Chapter 7

The first rays of moonlight were shining through the windows as I finally opened my eyes. My rest had been fretful, full of nightmares. As much as I wished to escape my dreams, my horrible dreams, I couldn’t. I’m not normally someone who has lots of nightmares and whenever I have one I usually woke up, but not last night. No, last night was a series of nightmares, one after the other.

So what a relief it was to finally wake up, in Eric’s arms. I was lying on my front, my naked breast nestled on Eric’s side, his hands stroking my back.

“Good evening, lover…”

“Good evening… I…”

His eyes were a stormy blue, the same shade as when he was in high lust, but there was something in them that always made my heart break.

“I could have lost you” he said, his lips traveling from my forehead to my lips.

“I… I’m sorry I’m such a danger magnet.”

His only answer was a kiss that curled my toes.

“You might be a danger magnet, min alskäre, but you’re mine.”

“Yours… And so are you.”

He wrapped his arms around me, rolling us around. I was now straddling him. We quickly discarded our remaining clothes and I lowered myself on his Gracious Plenty. His hands gripped my hips as I rode him. Having him inside me, filling me in such a delicious way made me feel so alive. Last night I had been at death’s door and right now I was thriving. We both shouted as we reached our release, me in English and Eric in what I figured was Old Norse.

“Wow… Is it always going to be like this?” I asked once I found my breath again.

“I hope so. I can’t get enough of you, Sookie.”

“Then I better get in shape” I laughed.

He smirked, stealing a kiss before sweeping me off toward the bathroom.

“You are in amazing shape, lover, you don’t need to change anything.”

Grabbing the body wash, I thoroughly washed away his perfect abs, my hands teasingly going lower to what had given me so much pleasure earlier.

“You always know what to say to me… Anyway, pretty soon we’ll have an overactive toddler to run after… And as much as Pam seems reluctant to bond with him, I’m pretty sure she’ll be sneaking him sweet whenever she has the chance just like she did with me! Beware the overactive toddler on a sugar rush!”

“I can’t wait…” he said, kissing me softly. “Which reminds me, the construction team finished the nursery last night. Get that sweet ass of yours dressed so I can show it to you.”

And with that he vamped away, leaving me high and dry. Well, high and wet. Sighing loudly, I dried myself before going to the walk-in. I put on a pink flowered dress and matched it with a soft beige cardigan. If I had been a vengeful woman I might have chosen something way more sexy and forbid Eric from touching me, but a vengeful woman I wasn’t – at least most of the time.

I followed Eric’s void to what used to be the famous blue bedroom and smiled at the door. Six green and brown squares held by soft tissue spelled Hunter’s name. I slowly opened the door and tears filled my eyes. Eric was standing in the middle of the room, next to a wooden rocking horse.

“So, my Childe did a good job?”

I nodded through my tears. Gone were the blue walls, in their stead were soft beige ones complimented by chocolate brown furniture. A beautiful crib sat near the window. But my eyes were on the rocking chair that looked more like a comfortable armchair. Eric took my hand in his and sat me down, kneeling in front of me.

“I can’t wait to watch you rock our Liten Jägare to sleep…”

Could that man – vampire, be more perfect? I cradled his face in my hands and pressed my lips to his.

“I love it, Eric. Pam did very good…”

Being here in what would be Hunter’s room reminded me of the conversation I had with Gran the previous night before all the craziness happened.

“Eric, I… We need to talk about last night.”

His expression became grave.

“I’ll track down whoever did harm to you, lover.”

“I don’t doubt it, darling, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about… Although we should. I don’t know what happened. The car just stopped working and then as I was walking back to Bon Temps something or someone scratched my back, I… Did Doctor Ludwig know anything?”

He shook his head. “She texted me later, saying she would analyze the poison found in your wounds.”

“Good. Now what I meant was that we need to talk about the future. Our future with Hunter. I… Gran and I talked last night and… As much as I want to be Hunter’s Aunt Sookie and for you to be his Uncle Eric… It’s not going to work, Eric.”

“Not going to work? You changed your mind? You don’t want us to take care of the little one? Or is it that you don’t want me to help you take care of him?”

“What?! No! Eric… Don’t doubt for a second that I love you and that I want you in my life, in Hunter’s life. You just have to feel our Bond to know how much I love you…”

“Then what? What changed your mind? Did Adele say something…”

I smiled through my misty eyes. “What I meant, Eric, is that I don’t want us to be Hunter’s Aunt and Uncle. I want us to be his… his parents. I want us to be his mother and father.”

