Chapter 11

The next two days – well nights, were like a dream. It was as if we were back to that week, that wonderful week back at the farmhouse. Back when Eric was this sweet, tender, memory-less Eric who had loved and trusted me so unconditionally and so easily, except we weren’t in my family homestead in balmy Louisiana, but in Eric’s homestead in freaking cold Sweden. But one thing that hadn’t changed, apart from Eric’s legendary stamina, was that he was still the same sweet, tender, loving man – vampire.

The first night after we had reconnected in every way possible my Viking was quick to tell the Rules of the house – yes, Rules, with a capital R. Mainly there were two rules. Rule #1: clothing was optional in the farmhouse. In fact clothing was prohibited, unless we had company which, luckily for the still prude person I was, didn’t happened a lot since our friends made themselves scarce. Rule #2: anything was allowed. This second rule resulted in my spending the most part of those 2 nights in a nearly constant state of blush and ecstasy.

On the second night, I gathered enough bravery to ask Eric about our blood bond.

“I know you probably didn’t plan on us bonding” I started. “I mean, you didn’t have your memory… But back in the cubby, you said we would be one. Did you know? I mean, at that time did you know we would start a bond?”

A smirk appeared on his lips, one of nostalgia. “Even though the witch’s curse took away my memories, it didn’t take away my instincts, my true feelings. Just like I knew I was vampire, I knew what would result of us sharing blood simultaneously.”

I nodded. “It’s a good thing I was the one who pick you up on the side of the road, then. I can only imagine if… I don’t know, Jane Bodehouse the town’s drunk or Maxine Fortenberry had picked you up!”

“No one else could have picked me up, lover.”

I frowned. “Don’t tell me you believe destiny or fate is responsible for…”

“Fate and destiny has nothing to do with it, lover, or at least not the way you’re thinking it did. No one else could have found me because of the witch’s curse. The curse was to strip me of my memories and make me seek my heart’s desire, but never know it was standing right next to me. While we were dealing with the aftermath at the witch’s shop, I asked some of her followers about it and they were adamant. You see, lover, it wasn’t fate or destiny… You are my heart’s desire…”

His lips captured my own, leaving me breathless and wanting for more.

“Eric… I want…”

“Yes, my lover? What do you want? My… what is it you called it? Oh yes, my Gracious Plenty?”

I let out a giggle. “Yes, but… I want us to do our second bonding. That is, if you do as well…”

I was reward with the most beautiful sight in the world, my Viking smiling at me. With one last kiss he got up from our makeshift bed in front of the fireplace, completely naked – clothing really were prohibited, allowing me a great view at his world class butt. He came back soon enough with the dagger I had used to cut myself that night when he had been too weak…

“I got this dagger from Godric, who himself…”

“Got it from his own Maker? I know. I unintentionally eavesdrop on Pam and the other discussing it. I also know that it is used in pledging ceremony…”

He kissed me again, his large hand cupping the back of my head and gripping my hair. I always liked that about Eric, his intensity whenever we kissed. Each kisses were as intense as if it were our last. He kissed me as if his life depended on it.

I barely felt the blade of the dagger cutting my palm. My eyes were resting on Eric the whole time, searching the deep blue sea of own eyes and finding what I had longed for so long. Acceptance, trust and love, unconditional love.

“We shall be one” we said in a united voice.

Our first bonding “trip” had been intense and I didn’t quite know what to expect this time around. Never in a million years would have I expected to be back in that clearing, the one in the woods behind my house, where we had first made love.

“Eric… It’s our clearing! And it’s daylight!”

His arms snaked around my waist from behind, his lips finding their ways to my collarbone.

“You are even more stunning in the sunlight then you were that night in the moonlight…”

“You big charmer…”

“You truly are the most magnificent being I ever had the privilege of behold…”

“Eric Northman, you don’t need to charm me out of my panties… You’ve already gotten rid of them!”

He lowered me to the ground before entering me slowly.

“Never doubt my love and admiration for you, lover. I love you most ardently…”

And here we were, on night three, a tangled mess of sheets, limbs and blond hair, my sweet Viking feeding me pieces of cheese and fruit. And for the first time since we had met, we really got to know one another. Eric told me about his life, both human and vampire, and I told him about mine. It was strange that, even though we had known one another for quite some time now, we had never really taken the time to get to know each other.

“The moment I saw you, lover, I felt this pull… this need for you to be mine. I looked at you and knew you were the one I had been waiting for. The one I’ve waited a thousand year for…”

“So it wasn’t petty jealousy or wanting what you didn’t have?” I asked playfully.

