Chapter 10

Even though I was nearly dead with exhaustion, I barely slept. I kept waking up, checking on Eric, making sure he was still there, still alive – well undead. I still couldn’t believe I had finally found him. I was lying on my side, admiring the work of art that he was, the moonlight shining on his face.

“I can’t believe how close I had been to lose you…”

I kissed his lips and, just like Sleeping Beauty, it awakened him.

“I wish to rise from my day rest like this every night for the rest of eternity…” he whispered.

I smiled. “Play your card well, Viking, and you might get your wish.”

His skin looked better, less gray. I softly brush his hair from his forehead before dropping another kiss on it.

“Don’t you ever do anything that stupid, Eric Northman! Or this fairy will zap you all the way back to Louisiana.”

He chuckled. “I promise, lover. No more sunbathing for this vampire…”

I kissed him once more, my tongue feeling adventurous and eliciting quite the moan from him. Just as I could feel his Gracious Plenty – the nickname I had come up with for his you-know-what while he was staying with me in what felt like a lifetime ago, his fang came down, bringing a smile to my face.

“You don’t know how happy I am to see them” I said, touching them softly and sending his hips buckling against me.

“That’s the effect you have on me, lover.”

“I know, fairy blood in a pretty blond bottle…”

He frowned. “You are so much more than your blood, lover. What I meant… Sookie, lover, you know that for vampires their fangs are quite the erogenous zone. You kissing me, touching me, touching my fangs… I feel like the youngling I was when I first experiment the delight of being with a woman.”

I blushed furiously.

“How about you get those fangs to work, Eric” I said offering him my neck. “You should feed a little than rest for a while.”

He didn’t need to be told twice as his fangs pierced the skin of my neck sending a shivers down my spine. He released me and licked my wound, his hands making their way under my shirt.

“Hands off, Mister! You need to rest…”

“But I want to play…” he pouted.

“We’ll have the rest of time to play. But to do so I need you to be 100% healthy…”

I gave him one last kiss before tiptoeing out of the room, closing the door on my resting Vampire. I could hear voices coming from the living room and, even though I wasn’t one to eavesdrop, I couldn’t help myself.

“You think he did it on purpose?” asked Brynhildr.

“Oh yes, he did it on purpose, Bryn” said Pam. “He got sunburn to a crisp, refused to feed for months all because he knew Sookie would come and save his ass!”

Even though I couldn’t see her, I could feel the sarcasm in her voice and I bet there was eye rolling involved as well.

“Do you know how many times I proposed to kidnap her and bring her here so she could heal him with her blood, her light or her fucking fairy vagina? Almost every night! But my Maker refused. He refused because he didn’t want her to feel like she had to save him.”

“What’s so different ‘bout the situation now?” asked Tara.

“My dear Childe, the difference now is that she came by herself. He didn’t call for her help.”

Stupid Eric! I would have willingly allowed Pam to kidnap me anytime in the last six months!

“What ‘bout that knife” asked Lafayette. “You bitch said somethin’ ‘bout that knife Sook used to cut herself for Blond, Tall and Dead…”

“That knife, Lafayette” explained Gustaf, “is an old ceremonial dagger. Eric inherited it from Godric, his Maker, who inherited it from his Maker who inherited it from her own Maker. It was forged thousands of years ago. It is surrounded by Magic and has been used throughout the years in pledging ceremony.”

Pledging ceremony?

“And a pledging is basically a vampire wedding ceremony?” asked Willa.

“So Sook and Tall, Blond and Dead are hitched?” asked Lafayette.

“No, they’re not. Sookie didn’t give Eric the dagger…” explained Thorfinn.

Normally I would have gone ballistic at the thought of having almost unknowingly married Eric. But strangely I wasn’t.

“So now what?”

“Well now, dear Childe of mine, we wait” said Pam.

“Shouldn’t we leave them alone? I mean, I’m pretty sure they need some sort of privacy to reconnect and this house is…”

“Located in a windy shit-hole, little sister?” snarked Pam. “I’ve been waiting six months to escape this fucking island and now that I know that my Maker is in good hands I’m more than willing to leave.”

“I think you are right” stated Gustaf. “We should leave Sookie and Eric alone for a little while. And this house isn’t big enough for the 9 of us. I suggest we retreat to my villa near the village…”

“Gustaf!” pouted Pam. “Can’t we go to Stockholm? I’ve been stuck here for six fucking months! I need to hit the shopping district!”

I decided to make myself known.

“You can always shop online, Pam. I’m pretty sure the Swedish Post does delivery in this windy shit-hole.”

“You sure look better, baby girl” said Lafayette, hugging me.

“I am, Lala. I got him back and against all odds he still wants me…”

I got teary eyed as said that. It amazed me that after all the shit I had brought to his life, Eric still wanted me.

“Of course he still want you, baby girl. The Viking would be crazy not to!”

“How is Eric?” asked Gustaf.

“Better. He fed once more and is now resting. I’m pretty sure that in no time he’ll be his old self.”

