Chapter 23

Previously on Dead Briefs Tome 2

Eric was interrupted by the ringing of my cell.

“That’s Pam… Hey Pam, what’s up?”

Finally, you’re answering your phone! Is your fairy vagina that amazing that my Maker can’t take 2 minutes to check his own voicemail?

“Sorry, Pam… Things here in Dallas haven’t been…”

I don’t fucking care about Dallas! You need to come back to Louisiana ASAP!

“Slow down, Pam… What’s the matter?”

The matter is that when I arrived at Fangtasia tonight, Ginger had let Lafayette Reynolds and Adele’s monster of a dog in the bar! And 10 minutes later, the Shifter showed up with two stinky human children! Now I can’t open for business and I can’t get rid of them!

“What do you mean you can’t get rid of them? Pam…”

Apparently some bull head woman has bewitched Bon Fucking Temps!

She used a bad word!” yelled a voice in the background that I recognized as Lisa, Arlene’s daughter.

“Lover, what’s the matter?”

I turned to Eric, not so sure what to say exactly.

“I think we have to go back home sooner rather than later…”


Like a well oiled machine, Eric and I exchanged baby for cell phone. A frown appears on his face appears on his face as he listen carefully to what Pam tells him. Gone is the devoted father, in front of me is the ruthless Sheriff. I’m always amazed how easily he steps from one role to the other…

“You may bring Reynolds to the house, Freyja is already used to it. But don’t let Merlotte pass my threshold… The teacups don’t bother me, I just don’t want the house to stink… Then take him to your house, though you’ll have to burn your furniture to get rid of the Shifter’s stench and buy new one… Alright, the house on Clearwater Circle or ask Ginger to take them to her house… No we still have some business down here, but we should be in Shreveport tomorrow night… Yeah, I have an idea what it might be… Pam? Stay away from Bon Temps, at least until we’re back.”

He sighed before handing me back the phone.

“We have to go back…”

“You think it’s the Maenad? That it hasn’t left the area?”

He sighed before nodding and taking my hand and squeezing it.

“Can’t Pam handle the crisis or whatever is happening back home by herself?” asked Jessica. “We can’t go back. I mean, we can’t leave Godric right now! If he’s suicidal and all… Gran say something! We can’t just go back home and leave Godric all alone!”

I wouldn’t have expect Jessica to be the most vocal of us at the idea of leaving Texas before dealing with the Godric situation, but the young baby vamp tended to get attached to people easily. Despite her bitchy attitude of the early days, she had come to love and respect all of us pretty quickly as we did her. The best example was how she came to care for Ginger, Fangtasia’s dimwit waitress. Her emotional dependence probably came from having been abandoned one too many times by her human father and then by her Maker….

“You are right, Jessica” said Gran, quick to reassure the baby vamp. “We can’t leave Godric alone… But Eric has responsibilities back in Louisiana that he can’t ignore.”


“Let me finish! As I said, Eric has responsibilities back home, but that doesn’t mean we all have to go back. Eric can go back, but there’s no reason why we couldn’t stay.”

I didn’t need the bond to know that Eric wasn’t too keen on the idea of leaving both me and Hunter back here. He tensed up, his grip on my hand became tighter.

“Gran is right, Jess. You and her stay here, I bet Jason will stay too…”

“You’re going too?”

I could feel the fear of separation anxiety in her voice.

“I’ve got to, Jess. Who’s going to make sure Eric doesn’t get into trouble?”

My little joke seemed to lift up the mood and soon we were making our way back to our room so Eric and I could pack and get ready to leave the next afternoon. We had barely entered the suite when Jason came barging in, spewing curses words and thinking really loud.

“Jason Corbett Stackhouse! Watch your language!” scolded Gran.

“Good, you’re back!” he said, heading to the mini-bar and drowning a mini bottle of whisky.

I was hit by the wave of thoughts coming from him and literally fell on the couch.

I can’t believe what that bitch… Fucking King who can’t even… Let’s see how long he’ll keep his Kingdom without… Goddamn Authority… Where the hell did…

“Whoa! Slow down Jason!” I said trying to put my walls back up.

“Slow down? But I didn’t say… Oh… Well I guess my thoughts are pretty much everywhere…”

“For the benefit of those who are not telepath, can you tell us what you’re thinking about?”

“Oh, yeah… You won’t believe what that b… what that hag Nan Flannagan, that lazy King and the f… stupid Authority did!”

“Get to the point, Jason! Or I will tan your hide…”

“They fired him! They gave Godric his pink slip! And to add insult to injury, the King gave him 48 hours to settle his business and has banned him from entering Texas for the next 15 years… Apparently the King sees Godric as a threat to his throne! And he should! Godric is what, three times older than that lazy bum and he’s even more respected than him! To do this to him! Him, who single-handedly saved his Kingdom from bankruptcy!”

“They can’t do that, can’t they?”

Eric sat down next to me, stroking Hunter’s head.

“They can, lover. They’re the Authority, they can do anything…”

“Where is he?” asked Gran, way too calm.

Jason’s eyes went blank and peeking in his thoughts I realized he had been glamoured.

“Jase, what happened after the meeting?” I asked, getting up and taking his hands in mines.

“Lover, what’s the matter?”

“His mind is blank, I think he’s been glamoured… Jase, after the meeting?”

“They made Godric sign an awful lot of paperwork and then… Sook, I don’t remember. Shit, you think those fuckers from the Authority glamoured me?”

“No… I think it actually was Godric who glamoured you.”