He became suddenly very serious.

“I couldn’t understand what you were doing with an idiot like Compton… But even with shortness of our first encounter, I was mesmerized by you, intrigued. I wanted to know you better. I nearly had a bouquet of flower sent to your house that night under the pretence of thanking you for tipping us off about the undercover cop…”

“Why didn’t you?”

He looked up at me, looking like a little boy who had just been caught doing something naughty. In that one moment he looked so innocent, so not like the badass vampire he truly was. One more facet of the complex being he was.

“Pam said something… That by sending you flowers, I would be seen as too eager… That ‘Dear Abby’ said that by being too eager it would send the wrong impression.”

“That’s complete bullshit! Wait a minute? Pam reads the Dear Abby column? No freaking way!”

That seemed to lift his spirit a bit.

“She’s been reading it since it was first published and quotes it all the time… By your reaction I shouldn’t have followed her recommendation…”

“I would have loved to receive flowers from you, Eric. Nobody ever sent me flowers before…”

He captured my lips for a quick, intense kiss.

“I’ll send you flowers everyday till I meet my True Death from now on.”

“Just a bouquet once in a while will be enough” I smiled.

“Back to the beginning of our acquaintance… The second time we met I was ready to rip Compton’s head.”

I frowned. “Why?”

The little boy look was back. “I could smell… smell that you were different than the first time we had met.”

I bit my lower lip. Yes, on that second meeting I was ‘different’. Bill had tricked me into giving him my virginity. I now knew that if it hadn’t been for my emotional turmoil over Gran’s death, if it hadn’t been for his blood being in my system, I wouldn’t have slept with him.

“I was furious that such an inferior being had received such a gift from you” he said, tugging some hair behind my ear. “I never thought I would ever be jealous of Bill Fucking Compton, but that night when you came to Fangtasia I was.”

“If we are in confessing mode, then I have to admit that I was jealous of that fangbanger you were having sex with, you know, before the whole Jackson mess.”

“Yvetta you mean? You were jealous of Yvetta?”

“Yes… I…” I could feel the blush on my cheek. “Seeing you… with her… I… God, I was so turned on! I wished… I wished it was me and I…”

“She meant nothing, lover. She was a mean to release the steam. I’m not ashamed to say I used her. I used her to forget about Godric, forget about you…”

I frowned. “I understand why you would want to forget about Godric, but me?”

“You weren’t mine, lover. I couldn’t have you… You were invading my mind. I used her, used her body to vent my frustration, not that she complained.”

“I wouldn’t have complained either, you know…”

His large fingers lifted my chin, his eyes searching mine.

“I would never do to you what I did to Yvetta, lover. I would never use you in such a way, never.”

“I know. But I wouldn’t mind being tied up and being thoroughly ravished…”

He grabbed both of my wrists, pinning them over my head before attacking my lips. I wiggled my hips, aligning my center to the tip of his Gracious Plenty. I moaned as he started to fill me… Until my phone started to ring from the inside of Eric’s leather jacket.


He groaned before rolling off of me, allowing me to retrieve the intruding device.

“This better be important! I have a naked Viking waiting to pillage and ravish me!”



Yep, Jason Stackhouse, cockblocker extraordinaire!

Sis, it’s not good. Not good at all…

By the sound of his voice I could tell something wasn’t right.

Wait a minute! A naked Viking waiting to pillage and ravish you? Did you find Eric?

“Your brother?” asked Eric, kissing me behind the ear. “Ask him if he had pleasant dreams recently.”

Pleasant dreams? What in hell…

“Yes, Jason, I found Eric. He says hi and asking if you had pleasant dreams recently.”

That fucking bastard! I knew he sent those dreams to me! You tell that motherfucker…

“Jason, could we go back to the reason of your call? It’s getting late here and…”

He took a deep breath. “There was a raid. Hep V vamps attacked Bon Temps. Sookie, they took Arlene, Nicole and a bunch of other people…

I dropped the phone as tears filled my eyes.


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  2. Love that they are getting to know each other and talk. Looks like they’ll be heading back to Bon Temps. Maybe Sookie will let Eric kill Bill. Great chapter and I can’t wait for more.

  3. awesome chapter, bonding for the second time and getting pillage, great freaking chapter.. loved Jason’s response about the dreams, lol. but what a cockblock the taking of her friends, i am sure Billy boy is responsible for it . KY

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