“And that’s our cue to leave” cheerfully said Thorfinn.

They all hugged me, Pam being the last one.

“Take good care of my Maker, Faery Princess…”

“I will. Oh, and Pam, by the way I found out that I truly am a Faery Princess.”

The look on her face was priceless. She didn’t move one inch until Brynhildr grabbed her by the arm, pulling her out of the house promising her some online retail therapy. When the door finally closed I took a deep breath, trying to think what to do next. My growling stomach told me I should start by getting myself something to eat. Finding the kitchen, I opened the fridge and smiled. Tara, Lafayette, Willa and Brynhildr must have brought some food with them when they arrived earlier tonight. I made myself a sandwich before heading back to Eric’s bedroom. As soon as I passed the threshold, his eyes opened.

“They all left?” he asked.

I nodded. “They all went to Gustaf’s house…”

“Come here, lover” he said, patting the mattress.

I sat down next to him and brushed hair from his forehead. He sighed before grabbing my hand bringing it to his lips.

“How about you tell me how the last couple of months have been for you? I know that his Majesty King Bill wrote a book about his ordeal as Billith. Pam even bought the e-book version and read me some passage during my recovery. I laughed till my barely healed body hurt, it should win an award for the worst book ever written. But what about you, my love?”

“Trust me, you don’t want to know about the last couple of months…”

“Humour me, lover…”

I let out a long sigh.

“Well… As you can imagine, the reason why your FPS-Warlow stopped working was because he met his True Death… When I refused to become his faepire bride he… well he turned into quite the psycho. So we had no choice but to kill him. Unfortunately for you, it was night time in Bon Temps when we did it…”

“You couldn’t have known, lover. If my unfortunate sunburn was the result of that bastard Warlow meeting his True Death and you being free, then I’m glad.”

He kissed me, literally taking my breath away.

“How can you make my toe curl with just a kiss?”

He smirked. “A thousand years of experience that is now all yours, Miss Stackhouse.”

I snuggled in his side, relishing in the sense of security he made me feel.

“I missed this, you know. You always made me feel safe, even when you were acting like the badass vampire you are. But mostly, I missed you, all of you…”

“So you spent the last six months pinning for me?” he asked, jokingly.

He must have felt the shift in my emotion, because as soon as the words escaped his mouth he took my chin in his hand, forcing me to look him in the eyes.


“I did pin for you for six months, but never publicly.”

“Were you ashamed about the fact that you were missing me?”

“No! I could never be ashamed of missing you. I… What we shared was so private, the short time we spent together so intense… I would spend entire nights down in the cubby, wearing your shirt that still smelled like you. No, I was never ashamed of my feeling, but I preferred not to share those feelings with the rest of the world. To them I was seemingly happy. I… Shortly after the whole Warlow thing, I started dating Alcide.”

I waited for his reaction, his outburst. I knew how vampires were, possessive, jealous.


“If you are here now, then I guess it didn’t end well between the two of you…”

“No, it didn’t. My relationship with Alcide was nothing more than a band aid on a rather deep wound. You were gone and… I guess, in a way, he preyed on my loneliness. For a short while I thought he could make me happy, that I could get a normal life with him, you know marriage and children… But I realized that I was deluding myself. Alcide’s thoughts told me that despite what he might say, he wasn’t made for monogamy.”

“Did he betray you? I will hunt him down and neutered him if he did!”

“I don’t know… I caught some thoughts, once in a while, but I could never be sure if it was past memories or more recent ones. But he kept comparing me to some of the women of his pack he had been with and… to Debbie.”

A tear felt from my eyes, what a fool I had been.

“I’m sorry he hurt you, my love. I’m sorry he wasn’t able to see the treasure you truly are.”

I smiled weakly. “It’s all water under the bridge now. Alcide turned me into Doormat Sookie, but she’s gone now.”

“Is my Saucy Faery Sookie back?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“She was never gone, Eric. She was just in hibernation, waiting for the return of her Viking Vampire. But now he’s back and I’m never letting him go. You’re stuck with me, Viking. Think you can handle this saucy faery?”

His only answer was to wrap his arms around me. In a flash he rolled us on the bed. I was now pinned to the mattress by a 6 and a half foot tall vampire with quite the erect Gracious Plenty. Soon my shirt was ripped from my body, soon followed by the rest of my clothes, underwear included. I guess my blood truly did some miracle.

“Does this answer your question, lover?”

He slowly, painfully slowly, sank into me, deliciously stretching me. It was glorious. He brought me to the edge of ecstasy twice before joining me the third time. As we laid limbs tangled together and him still sheathed inside me, I finally said it.

“I love you, Eric. It was always you, only you…”

His smile was worth a thousand words and soon he was more than ready for round two. And just before dawn, as I was slowly drifting to sleep, completely exhausted – oh but what a great exhaustion, he whispered what I had been hoping for so long.

“I love you, Sookie Stackhouse…”

I sighed in contentment. Everything was perfect… Too perfect… I knew shit would hit the fan eventually… I could only hope it would hit it later rather than sooner.


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