I had expected the worst at my declaration, but not the reaction Eric had. He started laughing!

“You scared me, lover! That’s all? You want us to be our Liten Jägare’s mor (mother) and far (father)? You are talking about adoption, right?”

I nodded. “I know that right now it isn’t legal here in Louisiana. I mean, apart from paying taxes, vampires barely have any rights in the States. But in Sweden? Vampire-Human adoption is already legal… I’m not saying we should move to Sweden tomorrow. We still have to locate Hadley and get her to give away her rights to Hunter…”

“This can be easily handled, lover.”

“I know… I just… I wanted us to be on the same page. Gran reminded me that soon Hunter will start talking and that him calling us mommy and daddy is bound to happen. I wanted to be sure that if he called you dada out of the blue you wouldn’t be… I don’t know, surprised, worried… I know I’m not making any senses…”

He hushed me with a kiss, my favourite way to be shut up.

“I would be beyond honoured if our Liten Jägare was to call me dada… Although it will probably be the Swedish version.”

It felt a little weird to be making out in a baby’s nursery, but with Eric… Even in a cloistered convent surrounded by wrinkly old nuns I would want him. His hands were at the hem of my dress when I felt it, two minds – one smaller than the other, and a vampire’s void, stopping in front of the house.

“Eric… I think Gran and Jessica are here.”

He pouted – he freaking pouted!

“Do we really have to stop?” he asked, with lost puppy’s eyes.

“Do you really want my Gran to find us fucking on the floor of our son’s nursery?”

His reaction was priceless.

“Our son… Now I really have to fuck you senseless, min alskäre! But I’m thinking against the wall might be better than on the floor. Wouldn’t want your perfect skin to have rug burns…”

I grabbed the back of his head, ready to plant the mother of all kisses on him…

“Sookie! Eric! We’re here!” yelled Gran, from the foyer.

We both groaned before making ourselves presentable.

“Eric… Can we not tell Gran about last night? I wouldn’t want to worry her…”

He smiled and nodded, understanding what I meant. Until we knew what or who at attacked me and why, no need to worry an old little woman. When we reached the top of the staircase, Eric vamped down and took Hunter from Gran’s arms, leaving me alone.

“Hey! Not fair, mister! I don’t have vamp’s speed like you and I wanted to cuddle Hunter too!”

He vamped back to the top as Gran scolded him.

“Eric Northman! You’ll make the baby sick!”

Putting the little one in my waiting arms he kissed his chubby cheek.

“I think min son (my son) rather liked his far vamp speeding him to his mor, Adele.”

“Sweet Jesus, Shepherd of Judea!” exclaimed Gran. “You had the talk?”

I nodded as I walked down the stairs, Hunter snuggling on my boobs – he was like Eric in that way, he sure liked them, and Eric’s hand on the small of my back.

“Yes, we did Gran. And it’s something we both want.”

Jessica frowned, not understanding what we were talking about.

“His far? His mor? Am I missing something?”

Eric smiled. “Far means father in Swedish, Jessica. And mor means mother. Sookie and I have decided that being Hunter’s Aunt and Uncle wasn’t enough.”

“Oh my… Does it mean you’ll be getting married? ‘Cause I love wedding and I’m sure I could help you plan it and…”

“Slow down, Jess” I said, my heart racing. “We’re only talking about a possible adoption… But even if the adoption is not in the near future, it doesn’t make a difference. We don’t need a piece of paper to tell us Hunter is our son. He just is. Just like you are a part of this family, sweetie.”

“But what about a mar…”

“We have all the time in the world, Jessica” softly said Eric, kissing the top of her head. “Let’s take it one step at a time, alright?”

“But if you plan to adopt Hunter, then you must want to get married! Don’t you want to be Sookie’s husband?”

I waited to see what Eric would say. Honestly I would gladly marry him tomorrow, but a part of me knew it was too soon. Although we had a long history together, our relationship was still very new. And Eric and I did have all the time in the world. He was a vampire, almost immortal if you forgot that sun and stake could kill him, and I was a human-fairy hybrid. Soon my aging would slow and with regular feeding of vampire blood I could very well stay young for a while if not ever. This reminded me that I would need to talk with Doctor Ludwig about it all. Although Daddy had been pretty close to sixty when he passed away last February, he didn’t look a day over 35. And Jason, being near thirty, still looked the same as he did at 20. Would it be the same for me? And Jason and Daddy hadn’t been taking vampire’s blood as I was…

“Sookie?” asked Gran, bringing me back to reality.