Eric was already on the phone with front desk, asking them to check the security cameras while Gran was comforting a sobbing Jessica.

“Alright… Yes, we will take care of it.”


“The security cameras have him on the roof…”

“And sunset is getting closer” I whispered fully aware of what it meant. “I’m going up with you.”

I kissed Hunter’s head and gave him to Jason.

“Wait for me” said Gran. “You’ll need reinforcement. If I have to I’ll pull that stubborn boy back inside by his ear.”

We found him on the hotel roof, sitting on the H of the helipad, looking at the horizon.

“I guess my glamour isn’t what it used to be” he said, softly.

“Your glamour is still as good, Master. But Sookie’s telepathy is better.”

“I’ve underestimated you, little one…” he said, a ghost of a smile on his youthful face.

Gran clearly didn’t want to small talk and smacked him in the back of his head.

“What in God’s name do you think you’re doing, young man?”


She didn’t let him answer.

“Don’t you Adele me! You’re waiting to meet the sun, aren’t you? Stupid boy! And you think we wouldn’t do anything? You think we wouldn’t care? Stupid, stupid boy!”

And another smack to the head. Eric and I watched as the tiny bitty old woman beat the powerful two millennia old vampire.

“Now get up, boy, and let’s get back inside!”

“It’s my time, Adele… I would have thought that you, better than anyone, would have understood. 2000 years is enough.”

I could feel through the bond that Eric was getting more and more anxious, angry even and scared.

“I can’t accept this” finally said Eric. “It’s insanity.”

“Our existence is insanity. We don’t belong here.”

Godric’s answer got him another smack on the back of the head. If it had been any other vampire, he would have drained on the spot.

“You don’t belong here?! Well, like it or not, young man, you Are here!”

“It’s not right, Adele.”

Gran sighed. “You stubborn… You’re a coward, Godric Nervii! Yes, a coward! You are depressed and you are taking the coward way! Don’t you think I’ve never thought of ending it, of giving up? I’ve lost my husband, my daughter-in-law, my daughter, my son… But did I give up? No! I had my grandchildren to live for and now my great-grandchild! And so do you! Have you thought for a minute what your death will do to Eric? To Pamela? To all of us?”

“I have been in your place, Master” said Eric. “I know what you are feeling, this ennui that inhabits you. I was there twenty years ago. But you had faith in me, Master. You put me on the right path, you allowed me to find hope…”

I knew of what Eric was talking about. I knew that before our first meeting he had been bored with life and that meeting me had changed his life forever.

“We can’t all be as lucky as you, my Childe, and find the one Fate destined for you.”

“Oh no!” yelled Gran.

It came out of nowhere. Gran was always such a calm person, barely ever raising her voice even in anger.

“You are not going to guilt Eric and Sookie for having found each other! Yes, they did and it’s a miracle. But their love is just one of the many types you get to find in your lifetime. What about filial love? Isn’t your love for Eric and Pamela enough? What about the love you have for Sookie and Jason? For me? For our little Hunter? Because even in my old age I’m not blind, I have seen you with him. That baby is this family Saving Grace. He was sent to us, by God, Odin or whatever deity you choose to believe in… He was sent to us so Sookie and Eric could get the one thing that seemed impossible for them. He was sent to us so I could experience the joy of holding a great-grandchild of mine before my time was up. He was sent to us to give you something to live for…”

It was nearly impossible to keep my tears at bay. Gran was making the ultimate plea, speaking with her heart.

“We need you, Godric. And you need us. Maybe staying in Dallas away from your family was wrong. Come home with us, Godric… Your home is with your family.”

There was a long silence, as if Godric was weighing his option. Dawn was approaching dangerously.

“Make a choice, Godric. But know that we will have to live with the consequences of your choice. We will be the one left to deal with it. And from the call we just received from Pamela, we already have enough bad things to deal with back in Louisiana.”

And with that Gran went to the stairs leading back inside the hotel.

“Sookie, Eric, let’s get back inside. You don’t need to see this…”

“I can’t let my Maker…”

“Eric Northman, if you think you are going to stay here and meet the sun with him, you are a complete moron! Think of Sookie! Think of your son! Godric has made his bed, now it’s time for him to lie in it.”

“I’ll stay with him” I said.

“You’re not, little girl! I won’t have him traumatize you and scar you for life by watching him die. If he chooses to die, then he dies alone. Now let’s go, we need to pack.”

And so we left, reluctantly, and went back to the suite. Jason was pacing the room, trying to soothe Hunter while Jessica was curled up on the couch, sobbing. Eric went directly to our son, holding him close and whispering in what I gathered was Old Norse. Gran was muttering under her breath, cursing the Gaul’s stubbornness. Me… Me I was lethargic. We had little time before the sun would go up. The blinds in the suite were already down… Eric was already blocking our bond, hoping to spare me the pain he would feel when Godric would…

“Don’t we have some packing to do?”

We all let out a collective gasp of relief. Godric had made the right choice.


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  2. oh that was awesome, loved Gran being the matriarch she is, her words is what made him stay and together they will overcome every obstacle sent their way. BTW RL sucks, but truly understood. KY

  3. Go Gran!!! Loved her smacking Godric in the head, he certainly needed some sense smacked into him! So glad he made the right choice and also that you didn’t leave us hanging there! lol

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  5. I knew Gran would sort him out! LOL, she’s brilliant! Great chapter, I’m looking forward to the next one and seeing Pam with 2 kids!!!

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