such a serious matter, it would be funny. Godric, 2000 years old vampire, a legend among the supernatural community, reduce to fear by a little old lady.


“Don’t even try to lie to me, young man! Now, we’re all going to go to that nice restaurant downstairs and we’re going to enjoy a nice family dinner.”

“Yes, ma’am…”

I bit my lower lip, trying hard not to burst in laughter.

“How about you all go down, I need to talk to Adele” said Eric, kissing my forehead and softly stroking Hunter’s cheek. “We’ll join you shortly.”

We went to the elevator and ride it down to the lobby. We were quite the group, Godric sulking in a corner, Jason completely oblivious to Jessica’s evident crush on him and Jessica in complete awe with both Godric and Jason… I wished I had stayed with Eric and Gran back in the suite, but then it would have been too suspicious… I would have to wait and see…


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