“Eric is right, Jessica. We have all the time in the world. And right now I also don’t need a piece of paper to tell me I’m Eric and he’s mine…”

“And there are other ways than a Human marriage, Jessica” added Eric. “Vampires have their own commitment ceremony, more powerful than human marriage… I will explain it all in due time. Now, ladies, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you.”

He kissed us all before taking Hunter in his arms, whispering in Old Norse. Old Norse and Swedish being quite similar, I caught something about being the man of the house while he was gone.

“Lover, I’ll be at Fangtasia if you need me…”

The moment he passed the door, Jessica started squealing.

“Can I be a bridesmaid? Please, I promise to be extra good if only…”

“Relax, Jessica! Don’t start looking at bridesmaid’s dress right away! And please, don’t tell Pam, she would go overboard in no time! Just see what she did with the nursery and everything…”

“Speaking of the nursery, is it done?” asked Gran.

Just as me, both Gran and Jessica were in awe at the beautiful room Pam had set up for Hunter. The little one yawned and soon drifted to sleep. Careful not to wake him, I set him in his crib, taking the baby monitor as we went back to the living room.

“So… Have was your evening? You went to Merlotte’s, right?”

“Yes, we did. And what a commotion we made, didn’t we Jessica? People flocked to our table asking about my two companions! Jessica had quite the success.”

“You’re exaggerating, Gran! I didn’t… People were more interested in Hunter, Sookie.”

Gran shook her head. “What about Hoyt, sweetie? He seemed quite eager to get to know you better…”

“He seemed too eager, Gran… He did ask me out, but… I told him I would need to ask my… well, that I would need to ask Eric. As if he would allow me to date and a human… “

“Jessica, Eric won’t forbid you to date, he just won’t let you date anybody, right Sookie?”

I nodded in agreemement.

“Anyway… I’m not interested in Hoyt in that way. I mean he’s nice and all, but he’s not…”

“He’s not Jason?”

The young girl gasped. “What? No! I… I’m not… Ah… Yeah, he’s not Jason. I know it’s stupid, I mean, Jason is so… so…”

“Macho? Stubborn?”

“Sookie! You’re brother is none of those thing! Well, he is stubborn, but it’s a Stackhouse’s trait.”

“Jason is so… perfect, Sookie. What would he see in a girl like me? I’m just a teenage baby vamp and he’s so wonderful!”

Gran sighed before reassuring the baby vamp. I was getting ready to boil water for tea when my cell phone rang Eric’s personalized ringtone.

“Hey, handsome, miss me already?”

“Sookie… You need to come to Fangtasia” he said, gravely.

“What’s the matter?”

“I received a call from Dallas… It’s not good, lover.”

It was too good to be true…


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  2. lol Mags and her frying pans…. loved it and i loved how you left it , it makes us want more and soon…. glad everyone is getting along … looking forward to how you do Dallas…. ah he is a Far now, yes…. you rock KY

  3. I think we have all been expecting a call from Dallas. Love the chapter, Love the baby’s room, you described it beautifully. Jessica is adorable. Her crush on Jason is so cute. Thank you for another great chapter.

  4. I didn’t realise this was still being written. I know I’d only read up to the last chapter and I haven’t had any notifications. If it wasn’t for the link on New Blood Awards I wouldn’t know you’d got any further, so glad you have though. I have no idea why Word Press suddenly cancelled my ‘following’ on certains sites but it happened with quite a few and others have said same happened with them. This is still brilliant btw!

    • Glad you could find the story again! Yes I’m still writing it and I have plan to continue for a while (I have already the blueprints for Tome 3-4-5-6 and 7! In fact I already wrote the last chapter of Tome 7). I am currently finishing chapter 24 of Tome 2… And it’s quite difficult! As I explain in a previous post, the chapter came to me in two languages – in English and in my native French, so I have to translate the notes I wrote in advance… So don’t worry, I haven’t given up 😉

      • OMG, I am totally impressed knowing English isn’t your native language – I would never have know from your writing! Although I had a German friend on my accounting courses who spoke and wrote better English than myself. She was still doing her English language courses and showed me some of her assignments. I’m ashamed to say they were stricter/harder than any of my English essays/assignments at school level. She was a Book Keeper in East Germany but didn’t have a European recognised accreditation so she had to start at basic level courses in Englad to work here. It was stupid as she taught us more than our tutors.

        It’s so good knowing there are still so many good writers in this fandom – I know I’ll never stop reading whilst people are writing. Something about this fandom captured my imagination and will keep it. Now I know you’re still writing I will enjoy starting over after I’ve caught up!

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